Saturday, July 21, 2007

Goodbye Jason

It was an eventful Friday, a night many have been looking for throughout the week, especially for a new working adult such as myself.

In addition to that, last night was particularly special, since a group of us friends from OCF (Overseas Christian Fellowship) gathered together, to create a memorable and torturing bitter sweet farewell party for a precious friend of all, Jason Teo, who has graduated from University of Western Australia (the same uni I went to, uh, duh??) and leaving Perth to his home country the following day. It was his last night in Perth, so everything has to be “extra” extreme to be remembered forever right?

I shall talk about the mushy mushy stuff towards the end of this entry, for now, lets just get right on with the farewell party!!

Dozing off waiting for Jason

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A few of us, Jonathan, Raymond and a few others brought him out for a wonderful farewell dinner at Ciao Italia like any usual good friends would do for a parting friend. On the way back from the dinner, they kicked Jason out of the car at a street not too far away from Glenna’s house, where we intended to surprise him. Yeap, it was a surprise party alright, which I think Jason would have smelled out by the time he walked to Glenna’s house.

After he came in, and after everyone surprised him, Jason was blindfolded, and being dragged and carried along all the way to the pool at the backyard of the house. Just as everyone was so eager to chuck him into the water, we stopped just a few steps short of the pool and played a little game of dumping a variety of whatever odd tasting spices (including pepper and ginger…) into his mouth and asking him to guess which was which. Should he fail to name the stuff he tasted correctly, he gained one step closer to the pool. However, if he got it right, he can only step sideways, left or right, so it was kind of a retarded game, since either way, he will always step forward and never backwards, and everyone there was just too impatient to get him into the water!!!


Into the water he went…

Jason Teo Being Dumped Into Water

I especially like the part when he squeaked


And you could actually see huge puffs of smoke coming out from his breath after he got out from the water. It was freaking cold that night, it is winter now down here in Perth !!! Poor chap.

Of course we were not that cruel, Glenna offered Jason shower and dry cloths!! Hah…


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After the initial torture plan, we gathered at the living room, and we played a game that either required Jason to answer some questions, or ask anyone around him the questions, or doing some really “interesting” stuff. The questions themselves were very insightful and deep to reflect and provide truths that would probably never have been told over the past years. So yeah, questions like, “who was your favourite housemate, what was your most embarrassing moment, how many girls have you fallen in love to and describe the stories and such…” we all had an awesome time laughing and giggling the way through the night.

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I guess the best part always comes when there is more action and less talking involved. Of the many things we made him to do in front of everyone, including the Macarena dance with Kevin (they made such a sweeeet couple !!) here is a clip of us, stuffing a handful of marshmallow into his mouth and Jason had to sing the national anthem of Singapore !!

Marshmallow National Anthem – by Jason

I can tell that everyone had a tremendously awesome time last night over the party. It was the farewell, bidding Jason goodbye, the final moments of him in Perth. I sincerely hope that he would be happy and know that all his friends here do love him, and will deeply miss him after his absence from us all.

Jason Teo was one of the first guys I met when I joined OCF Perth, he was the president of OCF UWA back then. I strongly believe that he was a capable and great leader, having brought the OCF UWA very far along the years, and he was always there to provide help and backing advises to those who need it. Jonathan was right on one thing that night, as much as Jason thinks his bible knowledge is limited, he actually proved himself very wrong since he usually has something very good to say, at the right times !! He has touched so many lives here, and with that, I am darn sure things will not be the same without him around.

The Girls

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Among many things, Jason stood out as my recent tennis buddy in Perth. After I moved out from the residential college, I played less and less tennis since there was no one to play with. And the came along Jason, who was partially a tennis freak like myself. We spent time stroking balls (ok, this sounds perfectly fine in tennis terminology ok, you sicko !!) and talking about stuff only those who love tennis would talk about.

I remembered there was this particular night. The finals of Wimbledon was on TV, but alas, I never had a tv in Perth, hence he offered to come fetch me to his place, and watch the game together !!! That was very, very thoughtful of him, and shows how much he is willing to share something important with someone. It was Federer VS Nadal, and Nadal got creamed terribly. The first set was 6-0 !!! Ok I am digressing…

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Now that Jason was leaving, I just hope that he knows he has been an awesome friend to everyone. He has done so much for the OCF, and just look at him soaked in chlorine water, he was wearing the OCF T-Shirt even on his last night at Perth.

I wish, and I pray the blessings of the Lord will continue to flow abundantly to you, Jason, and that you will always stay strong and faithful in Christ. I pray that you will continue to touch the lives of others as you go on further into this journey called life.

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Fare Thee Well, my friend !!

Side Note: Thanks so much for hosting the party Glenna !! You rock.


  1. u guys trashed the house onot?

  2. hey wuching,
    we not like u lar, we all very innocent one.