Saturday, June 02, 2007

Zhng my Mp3 Player

I have an ancient Mp3 player that was built and manufactured during the Jurassic era, and it is called M:robe. Those of you who have been loyal to my blog would have come across my previous entries mentioning about the mp3 player, and you can go and read my full review on M:Robe 100 here (click).

My M:Robe

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Recently, while I was boringly surfing over YouTube, I found out this really cool TV advertisement for M:Robe. It was a sad fact that Olympus never really paid much attention to their first and only line of Mp3 Players production, not even doing that much promotional advertisements. Even worse, I do not think M:robe was marketed at Malaysia and Singapore. Nevertheless, it was quite a hit back then in Australia, and I still remember how it took my breath away the first time I saw it at demo display in Harvey Norman years ago.

So here is the advertisement which was rarely aired. I think its kinda cool.

I have been thinking of giving a ZHNG on my M:robe, well, not so much of drastic superficial appearance, but rather adding on some useful accessories.

I think having a remote control would be really helpful, especially when the body of the player itself does not have buttons.

Remote Control

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And Sennheiser CX-300, o.h.m.y.g.o.o.o.o.o.d.n.e.s.s

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Syok factor, good sound not only comes from the mp3 player, but the earphones play a very very significant part also. My current earphones do not quite live up to my expectations. And do bear in mind that I have extremely high expectations when it comes to audio.

Oh well.. I will have to start work first and earn some cash, before I can even think of splurging on those items.

The time will come.

An Audio freak geek, I am.

Btw, Ipod sucks. Enuff said.


  1. i used to think all mp3 players are a waste of time. a true music lover would never get an mp3 player and proceed to make playlists and upload only their favourite songs onto it. there's something for that already and its called the radio. only a true music fan would listen to an artiste's entire album from the first to the last track. but then i finally bought an ipod. i still listen to full albums and have never made a single playlist in my life. but now i know that mp3 players are the way to go.

    ipod rulez!


  2. gimme ur old mp3 player hor!

  3. hey anonymous,
    I used to think that cd-player (or what sony calls it discman) is all that you need for mobility music. mp3 sound quality will never surpsass uncompressed cd audio. Nevertheless, things have changed and so has my opinion.. ahahahahaa...
    Ok, to be honest, I do not think i-pod is that bad, but you have to agree on one thing, it is damned over-priced and over-rated.

    hey chun chow,
    indeed my friend.

    hey wuching,
    I never said I wanted to get rid of my mp3 plater.

  4. I have a CX300 leh... haha. I pawn you. It's really nice sound when coupled wif my sony sports mp3 walkman(the little black stick) or wif a decent buffered sound card, like a prodigy LT. Some ppl say you're crazy when you buy a RM300 earphone, but the difference is really worth that much. You'll really like the CX300, just go get one, ahhhahahahah.

  5. hey fish tan,
    whoah, u serious its 300 bucks in malaysia??? Thats crazy !! the retail price here is 79 bucks, i could get it for less than 60 if I wait for the right time.
    I know the sound is darn good, i tested it before with my mp3 player, and i had an earful of listen. Its really much better than any average earphones of the similar type out there.
    I guess I should get one soon.

  6. the ipod battery is bad. but the aesthetics of the design is good. thats my only complain.


  7. hey marcus
    yeah they do look good, but for the price I would rather get something else.