Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Best of simply ROBIN 2007

I know its kind of late now that its the second day of 2008, nevertheless, here I am, blogging, and wishing you all beautiful people out there, Happy New Year 2008. May you all have a blessed and joyful year.

I know I have promised the much anticipated an entry summarizing my ups and downs for the whole past year of 2007, highlighting the best of me, my thoughts, the people I have newly met and the events I have covered on this humble and simple blog. I have been undesiredly lazy lately, and I will not make any excuses for not updating this blog as often as I used to. If you guys care enough, please give me a smack on my perfectly formed *** slap on the back of my head to get me moving.

Better late than never, I presume.

This entry is particularly composed to outline the several well not that few actually entries that I feel do hold some special meanings to me, and for those of you lazy readers out there who only tune in to this beautiful blog for like once a month or less, then you must have missed out a heck lot of my life. Not that there is anything that huge in this ordinary life of mine, but if you do wish to catch up and not miss anything, this entry is written just for you. or else go and read the whole freaking archives for the past year


Met up with Merv Kwok. One of the wackiest and coolest blogger out there. His jokes can poke holes in Kenny Sia's coconuts. No kidding.

Met up with Sandra. Another wonderful Kuching blogger. She came to Perth, and we become coffee buddies.

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Invited by Georgette Tan for an episode of massive food sampling at Bombastic Cafe. Oh.My.Gawd.... I have never had sooooo much food served in front of me at once.


Co-organized a bloggers meet in Kuching.

Responded to Cynical-Idealist on her visciously sharp blog-discussion: Good Guys Vs Bad Guys, and garnered unexpectedly overwhelming response everywhere !!

I outlined my own rules for What is condidered as a good blog?

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A Chinese New Year Celebration trip to Damai Beach with a group of faithful College friends.


Visited Kuala Lumpur briefly, thanks to Chun Chow and Wendy who helped me out heaps.

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Met up with a group of KL bloggers that I have been wanting to meet, Chloe, Chengsim (Banana Speaks) Infectioner and Skyler.

My First visit to Malacca !! Bid farewell to a few friends including Frederick, Moses and Kim Hang.

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While I was in Malacca, I accidentally bumped into JASONMUMBLES !!! OMG OMG...

Sadly, with a heavy heart, I left my much loved home country Malaysia, and flew to Perth, Western Australia.


Perth MOTORSHOW 2007, heaps of latest car in the market on show to the public.

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Created an FAQ section for my blog, thought it would be useful for first time readers.

Revealed my tiny bedroom for the first time.


Life took a miserable plunge. I thought I would never come back alive.


Went to a concert with some friends, Care For Indonesia 2, where Sheila on 7 was one of the main performers.


Finally, after much dramas and traumas, my journey as an engineer began.

Perth Wine and Food Festival. Sampled 8 different kind of wine/beer on the same day.

Perth AUTOSALON 2007, where all the modified "ah beng" cars were on display.

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HOT HOT HOT chicks from the AUTOSALON.

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A visit to AQWA (aquarium of Western Australia), saw sea lions, sting rays and sharks (yes, real sharks) for the first time in my life.

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Perth Boat Show, experiencing a truly Australian lifestyle on waters.

UWA Expo, an open day at the university.


Saw Shannon Noll performing live in a meet the fans session at Centro Galeria.

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Merdeka Festival in Perth. Man am I patriotic or what?

I bought a NEW CAMERA !!! Woo Hooooo

Kings Park Festival, where flowers live for one month only.

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Perth Fashion Festival, where fashion parades are shown publicly for free.

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And the highlight of the year..

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My own.. GRADUATION CEREMONY !!! I am, finally, a certified graduate in Civil Engineering.


Perth Royal Show, the only remarkable session was the musical fireworks.

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Hari Raya in Perth !!

Another highlight of this year..

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SEXPO. Check out the entries here and here for more delicious pictures.


The mug, that bears hidden meanings.


Perth Christmas Pagaent, one of the largest street parade and most happening in the world.

WAI CON 2007, an anime convention with a lot of wackos dressed themselves up as anime/manga characters, and the main event was the cosplaying competition.

Whoah, was that a long list, no?

I must say, my 2007 has been one hell of a ride. There were rough spikes all over, and I fell down more than once, and for a while back then I thought I fell so deep I could not be able to get up again.

My faith has been put to test, and same goes for friendships and my almost non-existent (but it is still kind of alive, I assure you) love life.

All I can say is, I am truly grateful I survived this 2007, and hope for the best for the coming 2008.


  1. wow wat a rocking 2007! wish my 2007 was as exciting as yours LOL! not much happening here in spore...


  2. That was a good year, and you made it through 2007! Here's hoping that you'll have a great year ahead in 2008!


  3. hey marcus,
    ahahahaa. im sure singapore is as happening,if not more than what u find here in perth !!

    hey cynical-idealist,
    thanks !! wishing you the best ahead in 2008 too !!

  4. Gosh! Ur life's SO exciting!!! (Sigh! The joy of being young!) Hope ur 2008 is going to be MUCH MUCH better!!! Rock on, boy! (And be good...if u can! LOL!)

  5. hey suituapui,
    ahahaha ive always been good !! LOL...
    thanks, and i wish you all the best for 2008 too !!

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  7. made it through 2007 eh? Everything went well though not as smooth as you thought it would be but then just enjoy life eh?

    Happy New Year 2008! hehe

  8. hey chun chow,
    ahahaha yeah, i did survive, hopefully things wont be as bad this 2008.
    All the best for u too !!! Happy new Year 2008.