Thursday, November 08, 2007

Blue Water and Sky

Working life can really be stressful at times. And I mean, really, really, frustratingly annoyingly stressful, that only by Wednesday, I can feel myenergy level left for the rest of the week could only last me for merely another half a day. All I can think of at this particular moment of stress is to tuck myself into the oh ever so comfy bed all day long listening to emo rock songs playing on my Winamp blasting at deafening tone. Life can be miserable at times.

That is probably the reason why I update this beloved blog of mine less frequent nowadays. The amount of stress accumulated from work will be inversely proportional to the amount of blogging activity in my life now. After coming back from a long day of work, blogging could be very well the last thing that comes to mind, but then again, I still surf around the usual blogs that I usually do visit, just that I find myself getting lazier to leave comments or even to just say hi. At the rate of how my blogging life is slowly turning out to be... I think I might just become invisible from the blogger community really soon.

Not that reviving and reconstructing this humble blog of mine is of any priority right now. All I need to do now is seriously, to de-stress. And I am running out of ideas on how to de-stress. Suggestions? Please?

Of course, the first thing I did, was going to the nearest open space, and if you have not figured it out, go get a roll of toilet paper and swallow it down your throat.


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Matilda Bay sky after work that day was superbly clear, and cloudless. How I wish my life is clear and free like the sky, with no obstacles and no worries. If you stare at the open sky long enough, it does things to you. It can clear your mind off a little.

Of course do not be a retard and stare at the glaring sun in the mid day till your eyes got burned to crisp. Evening sky can be dramatic.

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i strive for a life of simplicity. I try not to worry so much. I do not go and look for troubles. But somehow, all the dramas and traumas still can manage to find their way infiltrating my innocent and ordinary life.

Oh well, life is never fair.

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I just have to live with it.

I hope this stressful era will end soon. I need to breathe.

I need to live my life, there is so much more to life than just being stressed out about work all the time.


  1. beautiful pictures my friend! i feel relaxed already just starring at them. of course nothing beats the real thing.

    unfortunately this life is full of stress. its how each and everyone handles it. u are so lucky to have places like mat bay and the beach to go to to unwind. sometimes i wonder why do i have to put up with all this unnecessary stuff? why can't my life be simple and stress free? but the biggest question of all is why do i force myself to go through it when i already know what the outcome is down the road. i just pray that i can survive and take each day as it comes. i have given up hoping.


  2. As I was looking at picture #3...

    I felt like lying down on the grass and stare into the sunset.

    So serene and undisturbed.

    I dunno... I can get very sentimental sometimes.


  3. hey marcus,
    whoah, didnt know ur life is so stressful also. I am sure u will do just fine, just keep hanging on there. I know i will be ok, just that, all those worries and troubles, sometimes its just too heavy to carry. Would be nice if problems just solve themselves.

    Hey arth,
    OMG !! Sentimental pulak LOL !!! I did lie down on the grass, its pretty dry and clean here.

  4. Walking along Matilda Bay is already a very good start to destress, it is still my favourite place in Perth.

    A good movie ( if you like musicals, Hairspray is super uplifting),milkshakes,swimming,watchin Studio Ghibli movies ...

    I think the best way is to spend some quality time with friends and family as well. How about a trip to Freo on a Sunday? I love that. Remember to try the ramen.

    Or .. you could always quit your job like me? J/K!

  5. hey di,
    yeah, there is just something about mat bay that has the alcming effect.
    Nah, cant afford to quit !! ahahahhahaaaa..
    yeah, movie sounds good.

  6. Hi Robin,
    I stumbled across your site thru' blogger link & I really enjoyed reading your blog/pictures.I'm from Kuching too and migrated here recently for good.I've learned so much about Perth from you.
    Keep up the good work!
    Hope all the best& happy days ahead to you :)....

  7. hey esther,
    thanks so much for your kind words !!! I appreciate them.
    Its great to see another fellow kuching people coming to perth. it is a great place, not that much different from Kuching, but with heaps more opportunities.
    Glad that my blog is of any help to you. if you need any help or information, dont hesitate to contact me through my email (from the top side tab).
    cheers !!

  8. heyz

    there IS more to life... thanks for the beautiful pictures. they're a reminder for me to look UP instead of down.


  9. hey feli,
    yeap there is so much more in life. Glad u love the pics, and yeah, must look up !!!

  10. yeah my life is one stressful hell! imagine if i was married with kids! far far worse! that being said, i guess i have to be thankful eh?? LOL. i think its in my nature to pressurise myself so the stress is exponentially magnified LOL. i guess i just can't help it and must just learn to chill although i find it very hard to do so. my mind just wanders around when i have spare time to myself that leads me to think of work and the undesirable outcome if i don't do this and that etc.. i really admire some of my colleagues who are better at handling stress and are able to look on the positive side of things that somehow everything will fall into place and work itself out.

    i think the best i can do for myself is just to try my very best to solve things and not to let failures boil down on me. its easy to just say it but doing it is tough. i must not give up! we must not give up!


  11. hey marcus,
    I can relate to you when u mentioned about the stress management part, I guess I need to learn more on that part for myself too. Seriously, my management sucks.
    Its kinda hard to move on when there is a certain failure obstructing the way eh? like u said we should not give up. Its just that, it does dampen the spirit, and its really hard soemtimes to just get up from where we fell.
    Oh well.. still, we have to move on, and do what we can.

  12. hey, this prolly wont help much but try listening to holiday by boys like girls.

    sometimes music really helps to soothe.


  13. hey aaron,
    yeah music does help. to me, I blast celine dion at extreme volume to drown my sorrows. LOL

  14. nah...all you need is to get laid!

  15. hey wuching,
    what makes u think I am not getting laid?