Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Story of Makan Makan

There is this Malaysian/Singaporean food based eating outlet in Victoria Park (along Albany Hwy) with a catchy phrase Makan Makan. Their menu proudly houses a variety of local Malay hawker dishes, and even Mamak food such as Roti Canai, Sup Kambing, and of course, Teh Tarik, which they claimed to be something that they are famous for. Makan Makan is also open till late night, making it a favourite spot for Malaysians and Singaporeans away from home to pamper themselves with a little glimpse of what they have missed being away for so long.


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But have you stopped and wonder why was it named Makan Makan at the first place?

There is a story behind that very question, but first, lets go on with some pictures of people who were there with me savouring some Malaysian food for the night. Khee Hwa, Jay and Me already has a 7 course dinner at one of the Chinese restaurants in Northbridge with other friends, so we only went to Makan Makan for light food and drinks.


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I have noticed that I have not posted any camwhoring pictures in this blog lately. Ok, here is one, and I had just gone to the barber shop earlier in the afternoon. For the cheapest hairdo I could find in Perth, I think my hair turned out really well.


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I had the flash forced on for this shot, and my friend still could not take a shake-free picture !! Chiak lat..


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OMG !! Look who is a bigger camwhore !!! I lose out big time man !! Ahahahaa, thumbs up to Mel who was so sporting to camwhore for my camera. You gotta admit her facial expressions frozen on the snapshots were just simply priceless.


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Too bad, he was sitting besides me and I could not get a nice angle shot for him. Cant trust my friend who took the picture of me earlier which turned out blurry even with flash !!


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Ok this is the friend I mentioned earlier about not being able to take a steady shot even with flash forced on This is Khee Hwa, who also has a keen interest in photography. His Canon S5 is coming soon, I will be doing plenty of photoshooting with him when his camera arrives.


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It was getting hot, so they took their outer layer of clothing off. Only that outer layer.

Alright, now back to the main question, why was the place named Makan Makan?

When we arrived and settled down at a table near the window, we were served almost immediately of course, and orders were taken. Everyone was eager for the food and drinks to come. However, things turned out quite unexpectedly, the food came first instead of the drinks.

We had...


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This Mee Maggi Goreng was NOTHING similar to any Mee Magi Goreng you can find in Malaysia, but I admit it did taste alright. Nevertheless, I did find the noodles to be a little too salty for my liking. I shall talk more on this soon.


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This roti canai, for Perth Standard, is actually quite good, but of course, nothing beats the ones served back in Malaysia. A major disappointment, the curry gravy was not warm enough. Curry should ALWAYS be served HOT, no excuses ok.

Alright, so the food came, before the drinks. Since the food was still warm, we digged our way in and somewhere towards halfway finishing the whole plate of noodles, I was starting to get thirsty. And the drinks were not served yet. The noodles must have been fried with the accompanying seasoning powder which was already very salty by itself, and adding those extra dark soya sauce into the saltiness equation was not really helping my tastebuds. It might have not been that bad if the drinks were served. But no... I finished the whole plate... and still no drinks.

You may say that I could wait till the drinks came before I finished the noodles, but by then the noodles would have been unappetizingly COLD. Its winter now mind you.

Then one of us (not me of course) went to the front counter and asked where the hell did our drinks go. And soon after that, the missing drinks made their way to our table.


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Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh something to wash down all he saltiness in my mouth. Though the Teh Tarik tasted nothing like Teh Tarik, it was a relief to gush down the cold drink. I always opted for tea when I consume oily food such as fried noodles. it just somehow managed to wash away the feeling of oiliness in the mouth and throat. I do not know if this makes sense, but yeah.

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So, the answer to the question why the place is called Makan Makan is...

Because they serve you food first. And you MAKAN MAKAN first before your drinks come much, much much much much.... LATER.

You know, me and Jay were contemplating on opening a shop somewhere along the same street, and maybe we should name it..


That would be so cool, people who finished their food at Makan Makan but had not had their drinks yet could migrate to our shop, and I can guarantee to serve better quality drinks.

Not a bad idea at all eh?


  1. i have no idea what minum minum means but u have basically satisfied one of the basic marketing strategies of all time - riding on the success of others. i hope it works out for u!

    so did u get to observe how they make the pseudo teh tarik? not the traditional at all but with a cappuccino machine! i remember the prata was satisfactory but the curry wasn't that great altogether. but still its a good place to eat when u miss home food. oh god now i'm starting to recall all those tabloid magazines they have which is a common sight in Perth cafes. one of the many small things i miss of Perth!

    and by the way i think those camwhore pics are very funny especially when u yourself admit its all camwhoring LOL! keep it up!


  2. hey marcus,
    makan means eat, minum means drink. So yeah, ahahahaha...

    They need to improve on the curry, definitely, and no no to serving curry cold. yesh, I still find it a great place to hang out, they have got the right atmosphere, and the fact that perth does not have that many places to go for a drink at nite just gave them the favourite spot among us !!

    ahahahaa, I am a certified blogger, but not so much camwhoring nowadays, people are getting sick seeing me oledy.

  3. come come to kl!! where all the genuine mamak food are situated here. Slurps... hehehe.

  4. hey chun chow,
    wah, gonna need to wait for a while.. ahahahaha... not going back anytime soon !!!

  5. You had dinner so near my house! Always expect below par standard service from Makan2, every now and then you will be pleasantly surprised if their food and drinks arrive early.

    Half the time we see our drinks already made and standing at the counter, they just have no waiters to serve it to us. Next time if your drinks haven't arrived, just have a look at the counter and 'self service'. (^_^)

  6. hey di,
    ahahah, yeah, probably the drinks were already out there, but yeah, either way they were late, and the whole place was not that huge either. Should not be a problem managing everything in time.
    Most of the time we went there are after dinner, so its just for something light to go along chit chat session.

  7. hey u had a hair cut! looks good

  8. hey wuching,
    Did i turn you on??? I know I did..

  9. robin, robin, robin..

    now i know that when i get to aussie, searching for malaysian food would not be an issue. :)

    quality, however, would create certain problems. heh!

    and yeah, i for one prefer to get my drinks before my food is served. i cant explain why. its just because. ahahaha.

  10. hey aaron,
    yeah, malaysian food, the general ones are not too hard to find here, just that they are very expensive, and not that authentic. But sometimes, though the food does not taste anything like what its suppose to taste like, could be quite good in their own unique way too....
    yeah, drinks definitely should come first. Its just the way things work, no need a reason for that.

  11. mmm having pizza for dinner. had some strange instant noodles last nite that's got me purging at lunch time! tummy feeling sick. too much info. wish i could think of a local weekend breakfast at the kopi tiam and their varieties hahaha.

  12. hey sam,
    oh dear... funny instant noodles????

  13. i was a waiter6/13/2008 07:47:00 PM

    1. Makan2 is s huge cafe inclusive the outdoor/alfresco sitting areas.

    2. The maximum no. of staffs at any one times is 3. They have to make drinks (incidentally not by espresso machines love, those steamers are just to heat the freshly made tea that unfortunately goes cold in yes, winter), take orders at the counter, take orders at the table, settle payments, send orders to kitchen, serve ready made food, serve ready made drinks, plate up the bain marie food, refill the bain marie items, clear the tables in and out side, chase missing customers/non-paying customers, maintain order in the restaurant, dry and wrap the cutleries, entertain special requests where cooks wouldn't entertain i.e. wedge of lemon, chilli in soya sauce, green chillies, cucumber slices, sambal belachan etc etc., entertain special drinks request like teh tarek with no sugar ( it doesnt come with sugar but condensed milk, so how? still sweet right?

    4. why not u try working as a wait staff? i used to. till i stumble across these (akin to yours )sort of attitudes

  14. Oh my,
    that just shows much badly organized the whole place was, doesnt it?
    If other places can pull off better service, you have no reason not to do the same.
    If you truly treasure your customers, you would stop complaining about them and start fitting into their needs.
    After all they are the one paying for your service. You should treat them with more respect.
    Oh right, now I see why the service was poor in the first place, when I stumble across these (akin to yours)sort of attitude.

    Just ask yourself, how can the drinks come AFTER the food?????

    Where the farking hell is your logic?? And yet you do not choose to admit your own mistakes.

    I am not surprised I am hearing so many complaints about Makan Makan.

  15. i was a waiter7/21/2008 04:13:00 AM

    honey, alot of people request for drinks after food.

    when you eat at any restaurant, especially the finer ones, do you get coffee and tea served with your carbonara or cordon bleu?

    no, you have either water (available at said cafe) or wine. then coffee.

    maybe not in your part of the world, but coffee/drinks usually come after food.

    in fact many customers request that their drinks come much later. that is after the meal.

    who is this "we" not admitting mistakes?

    and i am not surprised either if makan2 is also hearing numerous complaints of customers.

    and what i reiterated was that, the inevitable delays were caused by yes, fitting into the needs of the customers.

    in australia, the customers have as much right as the staffs. so if your didnt respect the staffs how are they to do the same?

    for example, you are using disguised expletives and heaps of (exclaimed) question marks.

    and i am being civil and polite.

    so, be nice. if your honesty is not, then apply tact.

    p/s: you pay for the food. there is no service charge in makan2. if you want the service you ask for it. nice asking, nice getting.

  16. oh darling,
    if you cant put up with the customer demands, I suggest you quit our job, because, if I cant put up with the lousy restaurant service, i would not go there again. It is as simple as that.

    Oh wait... you did quit.

    fascinating claims, coming from someone who did not choose to stay and deal with the customers.

    you are not surprised that there are many complaints out there about makan makan? good. that shows what the majority truly thinks.

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