Wednesday, December 19, 2007

WAI-CON 2007

As strange as this sounds, I was there at the WAI-CON Perth 2007. Wai con is something like a convention for a group of anime freaks who think that anime is actually existing in this already twisted reality of ours, and trying to promote the awareness about the anime culture in general. Interestingly, I am not exactly an anime fan, I do watch animes from time to time, and some of them have become my favourite shows, some even become my obsession for certain phases of my oh so dramatic life. But, I do not consider myself a freak, and I somehow have lost touch with the newer generation of animes.

Want proof? I do not watch Naruto. I do not watch Bleach.

I know I have a sad life, please refrain yourself from reminding me that.


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Anyway, thanks to Jon and Charmaine, both friends who involved themselves in the Wai Con Cosplaying competition this year, who also dragged me along to witness and be part of the grand event happening here in Perth. I had no idea it was this grand, until I was there, and boy... I never expected so many people here to be that crazily into anime !! I thought Singaporeans and Malaysians are the freaky ones, but nooooooo, wait till you see what Western Australia has become over the years.

Japanese has their own ways of dominating the world. Seriously there is no more hope left in this world.


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Though I am no anime freak, but I do think anime/manga is terrificly fun. It is a widespread culture, and wai con is just a way of celebrating the culture openly here.

I brought my camera along in hope of capturing some awesome shots. I was walking around randomly taking pictures of those freaks who dressed themselves up as their favourite anime/manga characters. Though I am not as obsessed as they are, but seeing them being so openly devoted to their favourite anime/manga, and photographing them are something cool, something I think rather complimentary in the sense that they were all prepared to be photographed in public. And heaps of pictures I took from Wai Con.

My focus was the Cosplaying event on Day One, the competition of best costumes being portrayed by real life models presenting on stage.

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Unfortunately, my camera is doing very poorly on dark lighting in the auditorium, so you guys will have to excuse the poor picture quality. I could only display a few that I thought did not turn out that bad, and still usable after some light editing. If you were one of the cosplayers on the stage, and you do not appear on this entry, it does not mean I do not love you. The reason would be that the picture turned out so fugly that probably Mr Bean would look much more sexier than you in comparison. Yes, trust me its so bad that you do not want to see some of those handicapped pictures I took.

As I am no longer in touch with the Anime world, I do not recognise many of the Characters.

You Anime Freaks out there, please help me identify them, and if you are one of those cosplayers, please leave a comment !!! I would appreciate that very much, and I will re-edit this entry with your names on the picture titles.

Here Goes.

Starting with my beautiful friends, I think they looked really spendid. First time cosplaying, and they did pretty well. So many people taking their pictures, damned, I was so jealous !!!


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And of course, my next favourite, and my all time favourite anime character, Kenshin Himura from Rurouni Kenshin... OMG OMG OMG !!!! ok i should stop saying how good Kenshin is because I should be saying Charmaine and Jon are the best or else they would kill me like over and over again


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The rest of the anime, I am not too sure of their titles. Please help me in the comment section, and I shall change them to suit. For now, I shall name them randomly from what comes to my mind first.


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SORRY, UN-NAMED but the following few look so cool I cant miss you all out....

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I had a heck load more of photos actually, but yeah, most of the others did not turn out well. I did enjoy myself tremendously there, watching all those cosplaying, you have to admit most of the costumes look amazingly well crafted and it took huge amount of effort to make all those happen. The dedication and passion in bringing the anime/manga love to real life, was something magnificent to behold. It was well worth spending my whole morning and afternoon on a Saturday there at Wai Con.

Charmaine and Jon have been dragging me to try out on cosplaying, but I did not participate for one apparent reason, if I were to cosplay, I would be cosplaying my favourite character, at least someone I know significantly well, and has deep meaning after watching the respective anime/manga. Sorry guys, I know it was fun, but I just cant do my best if I do not like/or know the character.

Maybe next Wai-Con? You guys should feed me anime soon.


  1. Wow! Nice sharing from Robin. I like Naruto. Too bad you didn't manage to get Kurosaki from Bleach. Well, those who are reading Robin's blog, you might as well come and pay me a visit at

  2. hey daniel,
    ahahaha thanks !! Hmmm.. i did have bleach... but dun think the pictures come out good... sad camera I have...
    Yerrrrrr... promoting ur blog here.... need to pay one u know !!

  3. the name for big cannon is ovan.
    He is the character from .hack//G.U.

    And the last picture is from yuyu hakusho anime...

  4. Kakashi costume failed!! How come he's holding a soft drink bottle and not a scroll or ero-book, etc...LOLz

  5. hey monk,
    thanks !!! I will update my blog once i got home later.

    Hey Ian,
    Errmm.. because I caught him at the soft drink bar?

  6. haha.. all this while i thought that Swinburne's Naruto club provides the coolest cosplay during kuching Street Parade. But after viewing all those pictures you got in Wai Con... haha.. I'm speechless... haha...

    It's absolutely superb man!

    *Imagine if all of these Anime thingy people walk in Kuching street. Hmm...

  7. hey johnson,
    thanks !! yeah they kinda make it very grand here in Western Aus. But I reckon the one in KL was quite happening as well, but I have not seen any blog entries on that yet.
    Swinburne had cosplay too??? Any pics or links for me to see??

  8. haha.. Sure sure! Here's one of the links.

    enjoy laughing!

  9. hey johnson,
    thanks for the links. I think the parade was awesome !!
    you cant compare to wai con though, coz wai con cosplaying was a competition, so yeah, you gotta set the standards a little higher !!
    Man I have missed kuching fest for dunno how many times. sadness.