Saturday, July 07, 2007

Perth Wine and Food Festival

Side note: I do not know if it is a coincidence, but this is the third blog entry in a row that included at least a glass of wine. Maybe what they say is true.. amount of alcohol consumed is proportional to the amount of stress taken in. Life has been more stressful than usual lately.


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In case you guys are wondering, no, that was not a glass of wine. It was a type of beer which was cheery based. Sweet and smooth !!

It was a lazy Saturday morning, but I had to drag my huge heavy ass out of my comfy cozy bed into the coldness of a winter morning just to get an urgent matter settled. Garrhhh, believe me, if there was any way I could delay that item, I would have slept all the way through noon. Sleep is bliss.

Anyway, my bus interchange at the City Busport had to wait for 15 minutes before the next service. Therefore, I decided to walk to the Perth Exhibition Convention Centre and check out if there is any interesting events going on. I am not someone like Wuching who knows anything and everything that happens everywhere in Melbourne. I lack the interests and enthusiasm to read papers and no, I do not own a tv. If I were half like what Wuching was, this blog would have been three times livelier!!

At the convention centre I discovered that there was a food and wine festival going on !!! Sweet, since I have no other plans after running that only item I mentioned earlier, I decided to come back and have a look see at the festival after I am done with the item. I rang up a few mates, but unfortunately it was a last minute spontaneous thing, and everyone had plans everywhere already.

I went in alone.


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If the queue to the ticket counter is this loooong, it can only mean that this festival has got to be quite something itself. People do not come out all the way here and fork out cash if it is for nothing !!


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Upon purchasing the ticket, I was given a wine glass for sampling, 8 sampling coupons, and a lucky draw form which i chucked aside since I was not feeling very lucky anyway. I think I have a higher chance of being asked out by an insanely hot babe than winning that stupid lucky draw contest. No kidding.


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For an event this huge, you can expect a huge crowd flooding the entire exhibition hall.

So what is this festival about? At first, before entering the hall, I myself have not much of a clue about the whole thing. This wine and food festival is mainly about, wine and food, literally. After circling the place a few rounds, I dare say that the event is inclining more towards wine and other liqours and beers than food itself. The wine section, both locally produced in Western Australia, and imported wines took up probably more than half of the allocated space for the entire exhibition. The beer section itself took no less than a quarter of what was left, and the remaining space was consumed by the food section. All in all, in a quick glance, I would say it is primarily about wine.

Bummer... I am not exactly a wine lover. And I do not drink that much myself too.


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Alright, though the event was mainly focused on wine, but I chose to indulge myself in the food section instead. You can basically find any kind of food available in Perth generally, ranging from Asian food like Japansese, Vietnamese, Singaporean/Malaysian, Indian and so on..... then there were also Italian, European, Mexican, and so on. From my observation it is a little bit of everything from there and here, all brought together and squeezed in under one hall. There were also deserts, pastries, chocolates, coffee and plenty more, anything you could think of food. I would not say the variety was anywhere near astonishing, but there was enough selection for you to think a few times and decide on which to savour on, since you only have one stomach !!!


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ERRMM.. I do not know what that was...

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Most of the food can be sampled, provided only a very minimal portion for tasting. If you like the food, you can purchase it, and I got to admit, none of the pricing was anywhere near cheap. The following are some of the food that I had, obviously I did not take pictures of all the samples... I only took a few, mainly because it was quite troublesome, and my camera batteries were partially dying already. I was not prepared for the event !!


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After stuffing my not so hungry stomach with all kinds of food, including some deserts too like ice cream, icey ice, nougats, chocolates and PLENTY of yogurts (the yogurts were YUMMY !!!) I moved on to the wine sections. Time to absorb some alcohol !!

A Glass of White...

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A Glass of Red....

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The List of Drinks I Consumed in Chronological Order..

(Brand - Type of Wine - White/Red/Other)

SALITAGE - Sauvignon Blanc - White

TURNERS CROSSING - Shiraz Viognier - Red

PAXTON - Shiraz Grenache - Red

SETTLERS RIDGE - Sauvignon Blanc - White


TASSEL PARK - Carbenet Merlot - Red

HAPPS - Semillon - White

I accidentally lost one coupon, probably it slipped off my pocket or something. Hence, I only had a total of seven samplings only. Nevetheless, I do not feel much at loss just because of that one coupon, like I said, I am not a drinker, and never a fan of wine. It is funny how you can torture your tastebuds with so many different types of alcohol all at once, and just imagine what it would do to your kidney and liver when they try to filter and sort out all those different alcohols.

If you ask me, which one drink from the list I liked best, I would tell you...

The semillon !!! I almost decided to purchase one bottle back, but refrained from doing so. I must constantly remind myself that the money should be spent on more important matters. Think Robin, think !!

If you are in Perth, and reading this on this very Saturday night and have not been to the event yet, you might want to go there and have a few drinks with your mates while munching off some food. The wine and food festival ends tomorrow (Sunday) but unfortunately, I do not know at what time. At the festival, there were also live music performances from jazz bands, acoustic guitarists, and some local cool artists. Besides the entertainment, there were slots where the famous Australian Chefs are invited to prepare some dishes live on stage for the audience viewing. They also open for floor participation and questioning. On the other hand, if you are a wine lover, you MUST go to the event.

I met a friend, Joanna at the festival. We have not seen each other for almost a year now since the last time I met her was before I left Perth last year. She requested not to have her picture taken and blogged about, so I humbly comply with her preference. But she pointed me to something that I could have missed out, if I have not bumped into her. Seriously, it was there... but I was just too blind to spot it.

In fairy tales you have...

sand castles....

crystal castles...

glass castles...

stone castles...

or castles floating on clouds... or standing on water... or underwater

or castles made of gold...

maybe invisible castles...

but none ever told about...


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And the best part is.. this castle is real, and edible. Slurrrpp....

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Look, they even have chocolate teddies inhibiting the castle !! Adorable eh?

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Alright folks, I think you guys are getting bored of this long long entry. I must apologize for not blogging as often as usual lately, some things have come up and I just have not the luxury of comfort to indulge in the world of blogging like I used to. Nevertheless, I shall not give up blogging, and in every opportunity I see, I shall make the full use of it as my blogging time.

Would you guys excuse me, I am getting hungry now.


  1. food food food! In spring feast the most popular food were spring rolls. never fails to be the leading money spinner amongst the angmohs. its as though that's all they ever like of chinese food. next time u go to northbridge for chinese, observe the angmohs. all they ever order are spring rolls, fried rice and sweet and sour pork!


  2. hey marcus,
    oh i cant wait for spring feast !! I missed the one last year since I left in august... aarrrghhhhh....
    This year MUST MUST gooo....
    ahahaa yeah for some really odd reasons, ang mohs LOVE spring rolls.... i see them ordering spring rolls for take away always.

  3. I wanted to go for this festival! But had be the tourist guide and head for Freo instead. How much is the entry fee?? I like wine ...

  4. this post makes your blog looks delicious.... I better go and cook something nice now. At 2.47am!!!

  5. ooohh. boost + food + lots of ppl = fun!! :D

    that roti canai thing..its turkish gozleme. hehe. go try it! its an aquired taste..if you like spinach you'll like it :D

  6. hey di,
    the entrance fee ranges from 15 bucks to 30++ bucks, dependsing on how much you want to sample. I went for festival pass, which was 24 bucks, and quite worth it.
    Whoahh.. tour guide.. how cool !!

    hey arth,
    LOL... many people have labelled my blog as food blog, and they claim that all they see in my blog is food. That is a saddening fact indeed...

    hey san...
    yeaahh i think it says vegie goz or something like that...
    I love spinach, but i doubt i will love the bread.

  7. come to kl and eat mamak style la.. hahaha..if that's not enough, come back to kch for gubakmee!!!!

  8. ergh.

    food and wine.


    now me hungry.

    oh, and if that chocolate castle were to be given to me, i would be a happy happy man indeed. amen. dot. com.

  9. hey chunchow,
    ahahahahaa dunno when the time will come when i can travel back to malaysia again.
    So now... have to make use of what i have here... ekkekekee

    hey aaron !!
    Ahahahaaa... chocolate castle...
    looks tempting dun u think?
    if u have it, u can actually make a party for 20 and see how everyone takes piece by piece down and stuff into their mouths !!!
    That should be some sight to behold..

  10. omg that's some feast going on there. like kch's august food fest is ever that nice to look at. wine? aHahAHHA geez man, speaking of those fanatics and non-alcohol. alcohol helps cleans wounds! when i saw ur "long queue" picture, do u notice when u look at the ceilings there, they kind of remind u of a bowling alley or the ceiling of a waiting lounge at the airport? could be my imagination =P thanks for visiting my page robin.

  11. hey samantha,
    yeahhh.... the space of the convention center does look something like an airport or something... mainly because its HUGE. OMG !!! This year will be like the 5th time i missed kuching festival !!!! Gaaarrhhhhhhhhhh