Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It is Coming...

This is utterly out of the ordinary. And I mean it.

I never knew I would feel this way, but I actually currently interestingly do.

I am in a superbly excited and "high" mode right now.


Because IT is coming. The DAY is coming. As much as I contradict myself in commenting on how much I would not want it instead not too long ago, now that I have decided to embrace it with open arms, somehow, things changed.

I want it now. I fucking deserve it. And I will get it.

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Until the day comes, I will wait in eagerness and joy.

And when it comes, I will live the day, and spread the joy and splendour to you beautiful people out there !!

Do check back, after the DAY.

*smiling to self non-stop*


  1. Robin,
    You are indeed over excited. Glad that you finally made up your mind to attend your own convocation. Don't drop your saliva while sleeping.

  2. hey daniel,
    it was no easy decision, lets just hope it will turn out good !!

  3. dun tell me, you're finally getting that T-1000 super vibrator you've always wanted!

  4. hey dude wish i could be there at your convo! i have attended heaps of convos by now i can say that i actually miss attending one! that atmosphere is altogether something else! the people, the camera flashes, the smiling faces, the crazy ducks pecking at leftovers...sigh...

    i wait in eagerness to see your post of this awesome event!


  5. hey wuching,
    vibrator ur head lar,

    hey marcus,
    I really wish u were here too !! Would love to have u man... ahahhahaa... yeah, most of the currie people i know back then were gone already.. sigh..