Monday, July 16, 2007

I am in Love with KFC

So what has been happening in my life lately?

I think I am addicted to KFC.. been eating KFC twice last week, and goodness gracious me, I am not feeling guilty at all, not even the slightest bit. It is odd how stress and pressure can interestingly make you do something rather unusual. I could not quite explain why the sudden crave for KFC. It just sort of happened, and God help me, I am still craving for it.

Such an unhealthy addiction...

Must say TAK NAK !!! TAK NAK TAK NAK.....

But the thought of the secret recipe... 11 herbs and spices... the tenderness of the chicken.... the aroma... the the the...


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Alright, obviously I suffer from temporary insanity.

Here is a quick list of comparison betweeb KFC Kuching, Malaysia and KFC Perth, Australia.

1) At KFC Kuching, it says self service, but you get KFC staff opening the door and greeting you with superbly fake smile. After you finish your meal you just leave your dishes and utensils on the table and walk out, having the hired staff members to clean up the mess.
At KFC Perth, when they say it is self service, it seriously means self service. You open your own door, and you clear your dishes by yourself once you are done with your food. It seems like a universally agreeable and understood responsibility. People here do that in "automatic" mode, something I am still trying to cope and adapt to. Nevertheless, some people still do the Malaysian style leaving the mess behind, and that some people includes me.

2) At KFC Kuching, you are provided with all the tomato sauce and chilli sauce you want. Here in KFC Perth, you have to PURCHASE the tomato and chilli sauce separately. Bugger.

3) Somehow, I think the hot and spicy fried chicken in KFC Perth tastes much better than the ones you find in Kuching. Some people may disagree with this opinion. Either way, I would still go for Hot and Spicy in KFC Kuching.

4) The chicken and other food are served on a plate, and you are given proper cutleries as if you are dining in a restaurant in KFC Kuching. Oh and by the way, KFC Kuching is considered a restaurant standard. However, KFC Perth is just the common American style fast food outlet, everything is served quickly in paper boxes (no polisterine, aiya dunno how to spell lah) and very conveniently disposed. This certainly saves the trouble (and costs) of washing the dishes, since you just chuck them right into the bin, and guess what, the customers here do that for KFC !!

5) All the prices shown in the menu at KFC Malaysia are not GST inclusive, meaning that you have to use up your brain power to calculate the extra costs and adding that to the total costs of your expenditure. At KFC Perth, and basically everywhere else (not only food) all prices are GST included.

6) At KFC Malaysia, it is highly promoted as a family dining place, and you can evidently see that via TV and paper commercials. People actually do bring their family to KFC as a whole. Here in Perth, most of the people eating in KFC are either alone, or with their friends. Not so much of a family thing.

7) French fries here at KFC Perth sucks. The mashed potatoes sucks too. No, there is no such thing as potato wedges here. I seriously miss potato wedges, as much as I miss kolok mee and laksa now.

8) In Perth, a 2-piece chicken combo with drinks and fries costs around AUD7-8. In Kuching, the numbers of the price is roughly the same, just that it is charged in mere Ringgit. (note that AUD1 = RM2.90)

9) And lastly, working as a staff in KFC Perth, you earn AUD10-12 per hour in contrast to working in KFC Kuching where you only get a meagre RM2.50-3.00 per hour. OUCH !!!

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Now if you go back to point no.8, the KFC here in Perth does not look so expensive, since you can work one hour in KFC here and earn yourself a decent meal plus a handful of change. But, you will need to work at least 3-4 hours in KFC Kuching to earn the similar serve of meal. Now, which deal is better? If you can grasp this concept of earning power versus spending, it generally applies to everything else as well.

No wonder the KFC in Perth tastes better. Pun intended.


  1. i prefer hungry jack's to KFC. oh by he way, they are officially called KFC and no more kentucky fried chicken cos apparently at their farms, those genetically modified birds without feathers running around waiting to be slaughtered can no longer be refered to as chickens. hence the lawsuit.


  2. hey marcus,
    For burgers I would prefer hungry jacks too, but hungry jacks does not have fried chicken !! ehehehhe...
    oh well... chicken or no chicken, I am still craving for it !! eeeeeeeek

  3. I was already craving KFC before I read this post.

  4. Lol robin,coem back kuching lo when u got hols o can take leave... i'm workign at a kopitiam now and we sell laksa n kolo mee. Come n try la. xD

  5. hey gette,
    ahahaha, sama kaki..

    hey moses..
    which kopitiam isit? where where?

  6. fattening. be careful~! HaHa

  7. hey samantha,
    aahhahaa fattening indeed... cant resist. Its winter now, everyone gains a few extra kilos over winter.

  8. omg.. now i'm craving for kfc =S
    btw, do u know of any 24 hours KFC in perth?
    midnite cravings for KFC do happen often (to me) and i only know of mcD's 24hrs..

  9. hey koala,
    i dun think there is any 24 hours kfc, not any that I know of. Well, McD works just fine for me, ahahahaha... but I would usually just starve on at night rather than going out, especially on winter nights !!

  10. chey! i thot u were in love with me!

  11. hey wuching,
    yes yes,m everyone loves wuching !!