Saturday, December 01, 2007

How to Kill a Saturday Afternoon

A cup of Coffee...

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A Glass of Iced Mocha Latte with Cream and Ice Cream...

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And a really awesome company...

All those equate to a Saturday afternoon well spent.

A simple life, I live in.

A simple, and happy life.


  1. Simple, happy, awesome indeed.

  2. wah...u definitely murdered that saturday :)

  3. hey daniel,
    ahahahaha yeah indeed !!

    hey plain ian,
    LOL.. its dead now thanks to me.

  4. heyyyyyyyyy

    wow wish i could have been there to join u! i miss the great coffee of Perth and the relaxing weekends i chilled away with a cuppa or 2...or 3...or 4....or or or....LOL. sometimes we all need to just sit back and relax and watch the world go by without us. especially now in the summer where there is opportunity to have a great tan from the outdoors!

    anyways the situation in KL of late has been blasting on the news here in Spore. its really such a shame to see such animosity being displayed. just for the record, my country has made the headlines as well for all the wrong reasons! here is what i mean -

    please enjoy! LOL


  5. Looks delicious.. But I don't like caffeine. Ah well. Thanks for dropping by my blog though. :)

  6. woi! I also want to go lim kopi. why u no call me?

  7. hey marcus,
    Come to perth, and lets hang out at Tiamo !!! Gosh.. simply love their cafe latte !!!
    Ahahaha... havent had the chance to watch the youtube video yet.. been super busy lately, explains the lack of updates too.

    hey kristen,
    No worries. Coffee is like a drug to me, cant live without it.

    Hey Wuching,
    U fry over here, then i treat u a cuppa.

  8. dome. *sigh*

    anyway, life's always better when you take time to savour the simple things.

    it's what makes life worth living.

  9. hey aaron !!
    Ahahha dome, nothing special lar, would have opted for local coffee instead, but we were having difficulties finding seats in that shopping mall.
    Yeah, simple things indeed, aaron.