Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas Pageant 2007

It is that time of the year again, when Santa Claus dresses up in ridiculously red costume and travels all around the world to torment children with false hopes of gifts and presents. Goodness, how the world has twisted the simple and astounding meaning of what CHRISTmas is supposed to be: the birth of Christ.

Nevertheless, the overly commercialised and hyped up version was the part where all the kids were looking forward to. It does not matter if Santa does not exist. It does not matter if fake Santas make appearances at shopping malls to molest the kids when they sit on their laps. It does not matter at all even if its burning hot (think desert, THINK) here in Perth around the end of the year, a summer Christmas we have here. Snow white my A**.


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The joy and love of Christmas must he shared, whichever version you choose, for the reason of CHRIST, or for the reason of sole holiday-jolly-mood celebration only, or the fusion of both which I have been awkwardly practising over the years, it is the time to bring together family and friends.

This is my first time celebrating Christmas away from home.

This is also the first time I had the opportunity to witness how grand the celebration of Christmas is here in Aussie, and how much it means for the people here. There is an annual event, a city wide parade held just for the theme of Christmas, and it is considered one of the most prestigious parades in the southern hemisphere of the globe. Since I am here for the end of the year, I made it to the Perth Christmas Pageant 2007 last night.

It was a crazy sight, to say the least. As early as 6pm, the streets of CBD Perth were already jammed, not with usual traffic, but with human beings from God know where !!! Seriously, they flood the streets like Jennifer Love Hewwitt will walk along naked..... I have never seen Perth to be so alive before. I never thought people would regard tha parade so highly !! The show started at 830pm, but at 6pm, the place was already packed. Imagine... how worse it would have been later.

And so the parade started.


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Ooh gosh, the mask is surely a classic.


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This was definitely the favourite for the kids, they were screaming "RONALD RONALD I AM HUNGRYYYYYYY"..... Boy, you gotta love the Aussie kids.


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There are many groups of people, parading, but I have no idea who they were, LOL, just snapping away.


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Man, this has got to be the BEST show ever on the parade !!! I mean, look at the car, its sooooooo.. SIMPLE and full of... NEWSPAPER !!!! Yeah, West Australian is a Newspaper of course, so, they just, well, decorated their display with.... newspapers?? ahhahahaha... Man, you gotta love them.


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This cart is full of giant balls, all kinds of balls. Do you love balls? I know I do.


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Hmmm... Fantasy of Christmas?? Hmmm...


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Another one of those groups I had no idea who they were. But I do love the glossy shine from their costume. Ok that sounds wrong somehow... but yeah...


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This guy sure looked scary somehow, but in some odd reasons the kids love him. Aussie kids are weird.


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If you are not in Aus, or never been here, you would not know what Chicken Treat is. Its a famous food chain serving chicken based dishes, similar to KFC, and quite well received here locally. LIke McDonalds, the kids screamed "WE ARE HUNGRYYYYYYY !!!!"....
It was such an amazing sight... the kids were so interactive with the performers and paraders. Something Kuching kids are seriously lacking of.


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OOhhhhh.. the foot tapping and dancing around... I found myself cheering for him too !!! Strange, I know !!


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Aaahhhh.. too bad not one dressed up like Jack Sparrow, LOL.. would have been awesome having him on that ship.


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Hmmm, im not sure if it is cinderella, but it does look like it.

Hmmm... FROM THAI??

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I am not entirely sure, I could be wrong, but I have a strong feeling these paraders are from Thai. Chanting and dancing in their traditional glory, it was quite a spectacular display.


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Man, this aladdin genie lamp was hosted by Lottery West.. check out the pile of fake gold and treasures at the bottom, it says a lot about the LotteryWest company eh? Pfffffffttt


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Girls would melt in the sight of them.


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I really cant tell.. maybe Chinese?


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Ohhh, everyone loves Thomas !!!!

The whole parade lasted for a little more than one hour, circling the streets of Perth CBD. This is the grandest parade I have been to so far, and boy, I really did enjoy myself. Of course there were so many other more displays and shows which were not included in the pictures here, which was only because all the other pictures turned out too blurry to be usable.

Wondering why Santa? Well, he appeared last, and his picture was so blur that you will not be able to tell if he was not Michael Jackson in red. Santa is boring anyway, so yeah.

This has been a new experience for me. crowd cheering and screaming and gosh, smiles everywhere. Laughter and joy immensely spread and shared amongst everyone. This is truly a sight of Christmas, and what it is supposed to be. I am just disappointed that it was not received in such similar manner back in Kuching.

And what is with people who go to pubs and clubs and do countdowns on Christmas Eve?? Geeezzzzzzzzz !!!!!

Now I am in Christmas mode already.

Ho ho ho..... only roughly 2 weeks till Christmas... Oh Joy !!!


  1. wow what a great post! i've never spent xmas in perth before so i dunno what its like but seeing those pictures i can tell its supercrazy! xmas must be a big thing in perth and i definitely need to be there for at least one one day. its only a matter of time...


  2. happening wei. If only Kuching is like that as well...since it's summer, the hot babes should wear bikini version of santa claus costume! life would be much better... LOL

  3. hey marcus,
    ahahaa when u do come look for me !!! We go there and u shall camwhore for me.. LOL !!!
    Yeah, it was one heck of a crazy celebration. Really can feel the spirit of Christmas here. But I bet Christmas in Singapore is quite HUGE as well. Unlike Malaysia, where Christmas is just like any other regular holidays... sigh..

    hey Chun Chow,
    ahahaha Kuching got the parade thing during Kuching Festival in August/Sept. NOthing much, but its still a festival, ahahaha... and gosh the foooooooood.....

  4. wow wow wow!

    i LOVE thomas the tank engine and friends. omg.

    :) :) :)

    i (used to) remember all their names!

    they were gordon, edward, henry, james.. erm.. well. heheh. who else?

    anyway the parade looked fantastically fantastical!

  5. hey aaron !!!
    yeah you just have to love thomas !!!!!!
    Thanks.. the parade was sure really awesome... enjoyed myself splendidly...

  6. There's nothing like Xmas abroad. For one thing, the weather's so much cooler...unlike the hot, humid, sweaty conditions we have back here. Even the much-promoted Xmas in Singapore is a disappointment. And the mood...!!! In England, they've a month-long carnival in the centre of all the cities and everyone's so jolly! Somehow it just isn't the same!!! I must say the parade in Perth is really awesome!! Once again, nice pics!

  7. hey suituapui,
    ahahahhaa thanks for the compliments again !! But i didnt think any of the night shots are good, my flash is kinda underpowered and the colours turned out quite unnatural.
    Anyway... christmas here is freaking hot thnough, summer now in AUS...
    like crazily HOT !!!!

  8. Ah yes! I forgot! U're Down Under where u have Xmas in the summer. How's the weather over there? Hot as Hell?? The heatwave in the summer is terrible...and the flies!!! Eyew! And the bushfires!!! Over here at home, it has been raining, raining, raining...and the flood waters are rising! If the rain doesn't stop, I'll have to buy a sampan liao! LOL!

  9. U're right! If u don't mind my saying so, ur night pics not as nice as ur day ones!! But I love the subjects that u took! We have a Xmas parade in Sibu...organised by the Christian churches, but it's nothing to shout about. Floats with all the holy-holy stuff, choirs singing carols and school bands making a lot of noise. Still, in our "situation", something is better than nothing, ya?

  10. hey suituapui,
    yeah, i know the night shots are that great, coz i didnt bring my tripod out, and of course, cheap camera, ahahahaha...
    whoah... in sibu at least they did something to celebrate the festive season lar... not like kuching, every year christmas time so boring.
    Rain is good though, we seriously need rain down here LOL !!!

  11. OMG, how come the girl in the red bikini doesnt have a face?? Creepy.....

  12. hey plain ian,
    scary imagination you have.