Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A New Beginning...

For every turn to a new leaf, or a new corner of the road, or a new era... for a new beginning, moving out from the old environment forward to someplace completely new and unfamiliar to me...

All we did was.....


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Have a glass of champagne...

Although I was extremely clueless what the celebration was for....

Right, to commemorate the "new beginning" I was blablabla-ing about.

What I felt, and encountered in my previous entry (which was ages ago) about walking into uncertainty.. well, things are not exactly over yet at the moment. I am not sure if things are better now... or actually got worse. This is what I call, pure uncertainty, not only I know none of whats happening around me, and have no control whatsoever on anything, it is just one of those times when you just feel that everything seems very, very wrong. Though it is just a feeling, but it is stong enough to rob you off your desire to eat, sleep, surf porn and basically anything else you would usually do everyday. Fark, that feeling even stripped me off my inspiration to blog. This is dead serious.

Anyway... odd and unexplainable feelings aside... Khee Hwa, Jay and me went to the theatres to catch Transformers last night.

Right after work, Khee Hwa went to fetch me and Jay and we had our dinner at Hans Cafe. This restaurant, Hans Cafe has one franchise in every blardy single suburb. Ok, maybe not every-one, but its almost everywhere, and the place is usually crowded with humans too. Talk about Asian food craze over here.

HANS CAFE - Interior

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It was actually full house when we arrived, and three of us had to squeeze in a table prepared for two only. Yes, that was how sad it was, but nevertheless, we just wanted a quick meal to stuff our tummy before the movie.


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I am not a particular fan of Hans Cafe, I believe you can find better food elsewhere with much more reasable pricing. Just go to Northbridge, you can get plenty of quality Asian dishes.

The food that we had for the night...

Jay had LAKSA (nothing like Sarawak Laksa)

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Yes, you read that right, seadfood fried noodles... but just look at the pictures.. where the heck are the seafood???

RIP OFF man !!!!!

After dinner, we went right into the Cinema.

Boy... watching this Transformers in a theatre unexpectedly brought back those memories of my childhood. When I was a kid, I had always wanted Optimus Prime as one of my toy collections... but never had a chance to. Boy... those who grew up in the early 90-s would definitely appreciate this piece of movie. I tell you, the movie ROCKS !!!! It exceeded my expectations in every single category...

What is a movie without popcorn???

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Well, I am not so much into praising them for their graphics and animation quality (but I do admit they were SPLENDIDLY BREATHTAKING) but what I was more amazed was the ability to create so much emotion, although the story was mainly about robots. I thought that the part BumbleBee got captured was deeply heart-wrenching !!! I got tears rolling down my cheek man.. It has been a while since I last watched a movie that could grip my feelings so intensely.

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I would not go on blablabla-ing, I think most of you have watched the movie anyway. For more elaborate reviews, read here, here and here.

I am not sure if I will make another entry anytime soon, but do bear with me until I have the matters storming inside my mind being calmed and arrested.


  1. oh dear. i hope chengsim doesnt find out u raved bout transformers. kinda guffawed at her when she suggested we watch it.

    ended up watching surf's up. which was mediocre. =/

  2. hey chloe,
    Whoahh.... cheng sim actually wanted to watch transformers??? ahahahahahaaaaaaaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha.....
    ok i better stop laughing before she throws bananas at me....
    anyway.. its expected lar.. transformers is not exactly a girl kind of movie.... but i tell you, u will be surprised... just go in and watch without expecting anything... and u will love it.
    All my female friends who watched that movie told me they enjoyed it.

  3. hahaha!! yesss glad u think its great too :D

    about girls liking the movie...hrmm. cute guys and sexy cars.


  4. how authentic are the local food at Han's? =)

  5. hey san,
    ahahaha transformers... definitely a cartoon designed for boys... but the movie could garner fans from both sexes.. not bad eh??

    hey sam..
    not authentic at all....

    hey wuching...
    admit lar.. u are hungry..

  6. Transformers was amazing! better than spiderman 3 and pirates 3! ya in spore i seldom eat at Han's although just last week i had to before transformers started. when i was a kid i loved their peach tarts. i guess till today that's what they are really great for. of my 3 years in perth, not once did i feel the urge to step into han's. and from the photos i guess i'm lucky i didn't! you're right northbridge food is better!


  7. Which Hans Cafe?

    I've met Roger, the Manager at the Carousel one.

    Chinese Restaurants are the most popular in AUstralia. [Where as Indian Restaurants are the most popular in England].

    At Carousel, Han's Cafe also owns their competitors across from them, Box 3.

    They do a good vegetarian omlette!

    Sam - Cooked by authentic Chinese people ... but altered for Western Taste.

    - Dabido

  8. hey marcus..
    definitely transformers better than spiderman, and i have not watched pirates yet !!!
    yeah, can find so many good food at northbridge.... will attack the food there soon ! Muahahahahahaa

    hey dabido,
    Nah, Im not a fan of hans, never was. The branch was at innaloo... we watched transformers there too.
    and btw, their chinese food is NOT authentic at all. I know, because I am Chinese !!! hahahahaa.. yeah, major alteration there.

  9. good to hav a glass of champagne, take a sip in the cozy place n enjoy the music..hav a great company and chit chat..what a life!
    moet et chandon,dom perignon, veuve cliquot, bollinger, mum...all good selection..:)

  10. hey jo,
    Though I am not so much of a wine/champagne person, but i do admit, having wine with the right atmosphere and company can do wonders !! Kinda reminds me of a cool place in Kuching called mojo.