Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Need...

Lately life has been rather stressful. There are a few reasons I can list down, but the primary one would be coming from the job I have just started.

Not that it is anything unusual, just the ordinary dramas and traumas any graduate engineer could expect from entering the world of career in the beginning. And I tell you, this mad twisted sadistic Engineer from Penang is not helping at all with this entry (click), and I happened to read it on my first day at work.


Setting the work and stress aside....

At the moment.. I seriously NEED...

A New Laptop...

The current one is dying, and giving me heck lots of problem whenever I try to move it around too much, like bringing it along to a friend's place. The display will act all crazy and its giving terrible sore to my deteriorating eyes. This laptop I am using now is over 3 years old now... I am not expecting it to last forever, and it has served its purpose well enough.

HP nx9010

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A New Camera..
The current one is dying too.. there are times the camera works just fine, there are times it just goes bonkers and give me heck load of headaches with over-exposed pictures, or completely dark pictures.... I need a new and better camera to suit my growing passion for photography.

Kodak CX7430

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A New Mobile Phone??
I am currently using a dinasour era Nokia 3200. Nothing is wrong with it, I just feel... I need to change it.

Nokia 3200

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I may sound like I am demanding a lot, but then, you can ask any normal guys my age, I am sure you will be surprised to find everyone going head over heels trying to upgrade and keep their computers up to date with the latest games, and buying whatever fancy phones that would easily cost more than a bomb. On the camera part, how can you expect one to actually learn anything, and capture anything worthy with such crappy cheap budget basic camera?

Looking at my current financial situation, I do not see myself moving anywhere further than where I am in the following few years.

Some things will have to change. Useless old things must go, making way for new things.

I have been giving myself a lot of thought lately, deep thoughts.


Maybe its time I should get myself a..... errmm

Maybe all I really needed all along was a...

Never mind.


  1. Rising rental fees, rising expenses, unlimited wants, everything is Perth is going up except for my wages! It's getting tough to live in this town.

    I feel for you my friend. Maybe what you need is a rich girlfriend!

  2. hey di,
    yeah, we can relate to each other. Kinda hard to keep up with the lifestyle eh?
    ahahaa but i didnt say anything about the last sentence...

  3. Heya get yourself a girlfriend if you want one. It shouldn't change your life, just maybe give you more than you thought you could have. Not different, just different.

    It's not like I have a readership, so it's all good :)

    Hope this finds you smiling.

  4. hey clara !!
    nice to see you here !! I am smiling alright....
    ahahaha.. things arent going very pretty for me right now, getting a gf will just complicate things further. I need, but i know i should not.
    oh wells...
    btw.. count me in ur readership circle.

  5. wahaha...finally wanna change handphone liaw huh? change!! hahaha.. and for the last sentence.. yea, understandable..just don't be like someone..if ya know wat i mean..hehehe

  6. hey chun chow,
    ahahahahaa.. yeah, but im not that desperate lar.. at least not yet. but then if i wanna get handphone sure need one with torchlight.. kinda like so used to it oledy, ahahaahaa...

  7. 3200!!! Sentimental phone!!! Bounce was always the best when I played it on my previous 3200. Other phones just didn't have the...charm.

    Whacked? :P

  8. hey wuching,
    what root root beer lar !!

    hey sam,
    ahahaha... and I am still using it.. LOL