Monday, November 26, 2007

Ordinarily Extra-Ordinary

Nothing extra-ordinary happened over the weekend, but sometimes, I take a pause and marvel at the uniqueness of the situation, no matter how ordinary it appears to be.

I was at the Dicksmith Electronic Store in the City, browsing through the items on sale, and I came to this huge LCD screen showing Transformers (the movie), fully connected to a decent surround sound system. It was an extremely hot afternoon, and somehow I find much comfort inside the air-conditioned store, hence I decided to lounge for a bit.


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Out of nowhere, there was this really good looking, sexy and hot guy suddenly appeared, and stood right next to me, watching Transformers as well obviously. He poked my ribs and said: “Hey, damned good movie eh?” I nearly jumped to the ceiling!!! I replied instantaneously “Yeah, cool movie.” He added on “I have watched it more than 8 times, and I still find it awesome!!” I chuckled a little, and said “Whoah dude, 8 times ! I have only watched once, but I would sure want to watch it again and again !!”

There was silence after that, as we both stood side by side, staring in awe into the giant LCD screen. It was the part towards the end where Prime meets Megatron for the final showdown.

15 minutes later, I decided it was time to leave, since I have watched the movie anyway. Just as I was walking away, the guy patted my shoulder. So I looked back, and he smiled back at me generously. He said “C ya dude !!”

I smiled, and walked away.

I do not know why, that may have appeared as something really ordinary, especially here in Perth where people can randomly strike up a conversation, it got me thinking deep for a while.

If only those entire scene happened in Malaysia instead, I believe everything would have turned out to be quite the opposite.

If a stranger poked my ribs, and said “Hey, great movie eh?”

First response would be backing off a few steps away from him, secondly, stare at him with that one kind look as if he is carrying a colourful dildo or something, and thirdly, ask him right in the face: “Uhmm, Hello?? Do I know you?”

And finally, regardless of what might have turned out after that unless the person was a she with superbly large boobies I would fly away so fast that you would not be able to find any trace of smoke left behind.


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My point is, sometimes, I am still amazed by what I find here in this land of the Aussie, though I have been here for years. I admire many practices of their cultures, but somehow, I do feel like they will always be something different and new to me. Of course, being here, I would definitely blend in seamlessly, but when I return to Malaysia one day, I could not bring back most of the things I have gained here. They just do not fit in, anyhow, anywhere back home.

I guess, for now, seeing, and being here, is enough.


  1. did u go to ipoh garden recently =)

    yeah i agree about the difference in culture. my dad was just saying the other night that he likes the way aussies acknowledges one another's presence with just a simple hi and wave of the hand. and yes transformers is a super cool movie! it sure lived up to its hype and now im waiting for the sequel.

    anyway i was impressed with kevin rudd's proficiency in mandarin. he speaks the language 100 times better than me yikes! nice to know even australia wants to get into the good books of china these days.


  2. hey marcus,
    Yeah it was ipoh garden, my virgin visit !!

    Aahhaha, simply love transformers !!

    Kevin rudd rocks !! howard is a bush sucker.

    aahha i didnt know rudd speaks manadarin !! OMG OMG

  3. u sure ur fly wasnt open at that time? =P

  4. hey plain ian,
    I was wearing 3/4 pants with no zippers, LOL....

  5. erm..are you see there wasnt a piece of paper saying "kick me" stuck to ur back at that time?

  6. oh ya he does and pretty damn good. just do a search on youtube and u can see him adressing a speech in mandarin. another video shows him picking his ear and then putting his fingers in his mouth for a taste yikes! LOL


  7. hey plain ian,
    nah, I checked.

    Hey marcus,
    LOL... interesting stuff there. Oh well, i cant watch you tube for these few days... internet connection got capped already, sadness indeed.

  8. i agree.

    here, it's so difficult to strike a random conversation with someone you've never met. even if you do, get ready to see that person give you a perplexed look before walking very quickly away and/or that person gives you a scolding. hmmm.

    but i think people should just get along with each other. it's really not that hard. haih.

  9. hey aaron,
    yeah, i agree with u, people should just let loose a little, life should not be so tensed up !!!! I mean, come on, is it that hard to just smile and make people around u happy??