Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Mug

Look, look what I have got...

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This, is more than just a mug. This is more than just something I utilize for containing hot fresh coffee in the early morning at work, or subsequent uncountable quantitty of Milo I have throughout the day in the office.

In the raging storm that I am in how, in all those dramas and traumas of my life, I find comfort in having this mug. It is a symbol, of a small step I have taken in my life. In some small ways, I have accomplished something, and I am glad of it. This, is a sense of hope, and assurance of my survival.

I know, it is just a mug after all. Mind me for thinking too much, but in this simple yet ordinary mug, I find much contentment.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Ordinarily Extra-Ordinary

Nothing extra-ordinary happened over the weekend, but sometimes, I take a pause and marvel at the uniqueness of the situation, no matter how ordinary it appears to be.

I was at the Dicksmith Electronic Store in the City, browsing through the items on sale, and I came to this huge LCD screen showing Transformers (the movie), fully connected to a decent surround sound system. It was an extremely hot afternoon, and somehow I find much comfort inside the air-conditioned store, hence I decided to lounge for a bit.


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Out of nowhere, there was this really good looking, sexy and hot guy suddenly appeared, and stood right next to me, watching Transformers as well obviously. He poked my ribs and said: “Hey, damned good movie eh?” I nearly jumped to the ceiling!!! I replied instantaneously “Yeah, cool movie.” He added on “I have watched it more than 8 times, and I still find it awesome!!” I chuckled a little, and said “Whoah dude, 8 times ! I have only watched once, but I would sure want to watch it again and again !!”

There was silence after that, as we both stood side by side, staring in awe into the giant LCD screen. It was the part towards the end where Prime meets Megatron for the final showdown.

15 minutes later, I decided it was time to leave, since I have watched the movie anyway. Just as I was walking away, the guy patted my shoulder. So I looked back, and he smiled back at me generously. He said “C ya dude !!”

I smiled, and walked away.

I do not know why, that may have appeared as something really ordinary, especially here in Perth where people can randomly strike up a conversation, it got me thinking deep for a while.

If only those entire scene happened in Malaysia instead, I believe everything would have turned out to be quite the opposite.

If a stranger poked my ribs, and said “Hey, great movie eh?”

First response would be backing off a few steps away from him, secondly, stare at him with that one kind look as if he is carrying a colourful dildo or something, and thirdly, ask him right in the face: “Uhmm, Hello?? Do I know you?”

And finally, regardless of what might have turned out after that unless the person was a she with superbly large boobies I would fly away so fast that you would not be able to find any trace of smoke left behind.


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My point is, sometimes, I am still amazed by what I find here in this land of the Aussie, though I have been here for years. I admire many practices of their cultures, but somehow, I do feel like they will always be something different and new to me. Of course, being here, I would definitely blend in seamlessly, but when I return to Malaysia one day, I could not bring back most of the things I have gained here. They just do not fit in, anyhow, anywhere back home.

I guess, for now, seeing, and being here, is enough.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Mabel's Birthday @ Ruby Room

It has been a while since I have been to any large scale birthday party celebration, and it was a privillege being invited the celebration of a dear friend who is turning 21 soon, Mabel. She was hosting this lavishly grand celebration at the Ruby Room, Burswood Entertainment Centre. It was the place with loud music, drinks, and crazy people doing crazy stuff filling up all over the places. It was nonetheless, my first trip to the Ruby Room.


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What, I am truly sweet and innocent *coughs non-stop*

Surprisingly, I arrived early, unlike certain people who got lost 4 times. Meh.

Even as early as 930pm, the place was already getting jammed with Friday Night freaks. The attention tonight was fixed on Mabel, a lovely girl who is interestingly somehow (I do not know how exactly) distantly related to me through my mother side of the family. Is it not cool sometimes to just discover the connections, tracing the family tree and identifying the links?? I just found out about this connection about a year ago when Serene pointed it out. What a small world !! Ok, actually, what small Perth it is !!


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I spent quite some time going around the place, checking it out for this was the virgin visit. I would say this place may not pack the liveliness of any other more hardcore clubs you can find at Northbridge, with music not pumped up sufficiently to drag you to the dance floor and the type of crowd was certainly not that much into the groove of the environment. As laid back as that may have sounded, I did find the place to be very entertaining, mainly because it was more suited for hanging out and socializing rather than banging your head and swaying your butt all night long to some overly amped bass.

The place was dim, but not too dark, the music was rather low in volume, which was in favour for not over-straining your voice and ear-drums during casual conversations.

Alright, I admit, maybe I am getting old. Darn.

ROBIN, MABEL (Birthday Girl) and MEL

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I got the chance to meet plenty of new people from this party. There was this specific group of friends I have known, through online gaming, but never met face to face yet. We have all been playing games for at least a couple of rounds every week, and somehow, not knowing their faces or who they are just made it a little difficult. As you all can guess it already by now (Hmm, I have mentioned Dota in almost every entry I made these days) the game was indeed DOTA, and in DOTA, we love killing people. I guess I just need real faces, not imaginary ones to visualize better when I want to KILL them in the game.

Vicious, I am.

Now this gathering was not just a grand birthday celebration, but an unoffical Dota Meet too !!

Presenting, the awesome dudes I have met over playing DOTA on Bored Aussie:


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Gosh, its finally great seeing everyone.

A little later into the night, there was a live band performance, and the band was playing those radio hits from Blink 182, Three Doors Down, etc etc, engaging the crowd and turning the dance floor into a small concert hall. Man, we seriously need more of these stuff back in Kuching. Pubs and clubs here always feature local talents, performing and entertaining the audience, and I am talking about REAL performance and entertainment.


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Alright, the cake time. I still do not quite get it why there were 4 candles on the cake. Hmmm, maybe I should not think so much.


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Mabel was surrounded by so many good friends, and everyone was there for her, and to share the joy and happiness of long-lived history of life celebration. Mabel, I sincerely wish you a blessed and joyful birthday, and may your coming years be filled with fulfilled dreams and lots of treasures.

Oh by the way, your Bithday Party @ Ruby Room ROCKS !!! Thanks sooooo much for having me there !!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My PC Softwares

This entry is inspired by Daniel.

Here I am listing down a list of computer softwares and programmes of choice that are currently installed in my humble laptop. I am not a computer geek, and my knowledge about DIY PC is disappointingly limited. Nevertheless, it does not stop me from “playing around” with the system, since computer has become such a significant necessity in our everyday lives.


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Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium
Anti-Virus: PC Cillin


Winamp 5.0 Pro – MP3 Player and CD Ripper
Enhancer Plug-In for Winamp – Adds control and flexibility over additional sound processing.
Vista Skin – Just for the looks to compliment the Vista OS visuals.

Windows Media Player 11 (with installed K-Lite Codec Pack)– Plays most “downloaded” movies and Tv-Dramas.

Real Player – Back up for Windows Media Player, and some porn sites actually require live streaming over Real Player only.

Quicktime – To play lame quicktime movies obviously.

DVD X Player – To watch ALL kinds of movie DVDs, since this is a region free dvd player software.


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Microsoft Office 2003 – Document processing, a necessity for almost everyone. I chose not to upgrade to Office 2007 which hogs the RAM like a fat ugly bitch.

ACD See PowerPack 7.0 – Light photo-editing. Very efficient and handy software, requires minimal resources, unlike Photoshop. I only needed the basic functions of photo editing, for now.

Picassa 2.0 – Photo organizing.


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CD/DVD Burning/Ripping Tool

Nero OEM 6.0 – I know, I am very outdated. But it works, so I never bothered to upgrade.

Magic ISO/Magic Disc – This is a necessity in ripping dvds, or reading ripped dvd on ISO format. Especially essential for the “alternative copy” of PC Games installation.

Daemon – Another virtual drive creator, to read CD/DVD Image.

Note that I use Winamp to rip music CD into MP3. Works wonders.


Autorun – Controls startup programmes with some extra functions.

CC Cleaner – Registry fix, and more.

I am not so keen on doing much tweaking with Vista, I had some horrible disasters over previous Windows XP OS. So I am just being more careful nowadays.


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Desktop Customization

I installed a toolbar that works similarly with the one for MAC computers. This software is called RocketDock, and all the icons are customisable.

Torrent/P2P Download

Limewire – For P2P downloads.

U-Torrent – For torrent file downloads. I find it more CPU friendly in comparison to Bitcomet and other torrent softwares. Who uses Bit-Torrent nowadays anyway?

Internet Browsing/Instant Messaging

MSN Messenger – Yahoo Messenger sucks. I installed a hack to disable ALL forms of advertisement.

Internet Explorer 7.0 – I support IE. I do not know why but I never liked Firefox. Of course Firefox gained its recognition for being marginally more superior than IE 6, but IE 7 has proven to be very reliable and efficient.

Bloglines Notifier – RSS Feed management and notification tool.


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PC Games Currently installed

Warcraft 3 (with Frozen Throne)
– For DOTA only. Man I can die without Dota.

Half Life 2: Episode 1 – I am a Half Life fan, what to do? Can’t wait to get my hands on the Episode 2. Oh did I mention the graphics rocks????

Need For Speed Most Wanted – I know, an old game, but I have never played it before.

Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium War – Which I think is a very lame game and I shall uninstall soon.

Games I intend to play: Crysis, Timeshift, Half Life 2 Episode 2, NFS Prostreet.


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I am hoping to get “cheap alternative source” of those games I intend to play when my friends return to Kuching. I could not possibly fork out hundreds of bucks to get the latest games like Crysis and Timeshift. I know, with my superbly hectic kind of life right now, how can I find time to play any of those games? Right?

I think that basically wraps up the system I am using now. If you have any suggestions or comments on better softwares and alternatives, please feel free to share your thoughts. After all, my IT knowledge kinda sucks, so yeah.

Ok Hak Jeng and Yiaw Wei, stop laughing at me. I know I am noob in these things.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


It has been almost a week since my previous entry in this humble place, and gosh, there has been so many things going on, and I felt like the past one-week was stretched equivalent to my usual one-month time frame of activities. No kidding.

It is kinda funny there are times that I totally have nothing to do, or no plans for a period of time, but other times, everything just flooded in uncontrollably. Huh, so much for finding that perfect balance in life, I tell you, there is no such thing as balance, and almost everything are actually out of our hands.

Robin’s Law of Life 1: The more you try to control your life and find the balance, the more your life will become out of control and imbalanced.

I will just give you one simple example of what happened to me on Monday.

Work like usual 8am – 5pm.

A surprise business visit to the company who turned out to be a friend whom I have known for quite some time at my hometown, Kuching.

Got an invitation to tennis at 6pm. I have not played tennis for ages, only started to pick up the pace recently and found a new friend to “stroke balls” with.

A great friend asked me out for dinner at 7pm to KFC, which in fact, I have been craving desperately for these days. Yes, the ungodly craving for KFC Hot and Spicy chicken returns.

On top of all that, I had to cancel almost everything to take the friend from Kuching out for a round of dinner, and sightseeing since he is new in Perth.

I felt bad to cancel tennis, because I am getting my obsession of tennis back. I felt bad turning down the KFC dinner, my tastebuds would kill me for this.


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But setting that all aside, I felt extremely great being able to hang out and catch up with this awesome old friend of mine, whom I have met during my college days in Kuching. A friend whom I have not seen for no less than three years.

I just wish I did not have to pick and dump these choices, given any other chances I would have wanted to do all of them.

Went to Burswood Casino after dinner.

Came back close to midnight, no I did not gamble, I am a sweet and innocent boy remember?


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Casino visit wrapped up the night, and I was home rather late. I was about to throw my heavy body onto my soft springy bed, when my mate knocked on my door asking for a favor.

Right after that, I was invited to a game of DOTA…

Which I did badly in the first game, probably I had too many things happening in my mind at that time, but heck, I think I am just looking for an excuse of losing.

It was dangerously over midnight now, and I demanded another game to salvage my wounded pride. I just could not help it, it was just a guy thing to do !!


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I am such a Dota Freak that my desktop wallpaper is Dota, all thanks to Char who gave me the link to the wallpaper.

Though I did win, after quite a bit of disorientation and miss-combos I finally finished the game satisfied.

I slept at 3am and woke up at 6am the following morning, to prepare for work.

I must say this is not my usual habit, I often make sure I haave enough rest for myself and that includes plenty of sleep too. People will start questioning my capabilities of time management. I can say to those retards “SCREW YOU!!!”.

Never ignore a friend who comes from a far place.

Never turn down request of favor, do whatever you can., help however you can.

Never turn down a game of Dota. NEVER.

You need to salvage your pride. It is IMPORTANT.

Plus I have sacrificed a game of tennis and KFC. Now of all those above where did I go wrong??

OMG I miss KFC.

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This is the time we wish we have 45 hours a day instead of 24 eh? I do realise that a huge chunk of my life has been cut out since I started working, and I can feel my life wasting away while I sit down in the office from morning till evening. As productive as I can be as an engineer, I still feel it is a terrible waste of my time and effort.

DAMMIT I want my life back, but not like I have any choice and solution in this rhetorically dramatic situation.

If this pace of living continues on, this blog will remain really passive. I better do something to catch my own breathe. I must slot my blog back into the priority list somehow, soon.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Blue Water and Sky

Working life can really be stressful at times. And I mean, really, really, frustratingly annoyingly stressful, that only by Wednesday, I can feel myenergy level left for the rest of the week could only last me for merely another half a day. All I can think of at this particular moment of stress is to tuck myself into the oh ever so comfy bed all day long listening to emo rock songs playing on my Winamp blasting at deafening tone. Life can be miserable at times.

That is probably the reason why I update this beloved blog of mine less frequent nowadays. The amount of stress accumulated from work will be inversely proportional to the amount of blogging activity in my life now. After coming back from a long day of work, blogging could be very well the last thing that comes to mind, but then again, I still surf around the usual blogs that I usually do visit, just that I find myself getting lazier to leave comments or even to just say hi. At the rate of how my blogging life is slowly turning out to be... I think I might just become invisible from the blogger community really soon.

Not that reviving and reconstructing this humble blog of mine is of any priority right now. All I need to do now is seriously, to de-stress. And I am running out of ideas on how to de-stress. Suggestions? Please?

Of course, the first thing I did, was going to the nearest open space, and if you have not figured it out, go get a roll of toilet paper and swallow it down your throat.


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Matilda Bay sky after work that day was superbly clear, and cloudless. How I wish my life is clear and free like the sky, with no obstacles and no worries. If you stare at the open sky long enough, it does things to you. It can clear your mind off a little.

Of course do not be a retard and stare at the glaring sun in the mid day till your eyes got burned to crisp. Evening sky can be dramatic.

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i strive for a life of simplicity. I try not to worry so much. I do not go and look for troubles. But somehow, all the dramas and traumas still can manage to find their way infiltrating my innocent and ordinary life.

Oh well, life is never fair.

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I just have to live with it.

I hope this stressful era will end soon. I need to breathe.

I need to live my life, there is so much more to life than just being stressed out about work all the time.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

A Street Performance

He invites a princess to come forward and sit a while with him.

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Look at the volunteer. Is she, I mean, he not hot??

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After the gender requirement to be a princess has been clarified... the real princess shows up..

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She offers him a gift...

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He sticks a ball on his head....

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He sticks a flower from his lips...

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

He strips down...

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

climbs above everyone else..

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Makes boobies out of juggling balls...

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Slides the balls from his chest down to his... ermmm.... balls? OK this is so not for the kids.

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Juggling a few balls.. and an apple??

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Look at his facial expression... priceless !!

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When you have this many people watching...

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You know it has been a good performance.

I love walking around Murray Street Mall on lazy Sunday afternoons.. there are so much to see, and sometimes, unexpected scenes.

Who said Perth is boring?