Friday, March 28, 2008

From KL to Kuching

Hellloooooooo Everyoneeeeeee...

Robin Wong is now officially in Kuching. KUUCCCCHHIIINNNGGGG... now somehow that name bears an entirely different meaning of home for me. I, truly am, very glad to be back to my beloved hometown, after being away for over a long dreadful, twisted year.

I know nothing beats waking up to a morning of fresh bowl of spicy Laksa, or hunting for Kolok Mee at ungodly hours. I know nothing beats the ugly cat statues loosely placed at random places throughout the city. I know there are new ownage shopping malls just recently opened, raising the standards of Kuching shopping to another level.

Ultimately, nothing can replace the comfort of my own room, my comfortable bed, and the best of all, the taste of my mum's cooking. It is the next best thing to heaven, if it is not already is itself.

Everything else, can wait.


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I do terribly miss the availability of having an internet broadband access at home. Now I have to hijack utilize the nearest available wi-fi connection to do my usual illegal internet browsing and downloading activities. Limitations of my laptop battery and privacy will definitely be a toublesome issue. can't download porn disceretely godammit On the brighter side of things, this gives me the privilege to update my blog and continue to share my beautiful life with you beautiful people out there. So yeah people, is back in business.

For the past week and more, I have been spending my time with my beautiful friends in the giant city Kuala Lumpur. A lot has happened since my return to Malaysia, and for the coming next few entries, I shall chronicle my adventures (ok maybe not so adventurous) entry by entry. So be prepared for loads and loads of pictures will be coming up soon.

When I first landed in Kuala Lumpur, it was already nearing midnight. A dear friend, Chun Chow (click) came to grab me and off we went for a feast. After being away for so long, being the first true and pure Malaysian food I desperately stuffed into my ever-wanting-for-more mouth, the food I am displaying below... are truly...

The next best thing since Orgasm.


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You guys seriously think that tiny plate of nasi goreng is enough to fill my ever expanding tummy??


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Darn, looking back at those pictures making me wanting to fly back to Kuala Lumpur for the mamak food again.

But heck, I should spend whatever time I have in Kuching and EAAAATTTTTT all the Kuching food before flying off again.

So any of you beautiful people out there wanting to meet up please do not hesitate to drop me a message at I shall get back to you on my contact details.

Lets go out for a bowl of laksa, anyone?


  1. hhh when u gonna make a trip down to spore?


  2. hey marcus,
    not anytime soon im afraid, but if I do go down, i will let you know heads up.

  3. ban hock road laksa lady retired

  4. hey andy,
    thanks for the tips LOL but the laksa there isnt my favourite ahahahhaha

  5. heyz!

    i'm going back to kch for a short while on the 28th of april till 4th of may. wanna meet up? :D

  6. hey silveraven !!

    Yes yes we MUSSTTT meet up !!!

  7. hey robin wats up?! i understand wat it feels like to taste ur mums food again after so sure feels good. i went straight 2yrs n 6months b4 i tasted my mums food. n being home sure feels great.oh btw,i can say welcome home.cheers!

  8. hey emmanuel,
    thanks !! Glad to find someone who could relate!! Whoah... 2 years and more.. thats a pretty looooong time dude !!

  9. yea man its really long..wat can i do? 24hrs travling back home really needs alot of balls.

  10. hey emmanuel,
    I think being away from home for a long time makes us fonder of our homes. We do see our places of origin differently.
    And gosh... food from home is heaven after not touching them for so long !!!