Saturday, June 30, 2007

Walking Into Uncertainty

Last Thursday, I had my first visit to yet another beach of Western Australia, Swanbourne Beach which is also where the nude beach is at, which was situated not too far away from Scarborough and Cottesloe. All the Beaches are connected at the same coastline anyway.

However, this time, I did not go with my friends. I went with a group of people whom I have not met before, fresh faces and new names. It was a visit to a beach I have not been to before, and this incidentally marked the beginning of another chapter in my life.


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The day itself seemed rather gloomy and the sky was certainly looking rather uncertain. Will it or will it not rain? Even the sky hesitated, and let down random drizzle and occasional short heavy pouring from time to time, while the sun rays still gets the chance to shine through the thick clouds over the rain. What a complicated sunset it was.

If you really look into the sky the way I did, I believe you would uncover many mysteries of life.

Fresh Faces

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I do not know where I am heading, I am not sure if I have made the right decisions. All I know now is that I have come this far, and I have to continue to move on. No, I am not walking blindly, I know perfectly where I am now, I am just unsure what is out there, and moving into uncertainty has always given me an unsettling feeling. The uncomfortable nagging behind your brain that tells you that there are risks and dangers lying ahead.

A Glass of Red

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They say a glass of wine can help soothe your nerves, but I had two, and it did not have much effect. Maybe it was not my nerves, maybe I was fully in control of my thoughts and emotions, and fully aware that there are, in fact, certain things that I could not control in my life. Right, back to the "uncertainty" I mentioned earlier.

The wine was part of a celebration, a celebration that unfortunately was not placed to welcome me to all those uncertainties.

Somehow I wish it was. Ironic.

After the Beach Party, I headed back and met up with a friend at Tiamo for dinner.

Entrance to Tiamo

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After a day of uncertainties, and knowing there will be more uncertainties coming right ahead as I am walking this path I am taking...

It was refreshing to end the day meeting up and spending time with a good familiar face at a familiar place.

And aweome dinner we had at Tiamo.

Spaghetti Carbonara @ TIAMO

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This time, I looked at the menu closely, and the secret to the superb tasting carbonara served in Tiamo is.... WHITE WINE !!! Yes... that was the essential ingredient I missed in trying out my own. Its funny how wine can make so much difference in cooking.

A glass of water never can taste as good as wine after a good talk.

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I do not know what I should and should not do now.

All I know, I must go on, and place my faith in Him.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Entire Perth is on Sale

It is the middle year, and I just do not understand why but Australians love to have sales everywhere at this odd time of the year. Maybe it is the taz refund period. Everywhere you walk, in the city, or shopping malls at sub-urbs, you can find plentiful of really, really irresistable offers. Ignorance is NOT a possibility !! Not even for the blind.

This means, Robin is on a shopping spree !! Sweet.

I went to Harbour Town today, with a dear friend, Jak Yew, the guy who miraculously prepared all those yummilicious sushis in the previous entry. Actually the main purpose of going there was just to have a walk around, and to buy one particular single item. Harvey Norman is having a huge sale, and since my old thumb drive is acting weird on me, a purchase for a new one was an urgent necessity.

And so, the first item in the shopping list, which was actually the only item at first, was an LG USB Portable Drive.

AUD 24.95 AUD 13

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Cheap cheap cheap !!

I am not so sure about the pricing back in Malaysia, and never bothered to ask around since I needed one NOW. The last time I checked the price, it was still around RM 50-60. Good bargain if you ask me, and you gotta admit the silverish design is darn awesome !! The built is a little bit on the fragile edge though, definitely not suitable for a clumsy user like Jasonmumbles who destroyed a RM100++ USB Mouse.

Since the Harvey Norman at City West is very near to Harbour Town, obviously the next stop was, Harbour Town Shopping Mall, which I have blogged many times before. I shall not post any redundant pictures in this entry, in case some of you have not read my previous entries of Harbour Town, please kindly *Click Here*

First stop was at FILA Factory Outlet. The store was having 50% discount on every single fooking item, no exclusions !! I am not exactly a big fan of Fila, but when you have bargains this good, how can I say no? Tell me how?

My eyes would constantly wander off to the cheapest goods section, especially the ones they stuff in clearance baskets. A Fila wallet made it back with me.

AUD 19.99 AUD 5

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I really dig anything black and red, probably something that has been stuck with me after purchasing my M:robe. Seriously, black and red is, darn sexy. I was reluctant to fork out even 5 bucks for this new wallet at first, but looking at the shiny black and red appearance, plus my current wallet is bagging a hole soon (already have small holes there and here) I think this wallet would also be another necessity. So yeah, why the hell not? Its only 5 bucks.

As I looked further, I found another rather attractive item worth considering. It is a sling bag. I currently have one sling bag, which I have been using since my uni days for years. It is old, but still in good condition. Nevertheless, this new bag that I have just found just screamed out at me to touch and feel it !!!

AUD 40 AUD 20

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I bought this bag for a reason, and it is also out of necessity. I could not utilize my old uni bag for all occasions, since it was very casual looking, definitely not appropriate for formal situations. And since this new bag has leatherish smooth feel on it, and entirely built in sleek black, with the logo being kept at a minimal size, I figure it fits the requirements that my old bag fails to meet. Another necessity, yes yes. So I made the purchase.

And then we also went to Betts Factory outlet. Jak Yew was having shoes on his mind all the time, so he has been hunting for a new pair since our arrival in Harbour Town.

Unexpectedly to me, I also found something that I really like.

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It is a ZU branded shoes, a brand that I would normally pass when I chanced upon them. Their pricings are normally over 3 digits, and I am just not the type of guys who would splurge on clothings and shoes. I buy, because it is necessary.

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But seriously, just look at the price. You guys have to SEE it to believe it.

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Yes, Discounted from AUD 120 to AUD 20.


I instantly tried it on, and booyyyyy.... not only it looked darn good on me, but it felt darn comfortable too.

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I thought a little further before spending on the shoes, but I have not bought any new shoes since.... more than a year ago. Could have been 2 years if I remember correctly. The sports shoes I am wearing for casual walking are getting worn out, can see the soles tearing up and cracking at the sides. My original walking shoes are extremely flat and thin at the bottom. Goodness... I can't imagine some girls who would keep dozens of shoes, and never wear them. I had only two (excluding sandals and slippers) and I wore them to the maximum.

Besides, you gotta admit, 120 bucks slashed to 20 bucks, again, how can I say no?

Now I have burnt a HUGE hole on my wallet.

But never mind, I have a new wallet to replace it, literally. And physically, it is fatter too.

Total damage, for those of you mathematically impaired, was AUD 58 to be exact, and approximately RM 150 in conversion.

Tell me people from Kuching, Malaysia, How much can you shop for only RM 150??

A China Brand 1GB Thumb Drive with Hello Kitty spelled "Halo Catty" RM50
A China Brand Wallet from Everrise (that has a fake Nike logo on it) RM20
A Sling Bag from India Street, after exchanging some foul languages with the salesperson..... RM20
A reasonable pair of shoes from your beloved shop BATA RM 60


This is another reason why I love Perth so much.

Shopping paradise for me.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Babi That Never Happened

There was supposed to be a Babi yesterday (Saturday) afternoon, but there was a ThunderStorm over Western Australia, hence the Babi never happened. The Babi was supposed to ba a small birthday celebration for a friend of mine.

Ok, maybe I should not type it as Babi, but rather, Barbie instead, which would not make the implication in the previous sentences any less weird anyway. In Australia, the slang Barbie/Babi simply refers to an outdoor Barbeque/BBQ. Get it? Babi = BBQ ?

Since it was raining quite heavily, we just had to come up with an alternative, a Plan B if you may say, and improvise what we had in hands to continue on with the celebration. We have all the food and materials ready, but instead of making a full on outdoor party, we turned it into an indoor food fest.

Introducing the main man behind who made everything in event possible, Chef Jak Yew with one of his many cool dishes....

Jak Yew and Egg Sushi

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All the following food are prepared by Jak Yew, unless otherwise mentioned.

Squid Sushi

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Prawn Sushi

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Tuna Sushi with Avocado, Cucumber and Carrot fillings

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The supposedly to-be-BBQ-ed Chicken wings were roasted in the oven instead.

Roasted Wings

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Of course I also contributed to the celebration not only by having a huge stomach, but also making some food of my own. I made two dishes only, Deep Fried Wanton and Fried Chicken Wings.

Deep Fried Wanton

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Unfortunately I do not have a picture to show you guys how my chicken wings look like, but if you want to imagine one, make sure it looks better than KFC.

The People Savouring the Food

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The Birthday Boy, Khee Hwa

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Shirley and the Chicken Wing

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It was a simple and sweet birthday celebration, nothing overly lush and expensive, but rather done with much love and care. You gotta admit, much love was poured into those adorable looking sushis !! I tell you, its the effort that counts, and making those food above was no easy task. Kudos to Jak Yew.

To Khee Hwa, thanks so much for being a great friend. I wish you the best and may blessings flow abundantly into your life.

Happy Birthday !!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Sharp Teeth and Claws

It is very odd thinking that I have been in Perth for over three years now, and going around the city district is a very common thing for me, yet I have overlooked one significant spot: WA Museum. I may not be very much into history and art and all those stuff, but I sure would not pass the opportunity to discover cool tourist attractions. And so, there was an unexpected visit to the museum one fine winter afternoon with a friend who has just finished his exams.

WA Museum

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Yeap, you guys know the rules, no cameras are allowed, no photos should be taken inside the museum.

Yeap, you guys know me. Like I care about the rules.

The Interior

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Nevertheless, I only took a few shots, pictures that I think are worth my effort to produce silent/stealth photography. Eh, not easy you know !! Must figure out where the cam is, got people or not, and operating at maximum speed at the same time. So only if the shots are worth it, I would pull it off.

Ok lah, I admit, nothing much from the museum fascinated me much, probably that was the original reason why I have never visited this museum before, though its very reachable, anytime. I mean, there were things to see and explore and learn, but I am starting to think I am getting to old for those kind of things. If I were 10 years younger, probably the entire museum collection could amaze me a little more than what it did to me now.


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I wonder why would they make a replica of a dinasour, which did not even originate from Australia, but from Argentina.

Oh, I know the reason. To make kids go "wwwaaaaaaaaaahhhh" and "ooooooooouuuuuu !!"

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I really wish I am younger. At least if I were I would not be so cynical.

So boys and girls, go visit the musuem near you and find your favourite pet dinasours. They come with sound effects too, and the museum actually installed woofers sufficiently powered to rumble the low frequencies that could chill your spine when the dinasours squeek.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Going Around, Walking About, Seeing Things

I have been very wrapped up with unforseen things recently, and that pretty much briefly explains my absence from this beloved blog. Not that I do not have enough time, or inspiration, or blogging material and ideas, just that my mind has been really off lately. Nothing end-of-the-world stuff happened, just ordinary things that would eat up your thoughts and emotions and you just do not feel like doing anything else.

In the midst of all those heavy thinking, I managed to get myself away from the house, and act like a tourist, going around Perth, snapping random pictures.

Since my mind has been rather random lately, I shall just make this entry a quick, photo-filled and randomly jumbled one.

Alternative Eco-Friendly Mode of Transport

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Subiaco Central

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Guilt-free food

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Patience is a Good Virtue

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Fremantle Train Station

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John Curtin, Not Looking to the Sky

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Staring into Darkness, Light, Space, and Emptiness

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More Interesting Mode of Transport

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I guess thats all for this entry, shall make a more elaborated and proper one when my mind switches to the ordinary mode.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Sky Was on Fire

It is approaching winter now here down south (or is it already winter now? I am clueless) and the days are getting shorter and shorter, meaning that we have later sunrise, and very earlu sunset. Great, and they say Western Australia is the state with the most day light. Huh.

It was in one of those nights that I could not actually get to sleep. Weird, I did not consume any form of caffeine, I swear !! I was just not sleepy, no matter how I force myself to bed I just could not doze off, and checking the time it was already 5am in the morning. An idea sparked in my mind, something which I have been intending to do but never had the chance to actually do it....

Right after an hour of laundry, I geared myself up and marched out the house with my loyal camera in the cold, to Matilda Bay for sunrise photography !!

I did not exactly know what to expect from the sky, since this was my first time doing sunrise photography. I mean, I have seen sunrise before, nothing overly dramatic or spectacular, not so much indifferent in comparison with sunsets. Nevertheless, there is just something stunning watching the darkness turns into light, the night giving way to day. The change of event happens in such short span of time that you wont even realize for the moment, the whole place would suddenly be sunny in the morning ray !!

Little did I expect, the view turned out to be more breathtaking than I have ever pictured. It was worth staying up all night, and fighting the cold winds by the river, just to snap some of the cool shots.

Looking from a distance...

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Going a little closer..

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and to the limit of my camera zoom capacity...

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The sky was so bright, so high in contrast, that looking at it from below here, it seemed as if the sky was on fire !!! Seriously, a magnificent view. The formation of the cloud was also rather irregular, and I guess the instinct was right when I had the urge to photograph that particular sunrise.

As I was busy photographing, without even realising it, it was already bright.

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Well, to round things off, of course there will always be me camwhoring, looking to the sky signature pose.

Here it is....

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Man, I am so in love with my jacket, this is my first time wearing it since the winter last year !! Yes, it was that cold that morning.

What a good way to start a morning of. Observing the sky change was surely a mind stirring experience. It gets you thinking on how fast things can change, and even if you look away for a few minutes, you would miss out some of the dramatic scenes !! Life would not be much dissimilar, if we are not quick enough to react to certain opportunities opened to us, once gone, some things will never come back again.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Cat Looking to The Sky

Just a cat, just an ordinary cat... but he was looking to the sky..

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OK, more like looking to the ceiling, but whatever...

And one day, I woke up to the sound of a cat running around and meowing outside my room door.

My housemate's friend's friend is having the house inspected, so the cat has to be temporarily relocated to my place at the time being. The cat will be staying with us for more than a week or so, and boy, was I excited, because this is the first time ever having the opportunity to keep a pet in the house !! All my life, I have never had any pets, not even a fish, since my family are not exactly pet-friendly kind of people. But I love animals, I sure do. I would definitely tell you I am more of a cat person than a dog person. Though I do love dogs. Cats are just, so much more adorable and attractive in many ways.

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The cat has a name, it is something like Me-Yo. As long as the cat is in my place, I shall call it HAMISH. Yes, Hamish.

You know I find it amazing how I can just do nothing but just stare and observe every movement of Hamish. Cats are so innocent, their thoughts are so care-free and worry-less. I seriously envy their lives. House cats are well fed, and taken care of. Some people treat their cats like gold. Man, how I would give to have that kind of life, with nothing on my shoulders and just eat and sleep and play whole day long.

Hamish is curious, like any other cats. Exploring the house, on the spot he has found some of his favourite spots.

Under the table....

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Just by the door, looking out into the world....

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On the lazy sofa...

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On my working desk...

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

On my soft cushioned chair next to my bed...

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When Hamish sleeps, he looks so peaceful. Life is supposed to be simple, and meaningful. Peace is something we should strive for, rather than all those earthly unworthy treasures that greedy humans are so obsessed with.

In the process of falling asleep..

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Come to think of it, I can't help it but to relate to the kind of lives the cats live back in Kuching/Malaysia generally. Cats or pets in general are treated very differently. Of course, I am just generalizing, there are kind and generous people like Ann who treasures and pampers her cat, but popularly speaking, things are rather different back there, compared to the luxuries the cats own here in Perth.

Here are the few differences I could come out with.

1) Cats are slaves in Kuching.

Cats in Perth are kept as pets. They do not have to do anything, they just have to live to please the owner. They do nothing but sleep, eat and play.

However, cats in Kuching are treated like slaves. They given minimal food so that they would feel the hunger and be expected to work and hunt for their own food. They are required to catch house rats/mice, or even cockroaches.

2) Cats in Kuching eat fish bones.

Cats in Perth are served with proper cat food, full with vitamins and minerals to nourish their health. Those food are usually very costly.

Cats in Kuching are served with fishbones, and leftover overnight dinner dishes mixed with stale rice.

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3) Cats in Perth get all the benefits of a Perth citizen.

If any cat in Perth gets sick, people will actually bring them to the veterinarian for check ups. Full medical attention is provided. Hygiene of the cat is highly taken care of.

If the cat in Kuching dies of any medical causes, the owner will just chuck the dead body in the river and find a new cat to carry on the slavery for the household.

4) Cats in Kuching are always ignored.

Cats are treated really well, and pampered, to the extend of being a part of the family in Perth. They are cared for, and constant companion and human touch are available throughout the day.

In Kuching, no one cares about cats, they are left alone at home, whole day, and sometimes the owner would forget to feed the cats their meals but they wont feel guilty about it, because there are plenty of rats/mice and cockroaches or lizards to feed upon.

5) In contrast to all the above statements, Kuching, is unmistakenly the city of cats.

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You know, considering all the facts I have described, if I happen to bring Hamish back to Kuching with me, I think somehow Hamish would jump into Sarawak River rather than spending the rest of his life in misery.

After all, cats have nine lives.