Thursday, January 24, 2008


Alright, I am officially addicted to Japanese Food.

On my way back from work today under the scorching sun the only thing I coul think of was some sushi. And then I walked pass Jaws Kaiten Sushi, and saw the sushis in display...

On discount...



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Alright alright I know everyone is so sick of seeing Japanese Food here. I promise the next entry will be Japanese food free...


  1. When its so hot u should be thinking of ice cream! please do an entry on baskin robbins! i miss the shocking pink 31 sign. 1 flavour for every day of the month! woo hoo!


  2. woah...still eat japanese food meh? should be able to speak some japanese liaw kua... toshiba, mitsubishi, kawasaki!! lol

  3. hey marcus
    Baskin robbins, aaahhhh i have never blogged about that before !!

    Hey chun chow,
    aahahhaa siaw... im a chinese ok LOL

    like i know how to speak chinese blehhh..

    hey plain ian,
    errmmm.. sibukkung?