Friday, July 13, 2007

An IPOD Flying on a Freeway

It was Friday today, Friday the 13th to be exact. I am not really a superstitious person, but after a series of events that happened throughout the whole day, I am starting to give it a benefit of the doubt. Seriously, it is the story of the flying Ipod on the freeway !!

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I was with this cool dude named Craig (an ang moh), and we just finished a site inspection job at Maida Vale, and we were on the freeway heading to Midland. The sky was gloomy, it was windy, traffic was usual, and everything else seemed rather normal, like any other Fridays anyone could expect it to be. But no.... At one of the traffic junctions, a driver behind us stepped out of the car, and came to Craig telling him something rather stunning !!

"Dude, your lunchbox was on the freeway, and everything else in it was scatterred everywhere !!!"

I went like....


and Craig went like.....

"F*** !!!!!!!!!!!"

then I turned to him... and he said...

"My Blardy IPOD that I bought one month ago WAS INSIDE THAT LUNCH BOX !!!!"

Ok, by now I am pretty sure some of you are a little clueless of what was happening back there on the freeway. Apparently we were rushing from one place to another, so we thought we have packed everything inside the car. Unfortunately, Craig left his lunchbox, together with some food, important documents, and an IPOD inside it, which the box was still left open and sitting on top of the truck !!! So when we drove off, initially the lunchbox with everything inside was sitting still at the top of the vehicle, until we hit the freeway and he accelerated.

BAM !!! The lunchbox must have slided off the top of the truck and left scattering everything inside all over the freeway behind us.

And imagine the cars and other vehicles tailing our truck....

Its a ciggarette box....

Its a mobile phone...

Its a pack of Kotex...

Noo !!!

Its a FLYING IPOD !!!!

*Superman Opening Theme rolling in the background*

I bet it must have been a sight worth a million dollars.

Definitely much better than seeing a flying saucer.

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Right, now you get the story, back to where we started, after being told about the flying lunchbox at the traffic light stopping, we made a U-turn and go back to the place where we came from as soon as we could. Bear in mind it was a freeway, and it would take a long detour to get to where we were previously. By the time we got there, we found nothing on the road. We drove further on, and spotted a giant truck (something like Optimus Prime) stopping at the shoulder (side) of the freeway.

We approached the driver of the truck, and God Bless his soul !! He pulled over and went down to the freeway collecting the lunchbox and all the scattered items in it, and actually waited for us (or could have been anybody else) to come back and claim it !!!

I am gonna take a pause here and make a short commentary.

1) The guy at the traffic light who came to imform us about the lunchbox flying around.

2) The guy who stopped the truck, picked up all the scattered items, and waited for us to come back and retrieve them.

This is something portraying Australia, or rather a true display of how different, and how incredible the mentality and the way of thinking of the people here can actually be. If this kind of shit ever happened in Malaysia, I doubt any of the people would be selfless and kind enough to do half of what those two guys did. An IPOD flying around on the road.... that would be the same thing as seeing a gold necklace flying around. Believe me, I am still feeling very impressed, and somewhat shocked by the willingness and act of good will of the people here.

Now who says Western culture is bad?? Screw those brainwashing Malay Government School systems that polutes our innocent Malaysian minds saying that our own culture is all good and others are just crap. Seriously, screw that.

A Wicked Combo

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Ok, back to the flying IPOD. Remember that it was flying off from the lunchbox to the freeway, landed on the rough pavement, and somehow miraculously managed to evade any incoming rolling hot wheels of heavy vehicles, and ended up being collected by a truck driver. The impact on the groud, probably skidded and rebounded a few times (try imagining this with slow motion 3D matrix style) and in the end guess what??

There was no scratch on the body, because it was protected by a rubber casing (phheewwwwwwwhhh) and it still BLARDY WORKS !!!! I do not know who told me IPODs are fragile, but after this incident, I dare tell you, it is DAMNED TOUGH.

Poor Craig, he must have been traumatized by the whole thing. He was just really relieved and glad that his IPOD was alive.

Yeap... that was the end of the story for the flying IPOD part.

Now, here is a story of my own.

For those of you who do not know, I have started working not too long ago. I am still new, so there really is not much to say at the moment. I would not say much about my work, and my workplace for good legal and logical reasons. Mainly it is for my own safety and protection. Nevertheless, when there is a harmless and innocent stuff to tell, like the flying IPOD, I shall gladly share it with you guys.

My Dinner: Penang Fried Kuay Tiaw

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This also explains my less frequent updated blog lately. When you have a job, it just eats up all of your life. Seriously, a huge chunk of my life is gone just like that. And blogging time would have to be sacrificed for more appropriate utilization, as much as I hate to do it. Priorities suck, big time. It just bugs me a hell lot, when I can't do what I really want to do.

I shall talk more about my job (of course only the things that I feel safe to reveal) and my life, or at least what is left of it in coming entries. For now, I am just freaking exhausted. I did Site Inspection for the entire day.... so yeah, cut me some slack will ya?

Have a nice weekend all.


  1. hahaha...i realised this very positive western culture long ago when my friend drop her purse outside the parking space of Ikea. She only realized it when she was called to the counter inside the Ikea. Someone pick it up and hand it over and most importantly...the AUD800 cash was still inside!!Oh dear...i wonder if my friend would kill me when she reads this!

  2. yes i will mark. now everyone knows how blur i am!!!

    robin, congrats on the new job! i'm embarking on a new career too, so i totally get what u mean by saying ur job eats up all ur life. sigh. good luck!

  3. hey mark,
    yeah, those who have been here in perth for quite some time would definitely notice the huge gap in way of thinking and life, actually we can learn many, many good things from this culture. I just hope that those ignorant locals in Malaysia would just stop critisizing about how unhealthy western culture is, since we can always filter the bad ones and take in the many positive ones !!

    hey di....
    its ok... shit happens to all of us from time to time...
    thanks.. but i shall do my best to keep up on this blog....


    OMG... both of u know each other??? *gasp*

    how do you guys know each other?? this is interesting...

  4. this blog entry really put one helluva massive smile across my ugly face! i got to reading up to the part where the truck driver pulled over to gather up the lunchbox and stuff and not going further did i already smile to myself. yes, thats typical of australian culture and it should be emulated everywhere in the world ALL THE MORE SO in sucky spore! so Robin my dear friend don't even for a brief moment think that it is just m'sians who need to wise up! your dear little neighbour needs a few classes as well! that being said, its not always greener on the other side. but as u have clearly stated, we just need to be rational adults and decide for ourselves what needs to be adopted or not.

    anyway when one has lived for so many years in aust like Robin and me, it kind of rubs off on us as well. u start behaving more humanely. there was once in aust, i found a pair of Christian Dior sunglasses in the library. u kow those paris hilton types that resembles more towards a scuba diving goggle that covers half your face?? well i found one on the ground and knowing Dior can be really expensive unless its from Bangkok, i left it with the front counter staff. as i exited, this hot chick was walking briskly towards me asking if i found a pair of shades. "Dior? i left it with the front desk guys" now i wasn't expecting to get lucky or anything but a simple Cheers! from her really made me forget that i was born a sporean! i totally forgot that incident until reminded by this blog entry!

    i never knew ipods were so strong. maybe i should toss mine over my balcony to see if it survives!

  5. oh the comment above is by me


  6. hey marcus,
    i guess those who have been to perth for a period of time would definitely have some interesting encounters on the mentioned "culture". sometimes I am still amazed myself too though I have been here quite long, and believe it I still need plenty of lessons myself !!
    ahahaha so when are u gonna do the experiment on ur ipod?? LOL... if it dies, please do not sue me !! ahahahahahaa....

  7. OMG,..about the IPOD!!!! I totally agreed with you!!!! my bf once lost his mobile phone on train and we finally went to security & lost department to collected back the phone. phewwwwwww...god bless them!!!!

  8. hey laura hii,
    whoah, that was a close call !! its just amazing how many stories similar to this that people keep telling. It is something so common here.

  9. hey that penang char koay teow din look penang at all. wan me to fedex the real stuff for you? xD *munching penang koay teow*

  10. hey fish tan,
    aaahhahaa.. i think by the time ur kuay tiaw reached here it wont look anyway near penang style at all.

  11. hehe, robin, markkie and I are very good friends, even used to 'live together'. if you ever read my blog and see the name mark pop up, that's him I'm talking about.

  12. hey di,]
    ohhhh no wonder... that explains a lot !! ahahaha..
    maybe one of these weekends we should all meet up for coffee or something. that would be great !!

  13. Australia is not at West lar so it shouldn't be considered as Western culture lol :P

    Anyway, I think such scenario won't happen in Malaysia for another 10 or 20 years to come. Maybe the first guy we might encounter in Malaysia, but definitely not the second guy. I don't always criticize our country, but if Malaysia would be a better place if we behaved a half like the Australians.

    Sob sob.. this entry reminds me of the thumbdrive which I misplaced it in cybercafe last year :(

  14. hey infectioner,

    geographically speaking, australians are not very much western, but culturally speaking, they originated from western countries. Australia was a colony of England, and most of the white who migrated here come from Eropean contries, therefore, we generalize them as Western people.

    Anyway... its true that there are things we need to learn from other cultures. There is pro and cons.. we just have to know how to filter out the bad ones.

    btw, what happened to ur thumbdrive?? lost and never found?

  15. hahaha...i'd be happy to meet you ah...but i'm now in Kuching enjoying my Holiday. :D

  16. hey mark,
    tah pow kolok mee for me !!! aahahahaa
    enjoy ur holidays in kuching...

  17. damn. we need people like them aussies all over the world. if i'd left my ipod somewhere here in singgiepore, it'd be as good as gone

  18. hey merv kwok,
    ahahah.. the thing is.. ipod is so common here that people dun really think of it that highly.. u can see almost everyone on train or bus having an ipod and earphones plugging into their ears. but i dunno bout singapore... in malaysia its treated like gold

  19. think that someone would inform Craig about it and then another to collect the stuff for him and wait for him....such a real courtesy...double luck for ur fren Craig...

    some would just laugh their ass off watching there free show without telling the poor guy or just collect the stash and zoom off.

    once in kl, my fren lost his wallet.. a middle age man picked it up... but the wallet does not have my fren's contact number.. so the man started to call all the name cards in the wallet and managed to get my fren's number and call him... in the end my fren met with this man to collect his wallet... everything is still inside...not a pence less... and then the man left in his old beat up car...

    this is truly awesome.. the man could be poor but instead of taking the money in the wallet, he used his own money to call up all the name cards and wait for my fren to collect his collect, without expecting reward or anything...

    this shows that this world is not as bleak or cold blooded as we think.. this kind of attitude should be highly applauded...

  20. continue from above comment...

    a few years after that, once when my fren and i went for a drink at open air...we found a wallet of a foreign student with some money inside and college student fren were the one to suggest that we drive to the college and find the rightful owner.. luckily the owner stays in the college hostel and we manage to return it...

    my fren lost his wallet before and knew how shitty things could be especially when studying abroad...he remembers the kind middle man who saves his situation and when my fren's times come, he does his part without need to think twice..

    sometimes we could only learn how important such an act could be after we experience it ourselves..

  21. for those who thinks stuff like this dun happen in Malaysia...think again...

    what would u do if u found some 100++ Singapore dollar (RM300++) inside an unnamed envelop in college library? real internal struggle begins here... this money was worth a whole month of petrol/meal expenses for me at that time...

    i was in that case and in the end i surrender it to the why would i do that? coz i knew if i were the one to lose the money, i hope that someone would be kind enough to return it to me. coz i knew, if i lost that kind of money, i'd be starve for a month. coz i knew, if i told my parents that i lost the moeny, i'll "tiuk kan kau kau" (hokkien - get scolded severely)

    i dun know if the money return back to it's rightful owner or whether the librarian would keep for himself/herself... but at least i knew i have done my part to contribute for a better society and keep my conscience.

    it was really up to us to change the culture in Malaysia. if we learn how to put ourselves into other ppl's shoe and do some good deed to others, we might touched them and change their thinking and they in return pass the spirit around.

  22. hey anonymous,

    I totally agree with you that there are some good souls in Malaysia, and possibly everywhere else in the world. Nevertheless, if you count the numbers, they lean towards the lower side, in comparison to those "u know what" kind of people around.

    It was great of you to do what you did back then, same goes for your friend. We need more people like both of you around, then Kuching would have been a nicer place to live in.

    Thanks for dropping by and ur insightful feedback.

    If it is not too much to ask, can you please leave a name and email so I could get back to you personally (if there is a need, like say.. maybe I wanna belanja a bowl of laksa or something).
    cheers mate !!