Sunday, August 12, 2007

Kampung Spencer

Last Saturday night, we were at Makan Makan, and when I was sipping away my Teh tarik, Mel commented that the Teh Tarik there was nothing to shout about, and she has tasted a much better and more authentic version at Spencers Village. And so, after a long and winding conversation that followed right after, we all decided to have a dinner at Spencers Village the following Saturday, which happened to be earlier tonight !!

I have heard of the name Spencers Village, but over my many years here I have never actually made it there. It was not a surprise, since the place is well hidden in a sub-urb named Thornlie, which is very far away from the place where I stay previously, and currently too. Nevertheless, there is always a first time for everything.


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Spencer Village accomodates a large variety of Asian food, sporting favourites from Malaysia, Sinapore, Japan and food from various nations, all gathered under one roof. They are known for their authentic tastes for the food (authentic, in the comparison with other asian food found locally in Perth) and the place is usually packed at meal hours. When I first arrived there, I was quite amazed, because this place was not like any other eating outlets around Perth. No, it was not better or any fancier in any way, not any worse too, but somehow while I was dining there, I felt as if I was back in Malaysia. Of course, not entirely 100% similar, but the atmosphere, look, and feel, were as if I was having a hawker meal in one of the local food markets in Malaysia. This is truly, something rare to find here in Perth.

Like usual, food photos first.



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The Char Kueh was just so and so, and the roti canai tasted nothing like roti canai at all. Of course, it would be unfair to compare the food directly with what was served in their respective origins, for what standards they hold true for the food here in Perth, I must say they were rather satisfactory.

But there was something which I was truly amazed by the quality...


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OMG !!! The Teh Tarik here in Spencers Village ROCKS !!! It does actually taste like the Teh Tarik you get from ordinary Mamak stalls, and the tea was thick enough with generous amount of milk blended with it. Total syokness, Makan Makan was nothing near the standards of the Teh Tarik here !!

Here are the individual serves of meal for everyone at the dinner, and I shall not elaborate so much since I did not try all of them.


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The last dish shown in the pictures, Combination Fried Noodles was mine, ordered from the Penang Food stall. I believe this tasted nothing like anything one could find in Penang. It was not the best tasting noodles I have ever had, but it was not too bad either. if I were given another chance I would try something else rather than this

There were 7 of us at the dinner, and it was quite lucky of us to be able to find a spot when we arrived, since the entire place was already full with hungry vultures.

Of all the shots that I have taken, this one stood out from the rest.


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First look, I believe anyone would have felt a little creepy and eerie, since the shadow is rather prominent over the entire frame of the picture. Nothing to worry guys, I was pretty sure it was a person walking by quickly, hence only the shadow-like figure was captured in the shot as a result of using a much slower shutter speed than usual. Cool ghostly-paranormal effect eh? Lets just hope Mel does not have nightmares seeing this picture of hers, other than that, I think she looks rather sweet there, naturally.

There is this another picture that I find rather amusing. Have a closer look at the face of this guy.


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Half of his face (left side from the photos) was blurred, mainly due to sudden movement while the picture was captured, but the amazing part was that, the other side of his face was in focus and turned out sharp/blur free. This is either a rare phenomena, or Khee Hwa has a special talent of knowing how to move only half of his face at a time. That kind of ability/super-power would have been cool eh?

I think the rest of the photos that night turned out quite normal.

CHARMAINE from http:\\

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And of course, I am saving the best for the last. Cam-whoring at Spencers Village !!


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The dinner was rather fulfilling and enjoyable, with good food (forget the un-authenticness anyway) and awesome, awesome company. This was my first time catching up with Jon after almost half a year being back in Perth already. Hah, this proves Jon has been absent from my blog !!! Bad, bad boy, and I know your dark dark secret Jon, should you do anything naughty I shall expose ur hidden identity to the world !!!! Muahahahahahahahahahaha.....


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It was great seeing everyone again. After dinner, we had an online gaming session for a few of us, and boy, it turned out rather entertaining too.

Thanks everyone for a wonderful Saturday night. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. We should do this more often. Life is too short to miss out all this good fun !!


  1. Gasp Spencer Village!

    i only been there once but i still can remember so much about it! basically its all the way past Carousel on Albany highway and make right into some random suburb. its well tucked away but once u find it its a great place to go back to repeatedly especially when u miss asian food. yup the ambience really reminds me of home with its dim lighting and dirty walls. the teh tarik looks dodgy when served in a sundae cup!

    oh if u walk round Spencer, u will find even more hidden treasures! theres this prata stall that is totally overrun by Man U posters and memorabilia! its like a freaking Man U shrine! the stall owners are a couple of (real) indians and they make pretty good prata. u should go check it out next time round!

    ok looks like there are still a couple of eating places u are new to. if u get a chance, go find this place called Ipoh Garden. its a small little shop that is famous for its signature Ipoh Hor Fun. and i swear its the BEST! even better than what i can find in Spore! no kidding mate! also they have Sticky Date Pudding that goes for $2.50. when u order it, they just take it out of the freezer and microwave it. i "tabao" like 4 home everytime i go there for dinner. just reserve it when u get there and don't tell them to microwave it cos u wanna tabao.

    i kinda forgot how to get there but those who studied in Taylor's college will know cos its near their campus. i think its somewhere on the way to Garden City. i will check it out again and get back to u =)

    there are a couple more joints i can recommend but thats for another post in your blog =) just remind me to do so next time!


  2. Ho ho ho. I work at Ipoh Garden, and I agree with you on the food, Marcus.But, everything went up in price liaw.

    And Robin, next time pizza and LAN?

  3. hey marcus !!
    Yeah, I must admit that spencer's village is kinda well hidden, and far away from currie, that explains our rare visit there.
    I have not had the chance to walk aorund the area yet, the next time I am there, I will sure explore more.
    Oh, after having recommendations from so many people, yeah, I will definitely give ipoh garden a try, ahahaa since charmaine works there, and basically everyone I know here knows that place. And of course, like usual, I will blog about it !! woo hooo....

    hey charmaine,
    ahahahaha.. I think everything everywhere else also went up in price, so its not a biggie. I will go ipoh garden soon, ahahaahaha !!! Pizza and Lan? when? count me in.

  4. food again??


    anyway, you've been tagged. :P


  5. hey aaron,
    ok ok, the next entry shall not be of food anymore. promise ahahhaha

  6. hey plain ian,
    ahahaha i doubt so, I dont think people here will be able to see the wonders of extra layers in the tea...

  7. Too bad I can't stomach teh tarik.
    I'm allergic to the combination of caffeine and milk. Seriously

  8. hey arth,
    oh dear... lactose intolerance... but then ice lemon tea or other likes taste just as awesome !!

  9. wah! even the teh tarik glass looks like the one we have back here in kuching! authentic indeed..

  10. hey water_angel
    yeaahh !!! The sundae glass !!!

  11. Spencer Villiage is just ten minutes up the road from where I live and work!!!! So close! I've only ever stopped there late at night to get my younger brother who had to catch a different bus as the ones to Gosnells had stopped at that hour.

    [I think was his works Xmas party he was returning from].

    Remember to invite me along to some meet up some time. I like pizza too! :-) [Or are Old Old Uncles too old for such things?]

  12. that.. stuffed chicken wing looks scary. mutated looking. wwooOoo.

  13. hey dabido,
    ahahhaha, yeah one of those days we must meet up again. bubble tea again maybe?

    hey samantha,
    I think you are thinking too much !