Friday, February 01, 2008

The Big Bang

This shot was taken by my housemate, with his Canon S5.

An incredible shot, capturing the big bang of the many programmed fireworks. It was not intended to be overexposed, nevertheless, it tells of a story about how the sky exploded and for the particular moment, the sky shined brightly.

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As usual, fireworks did wonders, because of them, for once in a year..

Almost everyone in Perth looked to the sky.

And they saw miracle and hope.


  1. whoa thats an amazing shot! looks like Perth got hit by a nuclar bomb! knock on wood...


  2. hey marcus,
    ahahahaha yeah the credit goes to my friend, not me. Hes got good shots too.

  3. i wish we can have stuff like this in m'sia as well... actually, they do - only in kl. :(

    nvm, CNY is coming. might get some shots of fireworks if i'm lucky! :D

  4. wei, my compliment to ur friend for the nice shot!!

    to take a shot like that, i think it all has to do with timing. a few seconds too soon or too late would make the pic end up looking entirely different from this one.

  5. I'm not into fireworks nor firecrackers. Consider them rather environmentally-unfriendly and a waste of money!!! But let me not dampen ur spirit...Just droppin by to wish u and all ur friends QONG XI FA CAI - A very Happy & Prosperous Year of the Rat. On my part, I'd spend mine without the air pollution and the noise...and save the money for better things!

  6. hey silveraven,
    ahaha yeah all the good stuff only happens in KL sadness indeed. LOL

    Hey arth,
    yeah, thats one hell of a shot. Timing is very crucial in fireworks photography, i still got mine pretty screwed up ahahhaa

    hey suituipui,
    I do agree its not worth the money spent, but somehow i think the australian government has too much to spend so yeah...

  7. Was surfing for pictures of OZ and saw your picture. Great shot.

    - Annabella