Sunday, January 13, 2008

Zen Japanese Feast

Thanks to Stephen, and his cool friends, now I am starting to get myself craving for more Japanese food. Gosh...

After an afternoon of stroking balls with the guys....

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Off we went for dinner in quite a hidden location at Subiaco, a sub-urb not too far away from where I live currently.

By far, Zen is ranked as one of the top Japanese Restaurants here in Perth.


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I ordered myself a course set meal, and an additional plate of Beef Tataki which was highly recommended.


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This was ordered by Tu (yes, Tu is a name, how cool is that? Darn Stephen why all your friends are having such cool names?) and goooossssshhh... if I have had free flow of cash, I would have ordered one (or more) myself. Maybe my next trip to Zen, maybe.


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These are typical sushis, but my oh my even simple sushis like these taste rather different and outstanding in Zen.

Another Appetizer: BEEF TATAKI

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On usual terms, I know I do not describe much on the food that I usually blog about, and I seldom complain or comment on the food unless there is something truly out of the ordinary... but i gotta say this..

Beef Tataki from Zen has got to be one of the best things I have put into my mouth ever since I got to Perth years ago. Yes, it is THAT good... it is seriously illegal and wrong for something to taste sooooo heavenly !!!

The beef slices were cooked on the outer part, with the middle left almost raw. And the sauce, oh do not get me to start describing about the sauce. This is not exactly helping to quench my craving for Japanese food, it actually made me want it even more.

Main Dish 1: TEMPURA MIX

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Deep fried vegetables in special flour coating, dipped in the special Tempura sauce, its just simple delicious. Man, if all vegetables taste so nice maybe I wont hate them so much. I believe kids would love vegies too if mums cook them this way.


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I think it has been a while since there was soooooo much food being laid out in front of me. All good food mind you !!!


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I would have preferred having salmon being served raw, but it was not an option in the Course Set menu. Nevertheless, after pushing in so much food, I still manage to stuff in those two rather large pieces of fish. The meat was very tender and juicy, and not overly overwhelmed by the seasoning. Fresh salmon would taste great, cooked, or uncooked.


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Of course, the main dishes were served with Miso Soup and a bowl of rice.

After having all that, the last item on the course set was..


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If you have known me 2-3 years back, I was not exactly very keen of Japanese food, heck there was even this ridiculous rumour going around a few circles of my friends in Perth that says Robin does not eat sushi. Now I wonder who started that treacherous rumour in the first place, maybe whoever did it had himself confused of what I originally said, which strongly indicated that I was not that superbly crazy over Japanese food. I am not crazy about it does not mean I do not eat it !!

Fast forward few years later, which is NOW, things changed obviously.

I am an official fan of Japanese Food now.

Goodness... Beef Tataki... *drools uncontrollably*


  1. japanese food is my all time favourite cuisine! and i only ate once at Zen and i totally forgot how it tasted! must go back to refresh my memory LOL!


  2. hey marcus,
    according to my friends here zen is like one of the best japanese restaurants in perth, and i do find their food really good.
    Yes yes come to perth and we go eat there !!

  3. wah many Japanese food!! *slurrpp* dammit I want also man... after all those trip, I'm craving for Japanese food man. hehe

  4. hey chun chow,
    ahahha come to perth i bring u there !!!

  5. damnit robin.... now i want japanese food too. Where is fuji station anyway??

  6. hey nadia !!!
    Long time no seeee !!
    Fuji Station is at vic park, now i have been there once only, and when my friends drove me there i was quite blur, so yeah.. no proper direction.
    I am sure its fairly easy to find, and the address is available online somewhere.
    jap food rocks !!

  7. Hey Robin!

    Glad you found Zen :) It totally is the best Japanese restaurants in WA (not just one of the best - heh).

    The sushi there is yummers, and the beef tataki always makes the poopiest day better, and the tempura... mmmm I haven't had a meal there that I didn't 100% love.

    Hope you're smiling.

    A belated "HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

  8. hey clara,
    whoah so far so many people are saying such good things about zen !!
    Thanks, and happy new year to you too !!

  9. Alamak! Look at that angmoh sitting like dat, his flip flops on the floor! I remember my grandauntie used to do that in coffeeshops...and one day, she went home without her slippers! LOL!

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