Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Very Short Break

I am taking a short break from blogging. I have just reformatted my computer, and there are plenty to do: Installing all the pirated softwares, downloading windows update, tweaking some settings for performance and security, etc etc. This would probably take me few days, since I could only do them in the evening after work, and my internet connection is not exactly anywhere near fast in today's bandwidth speed average.

I am typing this from work, from an iBook G4 (my Mac Laptop), incidentally marking my first time blogging with an Apple computer. I can only say one thing, Safari Internet Browser SUCKS. Ok, maybe another few more things, everything about Apple and MAC computers SUCK big time generally. I have been using the notebook for months, and I still could not find anything worth praising so far. Alright, all you Apple/Mac fanatics can come kill me now.

I can now honestly tell you iPhone SUCKS too. Do NOT be deceived by Kenny Sia who only knows about his coconuts.

This entry also marks a photo-free post in this blog after a long, long time. Its refreshing to just read words, don't you agree?

So guys, stay tuned on this blog. I shall come back, hopefully in a few days time (just a short break after all) and continue blogging as usual. Maybe, with some cam-whoring pictures too, for your entertainment purpose.



  1. aiya just install DOS 6.2 on your laptop gerenti to fly!

  2. Yeah, Apple sucks! Big Time! Whoo Hoo! and iPhone too hehe.

  3. my friend has the HTC phone which is a touch screen like the iphone too. but i dont like it cos u have to have pretty accurate fingers to flip through the menu. and my fingers are small to begin with so imagine how an aussie guy with huge palms will say about the iphone


  4. hey wuching !!
    I dunno what cock u talking..

    hey chun chow,
    yes yes, boycott apple products !!

    hey marcus,
    yeah, the touch screen will definitely be an issue, i know coz my mp3 player is touch screen based !! and my hand isnt exactly considered huge.

  5. LOL, instead of flipping at thru the menu, maybe can jz flip the finger at it. Do come back, and come back soon :P

  6. hey plain ian,
    aaaahhahahaha, I will.. but would be busy with some events for a few days.

  7. The post without photos was a nice breather, Robin. Come back soon.

    PS: You can't not love Apple! (though I agree with you about Safari - hrmmph not standards compliant) Go download Firefox la ....

  8. hey dienasty,
    I have been using mac laptop, and trust me, it sucks. ahahahaha..
    I will be back soon, no worries.

  9. Why you didn't link Kenny Sia to his blog so that he comes and reads what you have wrote? :P

    Haha! Darn classic that sentence.

    Enjoy restoring your computer to its glory.

  10. hey jason,
    my computer is fine now.

    And I think kenny has so many links to his site oledy, he doesnt need another one.

  11. the features of the phone are pretty impressive. i haven't seen anything like it. heard there's one coming out similar but better by microsoft. don't know how true's that. word of mouth ;)