Saturday, December 29, 2007

Birthday Me

Behold. I, Robin, the ordinary boy, am now, officially 23 years old. I am old. I feel old. I do not know precisely how to express this, but 23 years of existence does feel like it has been nothing short of forever to me, and the past few years of my life have been crawling so freaking slowly that it felt like they have been more than a decade. Ptttfffffffhhhhh !!!!

This is my first time celebrating my birthday away from home. In a way or two, there are some advantages having my birthday in Perth. One of the obvious reasons is the public holiday (YAY!!) of Boxing Day, which Malaysia has chosen to disregard and crudely replace it by some other useless and meaningless holidays. Having a day off from work for my birthday (or any day off at all) is something I truly appreciate these days.


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I guess I have been away from blogging much more than I would have wanted lately. I have not skimmed through the usual blogs that I usually read, and followed up on comments and updates. Considering the time of year, Christmas, Birthday and the coming New Year, there are loads of heavy thoughts to reflect upon, and the journey of my life so far is indeed, colourful. There is no need to elaborate any further on my thoughts, but somehow it drew me away from blogs. Nevertheless, I shall compose an entry to summarize my walk in 2007 right before the New Year 2008, and this entry would definitely be something worth reading for those of you who do not come here often, but still wish to catch up on most of the happenings in my life.

This birthday has been one of the loneliest I have ever had. Family and relatives are nowhere near, and most of my friends went MIA. Some flew back to their home countries, some went on holiday trips touring God knows where, some were busy working (it’s a freaking holiday for f*** sake) and some were just being plainly invisible. Thankfully there was still a small group of friends who were willing to spend some time to make this simple boy happy on his bithday.


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Thanks guys for making my day special.


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SARAH, who organized the lunch, a little last minute, but everything turned out fantastic !! Thanks so much.

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I shall end this entry here, before I shift into emo mode and pour out all my emo stuff here.

For those of you who have not wished me Happy Birthday, do it now !!!

Just Kidding.


  1. hey hey robin.

    happy, happy bday.

    may the Lord grant you great joy, peace, good health and prosperity in the coming new year, and many more years beyond that.

    many happy returns of the day!

    cheers dude!

  2. Happy belated birthday! (^__o__^)

  3. hey aaron, laura and wuching,
    Thanks so much !! I love u guys !!

  4.'re only 23??!!! errr...still very young :D

    Oh dear...i miss Icey Ice and Dim sum in Perth!!!

  5. hey mark,
    ahahaha 23 is kinda old liaw, LOL....
    ahahaha dim sum..... gosh must go again some time soon, ahahahaha...
    icey ice? kuching also has something similar right somewhere?

  6. ROBIN!! HAPPY BELATED 23RD BIRTHDAY!~ you're young lah, not old. :p

  7. hey feli !!!
    Thanks thanks... ahahahaa, enjoy ur time when u are still young, LOL, when u become like me liaw its too late to do a lot of things.

  8. OK...quick, quick!!! Must post my birthday greeting before the clock strikes twelve! Happy Birthday, may all your wishes come true...and may u be blesses with nothing but the best in the coming year! Gosh...23 years old! So young...;for me it's like History already. So kesian! LOL!

  9. hey suituapui,
    ahahaha thanks thanks.
    Oh its ur birthday also????



    I know 23 is young, but somehow i feel old, LOL...

  10. haha..

    Having DimSum for your Brithday celebration? Kinda Hong Kong-ish eh.. haha.. Anyway, Happy Birthday dude!

  11. hey johnson,
    ahahaha dim sum rocks man !!! though the ones here arent as authentic as anything uw ould expect from hong kong LOL..
    thanks for the birthday wish !!

  12. Happy belated Rob! *sorry I missed this*

  13. hey dienasty,
    LOL no worries, and thanks !!

  14. nd. So u can imagine how ancient I am. My birthday's 2nd of Dec - Sagi, not Capri like u! Anyway, just wanna wich u nothing but the best for the coming New Year 2008!! Cheers!!!

  15. hey suituapui,
    thanks !!! all the best to your coming new year 2008 too !!!

  16. Happy New Year. :D