Tuesday, July 10, 2007

How do you like your coffee?

Coffee drinking, or rather, hanging out at cafes and local drink/desert outlets (referring to caffeine based drinks, not alcohol) is actually a popular norm here for Aussies, any time and any day of the week. A cup of latte will suffice an evening out with friends. For people from Kuching, it is rather similar, we have kopitiams, and instead of usual ordinary people sipping lattes we have apeks and unkers drinking their kopi-o while talking cock, hitting mosquitoes and barking at each other loudly.

Of course, Kuching people are slowly picking up the coffee (real coffee I mean, not those from kopitiams and coffee bean) drinking trend. Bars like Bing! and Tao and many others are making a scene in the humble city of cats.

I do not really consider myself a coffee lover, but I do consume a heck lot more of coffee in comparison to all kinds of alcohol put together. I just blend in with the culture here, and those of you who are in Perth would definitely agree with me that hanging out at cafes is kind of the coolest and most enjoyable form of "lepaking".

So, after all this while, some people came to me and asked me, what is a good coffee?? Seriously, if I were to answer spontaneously without much thinking, I would say, if you like the coffee, then the coffee is good !! Ok, that response is annoyingly shallow, but you get what I mean.

Here is a better version of answer that I have found recently.


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So, what was the latest cup of drink I ordered from the coffee place??

Of all the things on the drinks menu.. I chose...

ICED CHOCOLATE with Cream and Ice Cream

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Coffee lover, I am not.

But coffee drinker, I am a casual one.


  1. best coffee can be found in australia. well depends i guess. you'll never catch me drinking a latte, cappuccino or long mac in spore. i've learnt to never ever order caffeine beverages at starbucks or any of their competitors and always go for Snapple. that's cos after u tasted the forbidden fruit in aust, u don't ever wanna go back to substandard stuff anymore. actually i think its not so much the beans they use but the barista who brews it. australians just make better baristas. i guess coffee is really a vital part in their everyday lives. but a kopi or teh at a coffee shop is still good!


  2. hey marcus,
    yeah, i do admit their baristas in aus are generally well trained and they know what they are doing. I do not know about singapore, but good coffee is rare in malaysia !!

    Oh of course, teh-o-peng will always be nice at any kopitiams !!! ahahahahhaahhaaa.... and have that with chicken rice.... something aus can never offer.

  3. yeah. i miss those coffee days in aust! if u ever crave for teh tarik u can always go down to makan makan at victoria park along albany highway. just drive past burswood and keep right. i think its $5 for a teh tarik which is extortion! but when u have a craving u cant just say no! oh and they don't do it the traditional way. rather they use a cappuccino machine which actually makes it taste like the real thing! just sneak a peak when they make it next time u go there!


  4. hey marcus,

    I have tried the teh tarik before, to be honest, it isnt as good as I hoped for !! Ahahahhaa.. well maybe I should not complain, but it is so expensive, would rather go for a good cup of coffee instead !!!
    But i didnt know they made it with capucino machine. Will sure observe that next time. thanks for the tip.

  5. eh unker wuching, u wan diabetes isit??

  6. FYI the coffees from kopitiams are 'real coffee' ...

    I should know as I have consumed more coffee than you have salt lah! ;o)

    Make mine thick, white and with 1 sugar please. Thks!

  7. hey unker !!!
    long time no hear from you !! ahahahaa...
    whoah.... kopitiam kopi ! ahahahha... next time we should hang out at one of the kopitiams instead. Give me teh-o-peng anytime. My favourite drink that tops any coffee or fancy drinks.

  8. hey Robin!

    where you get the sign? so cool ^_^

    anyways, next time you come back to kuching, be sure to come over to bing! yea =) our coffee is among the best there is to offer at cat city =)

    *being a show off now* -_-"

  9. hey water angel,
    ahaha ive been to bing like so many times already during my holidays back in kuching. ahahahahaha...
    there was one huge bloggers gathering that I co-organised back then also, it actually went well !!
    I have tasted a few of the coffee varieties there... its alright, but yeah, I have to admit you cant find better coffee elsewhere in kuching.
    I heard there is starbucks in kuching now, and its not so bad....

  10. ooo....i saw that sign in gloria jeans in borders. didja go there?

  11. hey kristine !!
    bingo !! ahahha yeah i was there...