Wednesday, November 14, 2007


It has been almost a week since my previous entry in this humble place, and gosh, there has been so many things going on, and I felt like the past one-week was stretched equivalent to my usual one-month time frame of activities. No kidding.

It is kinda funny there are times that I totally have nothing to do, or no plans for a period of time, but other times, everything just flooded in uncontrollably. Huh, so much for finding that perfect balance in life, I tell you, there is no such thing as balance, and almost everything are actually out of our hands.

Robin’s Law of Life 1: The more you try to control your life and find the balance, the more your life will become out of control and imbalanced.

I will just give you one simple example of what happened to me on Monday.

Work like usual 8am – 5pm.

A surprise business visit to the company who turned out to be a friend whom I have known for quite some time at my hometown, Kuching.

Got an invitation to tennis at 6pm. I have not played tennis for ages, only started to pick up the pace recently and found a new friend to “stroke balls” with.

A great friend asked me out for dinner at 7pm to KFC, which in fact, I have been craving desperately for these days. Yes, the ungodly craving for KFC Hot and Spicy chicken returns.

On top of all that, I had to cancel almost everything to take the friend from Kuching out for a round of dinner, and sightseeing since he is new in Perth.

I felt bad to cancel tennis, because I am getting my obsession of tennis back. I felt bad turning down the KFC dinner, my tastebuds would kill me for this.


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But setting that all aside, I felt extremely great being able to hang out and catch up with this awesome old friend of mine, whom I have met during my college days in Kuching. A friend whom I have not seen for no less than three years.

I just wish I did not have to pick and dump these choices, given any other chances I would have wanted to do all of them.

Went to Burswood Casino after dinner.

Came back close to midnight, no I did not gamble, I am a sweet and innocent boy remember?


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Casino visit wrapped up the night, and I was home rather late. I was about to throw my heavy body onto my soft springy bed, when my mate knocked on my door asking for a favor.

Right after that, I was invited to a game of DOTA…

Which I did badly in the first game, probably I had too many things happening in my mind at that time, but heck, I think I am just looking for an excuse of losing.

It was dangerously over midnight now, and I demanded another game to salvage my wounded pride. I just could not help it, it was just a guy thing to do !!


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I am such a Dota Freak that my desktop wallpaper is Dota, all thanks to Char who gave me the link to the wallpaper.

Though I did win, after quite a bit of disorientation and miss-combos I finally finished the game satisfied.

I slept at 3am and woke up at 6am the following morning, to prepare for work.

I must say this is not my usual habit, I often make sure I haave enough rest for myself and that includes plenty of sleep too. People will start questioning my capabilities of time management. I can say to those retards “SCREW YOU!!!”.

Never ignore a friend who comes from a far place.

Never turn down request of favor, do whatever you can., help however you can.

Never turn down a game of Dota. NEVER.

You need to salvage your pride. It is IMPORTANT.

Plus I have sacrificed a game of tennis and KFC. Now of all those above where did I go wrong??

OMG I miss KFC.

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This is the time we wish we have 45 hours a day instead of 24 eh? I do realise that a huge chunk of my life has been cut out since I started working, and I can feel my life wasting away while I sit down in the office from morning till evening. As productive as I can be as an engineer, I still feel it is a terrible waste of my time and effort.

DAMMIT I want my life back, but not like I have any choice and solution in this rhetorically dramatic situation.

If this pace of living continues on, this blog will remain really passive. I better do something to catch my own breathe. I must slot my blog back into the priority list somehow, soon.


  1. Yeah! I am the first to comment on Robin's blog. Muahaha!

    Robin, I have to testify to what you have mentioned. There are times in my life when I wanted to control and balance it, the more it became uncontrolled and imbalanced. I remember I used to seek for perfection last time, but lately I realised that I can only reach for excellence and perfection is God's business.

    Dota? I haven't laid my fingers on the game for more than a year now. Bye bye Dota!

  2. hey daniel,
    LOl, commenting first here u dun get anything one !!!
    Anyway, thanks for agreeing with Robin's Law of Life 1.
    Its ok, Dota will find its way to you one way or another, ahahaha im sure.

  3. Robin,
    I wasn't expecting anything from you, except a free air ticket to Perth. Haha. Just to cheer up your day as well as mine. You know, when one is doing literature reviewing he has to stay upbeat. That is why I have to keep myself excited. Cheers my friend.

  4. hey daniel,
    aaahhh ticket to perth?? I wanna buy ticket back to kuching, better !! aahahahaha...
    whoah, lit review eh? heavy reading all day long, ahahaaha.... still can read blogs meh??
    yeah, no matter how stressful we all can be, we need to cheer up and not think too much or else we can just break down.
    Even machines break down when they are oberstressed.

  5. time to grow up! kids like me wanna grow up but by the time i get there, i think i want to sleep as much as i can like now. besides classes, i sleep =P

  6. Am I the only guy here who doesn't play DOTA??

    I don't even have any idea what it is

  7. hey wuching,
    Oh u got pms?? cool...

    hey sam,
    grown up people needs sleep too sam.

    hey arth,
    dota is life.