Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My PC Softwares

This entry is inspired by Daniel.

Here I am listing down a list of computer softwares and programmes of choice that are currently installed in my humble laptop. I am not a computer geek, and my knowledge about DIY PC is disappointingly limited. Nevertheless, it does not stop me from “playing around” with the system, since computer has become such a significant necessity in our everyday lives.


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Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium
Anti-Virus: PC Cillin


Winamp 5.0 Pro – MP3 Player and CD Ripper
Enhancer Plug-In for Winamp – Adds control and flexibility over additional sound processing.
Vista Skin – Just for the looks to compliment the Vista OS visuals.

Windows Media Player 11 (with installed K-Lite Codec Pack)– Plays most “downloaded” movies and Tv-Dramas.

Real Player – Back up for Windows Media Player, and some porn sites actually require live streaming over Real Player only.

Quicktime – To play lame quicktime movies obviously.

DVD X Player – To watch ALL kinds of movie DVDs, since this is a region free dvd player software.


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Microsoft Office 2003 – Document processing, a necessity for almost everyone. I chose not to upgrade to Office 2007 which hogs the RAM like a fat ugly bitch.

ACD See PowerPack 7.0 – Light photo-editing. Very efficient and handy software, requires minimal resources, unlike Photoshop. I only needed the basic functions of photo editing, for now.

Picassa 2.0 – Photo organizing.


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CD/DVD Burning/Ripping Tool

Nero OEM 6.0 – I know, I am very outdated. But it works, so I never bothered to upgrade.

Magic ISO/Magic Disc – This is a necessity in ripping dvds, or reading ripped dvd on ISO format. Especially essential for the “alternative copy” of PC Games installation.

Daemon – Another virtual drive creator, to read CD/DVD Image.

Note that I use Winamp to rip music CD into MP3. Works wonders.


Autorun – Controls startup programmes with some extra functions.

CC Cleaner – Registry fix, and more.

I am not so keen on doing much tweaking with Vista, I had some horrible disasters over previous Windows XP OS. So I am just being more careful nowadays.


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Desktop Customization

I installed a toolbar that works similarly with the one for MAC computers. This software is called RocketDock, and all the icons are customisable.

Torrent/P2P Download

Limewire – For P2P downloads.

U-Torrent – For torrent file downloads. I find it more CPU friendly in comparison to Bitcomet and other torrent softwares. Who uses Bit-Torrent nowadays anyway?

Internet Browsing/Instant Messaging

MSN Messenger – Yahoo Messenger sucks. I installed a hack to disable ALL forms of advertisement.

Internet Explorer 7.0 – I support IE. I do not know why but I never liked Firefox. Of course Firefox gained its recognition for being marginally more superior than IE 6, but IE 7 has proven to be very reliable and efficient.

Bloglines Notifier – RSS Feed management and notification tool.


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PC Games Currently installed

Warcraft 3 (with Frozen Throne)
– For DOTA only. Man I can die without Dota.

Half Life 2: Episode 1 – I am a Half Life fan, what to do? Can’t wait to get my hands on the Episode 2. Oh did I mention the graphics rocks????

Need For Speed Most Wanted – I know, an old game, but I have never played it before.

Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium War – Which I think is a very lame game and I shall uninstall soon.

Games I intend to play: Crysis, Timeshift, Half Life 2 Episode 2, NFS Prostreet.


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I am hoping to get “cheap alternative source” of those games I intend to play when my friends return to Kuching. I could not possibly fork out hundreds of bucks to get the latest games like Crysis and Timeshift. I know, with my superbly hectic kind of life right now, how can I find time to play any of those games? Right?

I think that basically wraps up the system I am using now. If you have any suggestions or comments on better softwares and alternatives, please feel free to share your thoughts. After all, my IT knowledge kinda sucks, so yeah.

Ok Hak Jeng and Yiaw Wei, stop laughing at me. I know I am noob in these things.


  1. Why do you need QuickTime, Real Player, DVD X Player and Windows Media Player 11 when you have Media Player Classic which can play all the aboves?

    And I use WMP 11 as my music player. Winamp takes up too much resources and memory.

    IE7 sucks! Firefox rawks, big time!

  2. hey jason,
    I know windows media player classic plays all, but i prefer to assign the files to their original players which were designed and meant for them.

    the main reason why i use winamp is the enhancer plug in. I cant find other better (flexibility and control over sound processing) DSP/Effect plug in, definitely for WMP. To me sound is uber-important.

    yerr.. another firefox user.

  3. what about VLC media player? to hell with all else!

    and yes, mozilla firefox rules!


  4. Hey marcus,
    so far my windows media player installed with the codec can play almost everything, no need for vlc player.
    Used to have a lot of problems getting my blog functioning properly on firefox before, coz i build it based on IE first.

    heh, since then I hare firefox. They display websites with so many errors.

  5. I use Bittorent. (-____-)"

  6. VLC player takes up so little space and is a breeze when u wanna watch movies with separate subtitle files! pls convert to VLC robin-O! LOL!


    P.S: your rig looks sweeeeeeet!

  7. hey marcus,
    aahahahha dun wan, i will use it when necessary, ahahaha...
    my rig???

  8. wah...WD passport...y didnt u jz get those normal cheapo harddisc with casings? shave the extra bucks

  9. Plain Ian,
    Thats the cheapest I can find here, LOL...

  10. I guess I am the only one using Opera. Second in line will be IE7. For easy listening, I am using TTPlayer (some sort of Chinese/Taiwanese product). The good about this player is it can search and download lyrics so that I can sing-a-long. Not a big fan of downloading so there's not a single downloading program in my computer.

    I managed to inspire Robin. Wahaha!

  11. OMg Daniel sings along to the mp3 !!!!
    anyway, it was more like I plagiarize daniel rather than getting inspired, LOL...