Saturday, March 22, 2008

Goodbye Perth, Hello Kay Elle

Hello everyone...

I have left my much beloved Perth, the land I have come to call as my second home. Leaving with such heavy heart, moving on with my life, I am currently safe, and enjoying a little break in the big city Kuala Lumpur in the company of great friends before I return to my most loved hometown: Kuching. (On 27th March, Thurs)


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For those of you in Kuala Lumpur who wish to reach me while I am here, do contact me on my email and I shall provide my contact numbers to you.

At the moment, I shall just relax, unwind my mind, and breathe a little bit after a loooong year of hard work. I blardy deserve this small get-away and time of indulgence with the group of beautiful people that I love and care the most.

Shopping (or window shopping), oh-so-tasty Malaysian food and having great fun with friends are at my top priority now.

I am doing fine here, so do not worry so much about me, though my previous few entries might have indicated otherwise. I believe things happen for a reason, and I am starting to recognize and appreciate the pattern of the situations now. Chains of events that led to my current state could not have happened otherwise no matter what I could have done otherwise, and I must learn to accept the fact that some things are completely out of my hands. I must not lay low for too long, I must pick myself up and crawl my way back and catch up with life.

I must go on. No matter what.

Heavy talk aside, I am in Kuala Lumpur, and life is beautiful now.

Unfortunately, I do not have my own broadband connection, hence updates will be slow and painful. Please be patient with me, I beg you, and more updates, especially my last few days in Perth, and my trip and adventures in Kuala Lumpur soon.

Until then, do take good care, and continue dropping messages on this humble place of mine. Keep them coming, for I need encouragements and kind words from you lovely people out there more than ever now.

Thanks guys for being here, and I love you all.



  1. Welcome home Robin! Hope you enjoy your stay in Malaysia though might be for a short period. Love you too and Happy Easter!

  2. Hey daniel,
    ahahha my stay this time will be quite long ahahahha, so yeah... im gonna be around for a long time.
    Happy Easter !!!

  3. come to spore and pay me a visit! its been rainy weather of late but for all else its good here.


  4. Robin, come to visit me too:)
    Il be in KL during May. Update with me your contact no. in M'sia k? Hope to see you soon...

  5. hey marcus and redapple,
    thanks, and i will definitely look for both of u if i ever drop by singapore !!