Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Can Fly Malaysia Airlines

I am still in the giant city Kuala Lumpur, just got back from a mini-trip down to Malacca.

There are so much to blog about, so many pictures to show, and stories to tell. Yet I am so tired, and have not the luxury of my own internet connection to consume freely at the moment.

Hence do bear with me with my sporadic updates for now.

On my flight back from Perth to Kuala Lumpur on Malaysian Airlines (MAS) I spotted something on the LCD screen in front of me as the plane had just landed not so smoothly...


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Can you guys spot anything off the beat from that sentence?

So yeah, i was thanked by the crew for flying the Malaysia Airlines.

Stay tuned folks, for the turning point of robinwong.blogspot.com is happening now. I am no longer updating my blog about Perth and Australia anymore.

The focus has been shifted back to where I have started this blog at the first place, Malaysia, and more specifically, Kuching based entries.

I am back in Malaysia, and I will rock the world again.


  1. hmmm i can see what u meant by that but i think there isn't a problem with the sentence construction. its used by other airlines too.


  2. So u were the one heh since u mentioned Malacca... :D

    I think it should be 'flying with Malaysia Airlines'? Takkan u had just 'menterbangkan' the airlines...? Heh~

  3. hey marcus,
    whoah, u mean other airlines also use that exact sentence? hmmmm... doesnt really sound right to me ahahahaha....

    hey allison,
    aaahhhhh... yeah I am the one, ahahahahah... now i still dun have my own connection yet, will update bout my melaka trip soon.

  4. yeah, i think it's a common phrase in the airline industry. although it may be argued to be gramatically incorrect. but what percentage of advertisement catchlines have perfect grammar? I think not much..lol

  5. hey jason,
    ahahha yeah the catchline is usually out of beat but heyy.. some of them are just really lame.