Saturday, October 06, 2007

Jason & Ming Farewell

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On another note, I went to the Spring Feast, UWA on 4/10/2007, but to my surprise, I did not even take a single picture at all, though I went with my camera and tripod. Something must be wrong with me.

Just for the special graduation ceremony, both Jason and Ming See, whom I have known from the university have suddenly appeared in Perth (they have left back to Singapore after completion of uni months ago) for a short duration of time. Much to catch up on, and much to celebrate about. It was the night before both of them left Perth for good, which I do not think they will come back anytime that soon even if they decided to, we had a special dinner with friends.

The Restuarant chosen for such an auspicious occasion was Pavarotti, which was a unique restaurant, paying an entire tribute to the late singer Luciano Pavarotti. I personally have not heard that many songs from Pavarotti, but you got to admit that with the type of songs I am indulging myself into all these while, and having even heard of the name Pavarotti and knowing some of his songs, he must be truly successful. So successful that he had a fan who started up a Restaurant and naming it after himself. And so it was figured, Pavarotti songs were played over the speakers all the time in that restaurant, with posters and pictures of Pavarotti everywhere.

I arrived at the place a little too early, but both Jason and Judy were already there. They were waiting for others in Jesters instead, so I joined them, and snapped a few pictures while waiting for the others.


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When more than half of the people we were expecting arrived, we moved into the Pavarotti restaurant which was just next to Jesters. We had a superbly long table reserved just for us, and so we found our comfortable spots and sat in nicely. I sat at the wrong position though, if I have wanted to take random pictures, I should have sat somewhere outside, or nearing one of the ends, so that it would be easier for me to navigate around.

Soon everyone arrived, obviously everyone was hungry, so we started ordering our food.



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Ming See arrived late, and so he sat on the other end of the table, which I found difficulty in taking his pictures. I was sitting right next to Jason, so yeah, great to catch up on him.

It is really interesting seeing everyone finishing up, and graduating from university, moving on to the start of the career path. Some people look forward desperately to end university and start earning money, some would cling to the much appreciated student life. Whatever, and however anyone in this situation would feel, we have to move on, and keep walking on. Staying still and not doing anything will conjure undesirable consequences. I know, and I have seen plenty of ugly things.



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For everything in life there is a limit, and once you have crossed that limit, things can go awfully wrong.

Same applies to brotherly love. Guess what happened when there is too much brotherly love?


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OK, that was just terribly wrong. maybe I should photoshop it so that "they" touch....

The food came of course, and everyone was famished. I seriously had no idea what the name of my dish was, it was some odd non-English word, which I could not recall now. I did not quite like the texture of whatever-it-was, but the sauce was not bad. And the generous amount of cheese topping was much appreciated too. Oh, and there were plenty of mushrooms all over whatever-it-was, and I am joining Joy's club of mushroom freaks. You gotta love the tender mushrooms soaked in the savoury sauce.


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Raymond had the traditional Spaghetti and I did had some of it, boyyyyy.. I regretted my order. His Spaghetti tasted waaaaay better than my whatever-it-was. Seriously, the noodles and the sauce and everything, darn, foolish me for trying out something random and new. Should have just stayed on to something familiar. No, I am not really a risk taker, used to live life dangerously, but as you can all see, I am getting old.


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Glenna and Ester both shared a bucket of Mussels... Oh goodness... the sauce smells really really really tempting.


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Great night we had for the farewell dinner, great food (though mine could have been better), great friends, awesome conversations with uncontrollable bursts of laughters all the time. Just hope Ming and Jason enjoyed it as much as we all did.


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People come and people go. Farewells always bring the sad tone at the end, and always remind me that all good things come to an end. Good people will never really stick to you all the way, they tend to leave you at one point of your life, sooner rather than later.

To Jason and Ming, all the best in everything you do. I shall look you guys up when I have the chance to drop by Singapore. Fare Thee Well !!


  1. hmmm where is this restaurant? never heard of it. must go try when i go back!


  2. hey marcus,
    its next to jesters at hampden road !! ahahaha

  3. Oh my... I thought I saw 2 Robins. Is Raymond your brother? Haha.

  4. hey daniel,
    serious??? I dun think both of us look anything alike !!!