Monday, February 25, 2008

Ice-Cream Therapy

This is the perfect solution to wash down those sorrow...

Two scoops of Baskin Robbins Ice Cream for the broken soul..

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No wonder people can gain so much weight after a series of depressing episodes...


  1. oh my god is that rum and raisin? my all time favourite! ya 2 scoops is the most i can ever eat in one sitting but always on a cone. i see they revamped the cups design!

    who needs cold rock? baskin robbins 31 rocks! one flavour for everyday of the month!


  2. hey ian,
    rum and raisin.

    hey marcus,
    Yeah, its ur favourite !!! Run and raisin, LOL...
    But still i think gelare's rum and raisin is better, either way, they cant beat baskin robbins quantity !!! Those were major 2 scoops goodness..

  3. ahhh!!! i want baskin robbins rum and raisin!!!

  4. hey silveraven,
    Ahahaha, go go get it !!

  5. here mana ada??? *sigh* nvm, you eat more on behalf of me. yay! :D

  6. omg.

    i want.

    seriously. why isn't there a baskin robbins in kch?? even a small kiosk would SO totally do.

  7. hey silveraven,
    oh tak ada di sana ah? paiseh....
    yeah i ordered 2 scoops ahaahaha

    hey aaron,
    yeah, kuching still lacks many things. well... theres scoops opposite hilton... i think they have rum and raisins...