Saturday, June 30, 2007

Walking Into Uncertainty

Last Thursday, I had my first visit to yet another beach of Western Australia, Swanbourne Beach which is also where the nude beach is at, which was situated not too far away from Scarborough and Cottesloe. All the Beaches are connected at the same coastline anyway.

However, this time, I did not go with my friends. I went with a group of people whom I have not met before, fresh faces and new names. It was a visit to a beach I have not been to before, and this incidentally marked the beginning of another chapter in my life.


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The day itself seemed rather gloomy and the sky was certainly looking rather uncertain. Will it or will it not rain? Even the sky hesitated, and let down random drizzle and occasional short heavy pouring from time to time, while the sun rays still gets the chance to shine through the thick clouds over the rain. What a complicated sunset it was.

If you really look into the sky the way I did, I believe you would uncover many mysteries of life.

Fresh Faces

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I do not know where I am heading, I am not sure if I have made the right decisions. All I know now is that I have come this far, and I have to continue to move on. No, I am not walking blindly, I know perfectly where I am now, I am just unsure what is out there, and moving into uncertainty has always given me an unsettling feeling. The uncomfortable nagging behind your brain that tells you that there are risks and dangers lying ahead.

A Glass of Red

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They say a glass of wine can help soothe your nerves, but I had two, and it did not have much effect. Maybe it was not my nerves, maybe I was fully in control of my thoughts and emotions, and fully aware that there are, in fact, certain things that I could not control in my life. Right, back to the "uncertainty" I mentioned earlier.

The wine was part of a celebration, a celebration that unfortunately was not placed to welcome me to all those uncertainties.

Somehow I wish it was. Ironic.

After the Beach Party, I headed back and met up with a friend at Tiamo for dinner.

Entrance to Tiamo

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After a day of uncertainties, and knowing there will be more uncertainties coming right ahead as I am walking this path I am taking...

It was refreshing to end the day meeting up and spending time with a good familiar face at a familiar place.

And aweome dinner we had at Tiamo.

Spaghetti Carbonara @ TIAMO

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This time, I looked at the menu closely, and the secret to the superb tasting carbonara served in Tiamo is.... WHITE WINE !!! Yes... that was the essential ingredient I missed in trying out my own. Its funny how wine can make so much difference in cooking.

A glass of water never can taste as good as wine after a good talk.

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I do not know what I should and should not do now.

All I know, I must go on, and place my faith in Him.

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