Monday, January 07, 2008


I have a new resolution for this 2008 year. I know its very late to state any resolutions at this time, but I just need to keep firm to myself and be clear of this, always:

Try try try not to screw up in life so much.

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Then, maybe life will be less miserable.

Side note: More entries coming soon, mega food update.


  1. Good resolution! It's good that you want to try but sometimes things may not be within our control. Life is a bed of roses...with all the thorns! It's perfectly all right to screw up often...but u must be man enough to own up and work towards rectifying the situation. Have a good year ahead...with more ups and downs and not so much screwing up (and I don't mean it in that sense of the word! LOL! Blush! Blush!)!!!

  2. Oops! I just screwed up! I mean..."more ups THAN downs"! Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Sorry!

  3. hey suituapui,
    ahahahhha... thanks for the kind words...
    yeah i know sometimes things just happen and they are all out of cur hands, but instead of finding faults and focusing on the problems, its better to spend the energy to solve it.
    Kinda hard, but yeah, the road will never be smooth no matter which one we choose.

    Thanks again !! You also have a good year ahead !!