Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Mug

Look, look what I have got...

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This, is more than just a mug. This is more than just something I utilize for containing hot fresh coffee in the early morning at work, or subsequent uncountable quantitty of Milo I have throughout the day in the office.

In the raging storm that I am in how, in all those dramas and traumas of my life, I find comfort in having this mug. It is a symbol, of a small step I have taken in my life. In some small ways, I have accomplished something, and I am glad of it. This, is a sense of hope, and assurance of my survival.

I know, it is just a mug after all. Mind me for thinking too much, but in this simple yet ordinary mug, I find much contentment.


  1. wow! so Australians actually spell the word success as R-O-B-I-N.


  2. That's sad ... I mean drinking Milo instead of coffee all day long! ;)

  3. congrats congrats!! :D

    i want a FELICITY mug too...if that's too long, FELI would do. haha!

  4. hey marcus,
    aaahahha... success is stll very far dude...

    hey fh2o.
    ahahahhaa cannot too much coffee.. my brain cant function !!

    hey silveraven,
    ahahahahaa.... come to perth !!!

  5. wahhh, i want a mug with my name too! preferably like: chloeeee with the Es going all round and round the cup.

    i am just obsessed with vowels.

    good boy, lay off the coffee. :)