Friday, February 08, 2008

First Day of Chinese New Year

On the First Day of Chinese New Year 2008:

I hesitantly woke up to the unusually comforting sound of the heavy rain. Yes, it finally rained in Perth after over a month of draught.

I dragged myself went to work.

I was handed something in red for the first time, no they were not red packets, but instead jobs in red folders describing the urgency: they must be completed the same day. Great.

Tried very, very hard to stay awake throughout the day.

After work, I ventured into the pouring rain and took a bus down to the city, grabbed dinner, sitting in the restaurant alone. Food has never tasted any better.

On the way back, I stumbled upon a friend, he told me “Gosh Robin, what happened to you, you look so damned tired!!”

I got home, bathed (for an hour or more) and blasted my cheap speakers to a deafening volume, since everyone was away for the season.

I played one game of DOTA, and figured it made me feel even more depressed after losing badly. So I stopped.

I hopped on the bed early, and curled into my comfy blanket and sleep in through the coldness of the night. It was still raining outside.

No family, no friends, no firecrackers, no bak gua, no ang pows, no lion dance, no mandarin orange, no annoying Chinese New Year music (thank God) no nothing.

So how was Chinese New Year celebration for you?


  1. Oh dear...happy chinese new year anyway :D

  2. hey mark,
    ahahhaha no worries, im alright.
    Happy Chinese New Year to you too !!

  3. after a few more years you'll get used to me!

  4. hey wuching,
    ahaha few more years...

  5. think I miss the bak kua. The other stuff is often crass and insincere.

    wanna meet up and grab dinner on the 13th? :D
    one china-babi to another.. it is "everyone's birthday"!

  6. hey clara,
    The dinner on 13th sounds great !!!
    get back to me on

  7. Awww... *hugs* That sounds so sad. In a lame attempt to cheer you up, here's what you "missed":

    -Explosive and loud bangs of fireworks all of a sudden in the midst of a calm, relaxing lull.

    -Fake aunty/uncles fawning all over you and promptly compare your successes/failures against their children's.

    -If you're still single, said fake aunty/uncles will ask you when are you going to get married.

    -If you're married, said fake aunty/uncles will ask you when are you going to have children.

    -If you're married with children, said fake aunty/uncles will ask you what are your offspring's grades in preschool.

    OK.. lame right? I think I'm too jaded liao...

    Can we bunk at your place next CNY? *LOL* jk!

  8. hey ann !!
    So nice to hear from you !! And no, that was not a lame attempt to cheer me up. It got me laughing.
    I guess its kinda true when I am actually around for CNY, there are some things that I would want to run away from. Especially those evil part of the family/relatives. Blehhh..
    Yeah, come over to Perth next CNY !! Entertain this poor soul ahhaahhaa