Sunday, October 28, 2007

Guess I Have a Guess

Oh dear, its very unnatural for this blog to portray so many "distorted" images over the past few entries. The first timers visiting this humble, yet innocent place might have had very wrong ideas of what simply ROBIN is all about. And I have a feeling that no matter what I do to redeem myself, Sexpo will always be something people remember my blog for. Hmm... oh goodness, what have I done.

Moving on to something different. Something not so disturbing, at least.

I seldom slurge on items or purchases that are not necesary. I seldom buy things on impulse. However, there are times that when you chanced upon an item on display, with the right lighting effect and the right timing and everything, you just could not take your eyes away from that piece of item. It may look nothing more than normal to others around you, but the effect just grips you so tight, that you can feel that the item was screaming right in front of you face to buy it, and the whole world depends on the purchase.

I guess that moment I have described happened to me today while I was in the city lepaking to waste my time like usual. And can you guess what I bought?


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Right, I bought Guess.

Whats inside of that Guess Box? Obviously a Guess watch.


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I know the watch seems rather oridnary, just like many other typical watches out there. Indeed, it was the ordinary-ness that struck me the most. It was so ordinary, but yet, it stood out from the other watches on the same group of display. Maybe it was the shininess or maybe it was just different in its own typical way. An ordinary watch is all I wanted, and as ordinary as this particular watch was, it seemed rather unique itself.


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Aaaahhhhh.. and not to be left out a little detail.. it was on 50% discount. How could I resist??

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I have never expected that I would be so crazy about watches before. I am guessing this would not be the last time.


  1. oooo nice watch!! i have a thing for sparkling shiny objects :D

  2. hey sandra....
    sparkling is the word !!!

  3. nah your blog isn't known for sexpo. its known for....CAM WHORING! LOL


  4. hey marcus,
    maybe u are right !! ahahaha

  5. not as ordinary as you described...
    looks nice to me...gonna break into ur room tonite and steal it!! my preeeciousss!!

  6. hey plain ian,
    ahahaha, of course they work !!!

    hey wei thien,
    whoah.. a blogger profile... why ur blog hidden one???

  7. wow!!

    u have a good taste bro!!

    i felt in love the moment i saw it..


    So how much did u pay after the 50% disc?
    if u mind revealing, its ok.. :)

  8. hey iwan,
    the original price is 235 bucks, so after the huger 50% discount, i think its really worth it !!
    Im glad u love it too !!!

  9. Strangely enough, I always remember your blog as the blog with the really gay looking pic even though the first time I read your blog was when you blogged about some book fair thing and had some pics of porno vids on it. Hehehe =P

  10. seriously? loving the watch.

    i don't think i've EVER stumbled across a guess? watch with a 50% price reduction. 15% off at most - even then it is already mouth-wateringly tempting. you have no idea how lucky you are.

    am on the lookout for fossil watches. well, one particular fossil watch. fell hopelessly in love with one when i went out window shopping. *grin*

    oh, congrats on the new watch. :) heheh!

  11. hey merv,
    goodness, that entry was like so long ago !!! must have left quite a wrong impression for u to remember it !!

    hey aaron,
    Ahahaha thanks. I have just discovered that the watch i bought was actually one of the new models, its still available on the latest catalogue. Gosh.. i guess I must be lucky.
    Fossil watch?? which one? LOL..NOw i a bit gila watches oledy.. duno what happened.

  12. lobin, u look veli sexy with that watchy leh

  13. hey wuching,
    I look sexy with or without that watch lar !!!

  14. Very Interesting!
    Thank You!