Sunday, March 30, 2008

KL Morning Dim Sum

And this entry marks the starting of my brief adventures in Kuala Lumpur.

I am not a frequent visitor to the big-city KL, hence I am not very well versed with the kind of local food, really good local food available there. Thanks for some beautiful friends I have there, I am introduced with plenty of stuff that I have not tried before.


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I believe Dim Sum is one of the unique culture originally started in Hong Kong, and brought forth, much being comercialised and now popularly spread through almost everywhere. Even in Perth, Dim Sum has also become one very important component of the ChinaTown area (Northbridge, off the Perth CBD) that you can spot a restaurant serving quite authentic dim sum for breakfast/lunch almost every one of two blocks you are passing by. Even the local Australians love dim sum there.

Frederick, a dear friend who came out all the way from the humble town of Malacca to Kuala Lumpur, met up with me and Chun Chow (click) and we began our morning with the glorious dim sum. This mini-gathering of us marked the first time the three of us great friends have ever come together for a meal in West Malaysia. All of us are from Kuching, and have parted ways for such a long time.

It was damned awesome seeing everyone again, catching up and reminiscing good old times.

OK, I am making myself sound like an old fart.


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The morning was great, eating dim sum at the roadside under such perfect weather was truly something interesting. minus the part where the dust and BLACK fumes being emmited by the vehicles passing by Aahhhhh "fresh" air...

Unlike the original dim sum, where foods are being carted by the trolley, here it was served in large trays instead. I was happy to see some of the favorites being served here as well. The selection of varieties available was also very wide, and having just woke up in a grey-sky morning, feeling the drums beating uncontrollably in my tummy, almost everything there screamed my attention !!!

Looking at the trays and trays and trays of food coming and going I was having a tough time stopping myself from getting everything !! I mean, everything looked delicious, and should I not resist I would have gone away with a much thinner wallet.


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What a great way to start a morning, if I have unlimited supply of cash, I would have gone for dim sum every morning !! Good company of friends, great food.. and you guys should have guessed it right by now, the only one very important part of the whole picture that is missing. With that one significant part, everything is complete.

And that part is none other than, camwhoring. Yes, you heard that right. I may not have camwhored for a long time, but screw everything else, I am now back in Malaysia and I will camwhore, and get everyone else around me to camwhore till the world spins around me.


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If only dim sum is readily available in Kuching. I know of some places that serve dim sum, not only the taste are not that authentic, but the price.. is a killer.

Perth dim sum is ownage, i would not rate them any less than Kuala Lumpur version, but heck you gotta fork out so much more for something similarly found here. Therefore, food to money ratio wise, of course, Malaysian food wins.

Har Kow, Siew Mai... Oohhhh I am so in love with you guys.


  1. ohhhh i miss northbridge dim sum! yes they are surprisingly very authentic and close to the ones u can find in spore. so who says u cant find good chinese food in perth huh? hey robin the dim sum in KL sure looks slightly different. i could be wrong but is that tofu wrapped in luncheon meat? interesting...

    anyway i was just wondering how u took that first shot of the chinese tea cup? making it so clear and sharp in the centre of the photo while the background is blurred. im such a noob LOL!


  2. hey marcus,
    yeaaahh kinda miss northbridge man !!!
    Ahahaha the ones u find in KL are not that authentic, but they can do lah plus they are so cheap compared to perth.

    The photo with blur background i used macro mode, plus my cam has full manual control so i set the aperture (F-value) to the widest, 2.8 and set the focus on the cup of tea. Normal cam with macro mode can achieve similar effect.

    Hope that helps LOL

  3. foods in kl always look so yummy! but dats the best they can be as 4 me. the taste most times is disaster! sugar in most stuffs isnt funny man. i mean i grew up in a place where sugar only works with ceareals n not food!

  4. hey emmanuel,
    maybe ur preference for food is different than the locals here LOL...
    but i gotta say KL food is not exactly the best in Malaysia.. u can get much better food in malacca, penang, and even Kuching !!

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