Thursday, October 11, 2007


Side Note: Justin Timberlake, Linkin Park, Kelly Clarkson, Josh Groban, Hinder, Snow Patrol, and God knows what other international singers will be performing in Perth in between now and a few months to come. Why am I not catching any of the concerts?

I have contracted a lethal disease. It is with a heavy heart and extreme dismay for me to announce this publicly.


I know, it is bad.

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The world will slowly come to an end with Mondayitis spreading around to every corner of this planet. It is highly potent and outrageously contagious. How do you know if you have Mondayitis?

1) You find your sleep will never be sufficient and waking up feeling very tired and unmotivated on Monday mornings. Your alarm clock could very well be your worst enemy on Mondays.

2) You are strangely physically, emotionally and sexually drained throughout the whole day, even if nothing much occurred. You just feel like crap all Monday long.

3) You have extra high sensitivity of getting irritated by anyone or anything that moves or make a sound around you on Monday.

4) You sigh significantly more, and yawn like you have never yawned before when no one is looking after Monday lunch hour.

5) Everything just seems to go wrong everywhere, all the time on Monday.

6) You hope time would pass by so quickly that Friday will arrive in a blink of an eye, but somehow time is just plain cruel and it travels much, much more painfully slower on Mondays than usual days.

7) You rejoice joyously at the end of Friday working hours, but frantically shudder at the thought of coming Monday on Sunday night.

8) Saturday is the undeniably best day of the week.

9) You blame Monday itself for all the shit that happens on that day, and start to associate Monday with Evil.

10) When you got home after work on Monday, a hot bath and a soft bed are your best friends, and you are ultra exhausted to even think of sex.

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Unfortunately guys, there is no known cure for Mondayitis. Should a public holiday fall on a Monday, Mondayitis will happen on Tuesday instead. Mondayitis is just something that you can’t kill, but beware, it can and will eventually kill you nonetheless.

So, is anyone out there having Mondayitis?


  1. Now that it's Thursday, are you cured yet? I am suffering from weekdayitis, it lasts all weekdays ends on Friday nights. In fact, I'm thinking of tendering my resignation soon. Hope your job is going better than mine!

    Will I see you at Carousel tonight? If you see a pale, chubby and sick looking girl, that'll be me!

  2. whoah.. di, ur comment is super fast !!
    Nope, wont be going out tonite, kinda tired now, need my rest.
    Oh no, hope things are not too bad on ur side, hold on ya?

  3. oh i've contracted that disease ages ago. unfortunately for me the doctor says there is no known cure. and now its progressed to the advanced stages known as everyday-itis.


  4. hey marcus,
    Everydayitis !!! LOL...

  5. I don't really mind the monday illness but I definitely don't enjoy the weekend headaches aka hangovers.

  6. hey arth,
    and yeah, its worse when the hangover sickness lasts till monday morning !!

  7. I think everyone has Mondayitis at one point or another in their lives..and another disease every university students will DEFINITELY go through will be assingmentcitis =p

  8. hey water angel,
    been there, done that !! Ahahhaaa.. at least u have the freedom to choose when and how u want to complete the assignment. But mondays.. we have no control over it.