Thursday, February 14, 2008

Moving On

All things come to an end...

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It is time to leave some things behind.

It is time, to move on.


  1. good for u! who needs friendster or myspace when there's face book! LOL


  2. hey marcus,
    aahhahaa facebook is evil !!

  3. office blocked friendster..and facebook!! bummer...

  4. haha.. it has been ages since i last visit here.. haha. i mean 3 days.

    LOL! meaning to say, if i want to move on in life, i need to cancel my friendster's account too? haha.. anyway, take care dude!

  5. Hey Ian,
    Of course lar, or else whole day u will be on FB looking for leng luis.

    Hey johnson,
    LOL !!! 3 dayss?? Did i update 3 days ago??

    aahhaha nah, its just me, imn getting old. Nothing to do with friendster ahahahah