Thursday, March 13, 2008

All Good Things Come to an End

Edit: Added an excerpt from Kyle Xy Season 2 Episode "Hello" aired on 10/3/2007.

Kyle: (voice-over) The road we travel is unpredictable. Sometimes it's smooth, and sometimes it's filled with bumps. But if we're lucky, we find people to travel with us. Our journey is really a search, a yearning for love and connection, and sometimes it leads us back home.

I have..... only a few days left in Australia.

My one year Graduate Development Programme has been completed, and since I was under a temporary residence, it was near to impossible to find a new job. Under my current circumstances, I would require an employer willing to sponsor my stay, and such is too much to ask for. I tried, and I could not get one in time. This sucks.

My first sponsorship to work as a graduate in Australia was a miracle itself, since almost everyone else would either already possess a permanent residence, or in the process of getting one. Do not even start asking why I could not get my permanent residence like everyone else did. It is a long, twisted story that could take centuries to be told.

Thus, I have not much of a choice, but to accept the situation as it is, and try to leave my beloved Perth behind, for now.

I will be flying back to Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday, 18th March, have a brief stay for a week and home to Kuching on Thursday 27th March. If any of you beautiful people want to organize a meet up or anything, do let me know through my email address:

Unfortunately I do not have a local contact number yet, but I shall get one arranged as soon as I am back in Malaysia.

This is not the last of Perth, and I am going to fight my way back here. I have done it before, and I will do it again.

Looking at the bright side, I do get the chance to spend time with my family in Kuching, and catch up with some really great friends back home.

Another interesting pattern to note, I came to Perth on 17th March 2007, and I will be leaving Perth on 17th March 2008. Coincidence? Maybe, or maybe not.

I just can't help it but keep asking myself..

Why do all good things come to an end?

Side Note: This blog will become rather inactive when I am back in Malaysia, since I do not have a broadband connection back home. Time is difficult for me, so do bear with me, and stay with me in your thoughtful prayers.


  1. awwwh.

    but on the bright side, you get to catch up on kuching food, which i'm sure you've missed. right? right??

    hahaha. looking forward to see you, man.

  2. The bird is flying back to his hometown. Hehe. Welcome back to Malaysia Robin! Well, let us know when you have safely arrive in Kuching. Get a DiGi number, cheaper for me to SMS you. Wahaha...

  3. Dear Robin,
    Each page closes but the other side brings more exciting adventures...we just had 5 weeks in KCH! Caught up with food heaven!!
    BTW, do make a trip to Singapore, cheap Airasia tickets now..
    The CHAN gang

  4. Aww Robin, didn't know you'd be leaving so soon.

    No intention of spouting cliches, but see this move as the end of a chapter in your book, the end of the beginning.. that kind of thing.

    Have adventures; it matters little where you are.

    Happy thoughts coming your way.

  5. I'm impressed that you would even fight for the chance of getting back to Perth. I love Perth as much as you but i couldn't bring up the courage needed to fight for it...i chose the normal routine, to go back Kuching after don't give up har!!! You can do it!!!

  6. hey aaron,
    Thanks !! Yes yes kuching food im coming !! And we MUST meet up and catch up ok !

    Hey daniel,
    Thanks. I shall update when i can, but no broadband in kuching lah, so not that convenient and wont update that often like usual.

  7. hey just a mom,
    Thanks !!! I will try to look on the brighter side of things. If I do go to Singapore, I shall let you know and we must meet up !!!

    Hey clara,
    Thanks !! Yeah, im surprised you could actually sense that something's wrong, like seriously wrong through my blog entries !! Not many people could do not, not even some of the closest of my friends. Thanks heaps for the dim sum session, it does cheer me up heaps !!
    I will do my best to find my way back to perth again. We will meet again.

    Hey mark,
    ahahaha of course, i have been here for so long i cant just give everything up without a fight. Not willing to just let everything go yet. I am a stubborn person you may say.

  8. hey robin,

    that's really sad to hear. keep your spirits up and don't back down ok? meanwhile, i will miss your beautiful photos of matilda bay and perth. take care of yourself.

    waiting for your return.

  9. hey di,
    thanks a lot !! I will try to stay as positive as i can, and of course this is not the end, i will find my way back here again.
    LIfe will be diferent with no matilda bay.

  10. coffee / food/ drink before you go? or are you all booked up?

  11. *sobs* bye bye Robin *sobs* bye bye

  12. hey clara,
    unfortunately its been terribly hectic here for me, i would love to but i really have to tend to the urgent matters. So sorry, but hey, i will come back to perth again, this is not the end !!

    hey wuching,
    aiyerr, u truly sad o not? cant imagine darth wuching crying.

  13. expecting more posts about kch nx time?

  14. i'm around...andy here

  15. hey ian,
    of course !!

    Hey andy,
    Thanks !! Will look u up soon..

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