Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Sky Was on Fire

It is approaching winter now here down south (or is it already winter now? I am clueless) and the days are getting shorter and shorter, meaning that we have later sunrise, and very earlu sunset. Great, and they say Western Australia is the state with the most day light. Huh.

It was in one of those nights that I could not actually get to sleep. Weird, I did not consume any form of caffeine, I swear !! I was just not sleepy, no matter how I force myself to bed I just could not doze off, and checking the time it was already 5am in the morning. An idea sparked in my mind, something which I have been intending to do but never had the chance to actually do it....

Right after an hour of laundry, I geared myself up and marched out the house with my loyal camera in the cold, to Matilda Bay for sunrise photography !!

I did not exactly know what to expect from the sky, since this was my first time doing sunrise photography. I mean, I have seen sunrise before, nothing overly dramatic or spectacular, not so much indifferent in comparison with sunsets. Nevertheless, there is just something stunning watching the darkness turns into light, the night giving way to day. The change of event happens in such short span of time that you wont even realize for the moment, the whole place would suddenly be sunny in the morning ray !!

Little did I expect, the view turned out to be more breathtaking than I have ever pictured. It was worth staying up all night, and fighting the cold winds by the river, just to snap some of the cool shots.

Looking from a distance...

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Going a little closer..

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and to the limit of my camera zoom capacity...

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The sky was so bright, so high in contrast, that looking at it from below here, it seemed as if the sky was on fire !!! Seriously, a magnificent view. The formation of the cloud was also rather irregular, and I guess the instinct was right when I had the urge to photograph that particular sunrise.

As I was busy photographing, without even realising it, it was already bright.

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Well, to round things off, of course there will always be me camwhoring, looking to the sky signature pose.

Here it is....

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Man, I am so in love with my jacket, this is my first time wearing it since the winter last year !! Yes, it was that cold that morning.

What a good way to start a morning of. Observing the sky change was surely a mind stirring experience. It gets you thinking on how fast things can change, and even if you look away for a few minutes, you would miss out some of the dramatic scenes !! Life would not be much dissimilar, if we are not quick enough to react to certain opportunities opened to us, once gone, some things will never come back again.


  1. wah... nice sky man. who would bother to wake up at 5.30am just to take photo of the sunrise in kuching?? hahaha..

  2. hey chun chow,
    I dun even know where the sun will rise in kuching !! LOL...

  3. Oh gosh, beautiful sky. Does it really look like that in the morning? I love Matilda Bay, drenched in rain, bathed in sunlight or dark and gloomy. It's great to see another side of it.

    Great pics. Thumbs up.

  4. hey di,
    thanks !!
    I think every morning the sky would be different, but it was really cool that particular morning for the orange/red cast in the sky to be so intense !!

  5. great pics dude keep em coming!

    wow i really miss the cold and dry weather in perth! i've always been a 4 seasons kinda guy! i used to say up until morning studying the night away in my currie hall room and i'm no stranger to the "burning sky". used to be so engrossed in my work that i'd only realise what time it is when i hear the garbage truck reversing into tommy moore, the sprinklers going off, or the damn ducks quacking simultaneously! damn irritating!


  6. That is breathtaking. How come sunrises in Kuching are never like this?

    Btw, what camera are you using? Damn nice!

  7. hey marcus,
    yeah the garbage truck and the annoying ducks. Not to mention the stupid crows too, I hate when they make those strange noises !!

    Its too bad sun rises from the matilda bay... if it sets there, I will be taking more sunset pictures !!! aahahahaha....

    hey luxferi,
    Thanks !! I am still using the same camera u saw me using last time, kodak cx-7430, an ancient one. However, those shots cannot be made by handheld shots. I used a tripod.
    My cam is dying... will get a new one after earning some $$$$

  8. oredi winter u still dunno..stop looking at the sky!

  9. hey wuching,
    aiyaarrr.. dun like that lar, come look to the sky with me can??

  10. ya i know u used a tripod. cos u camwhoring freak cant possibly take a picture of yourself from so far from the camera!


  11. hey marcus,
    Ahahaha.. kinda obvious eh the camwhoring part?
    Well, a tripod is an esential tool for camwhoring.

  12. so romanticnya the skyy lol. but at the same time like the world coming to and end :X hahaha.

    part of me cant wait to go back and face winterrrrrrrrr.

  13. hey san,
    whoah, u actually miss winter? thats new, ahahahahaa...
    yeah, the sky seemed like it was gonna come crashing down eh?

  14. So you leave somewhere crawley? Are you staying inside The Avenue?

  15. hey mark,
    actually I am currently staying at nedlands, very near the uni, ahahahaha.. so its pretty nearby to all ur guesses.

  16. well...did you had your lunch at Malaysia Gourmet today?

  17. hey mark,
    whoah, this is getting very scary...
    yes I was indeed at broadway this afternoon with a few more friends...
    Are you one of the many marks I know from uni?
    How did you get to know me????
    and why didnt u come and say hi????
    Are you stalking me?? ahahahaha ok the last question was a joke.

  18. friend find your blog interesting so ask me to read lah. I was waiting for my food inside malaysia gourmet when you just walk pass me. hahahaha...we never meet in uni though lah, i'm not sure whether that's you in the first place so that's why lor ;)

  19. hey mark,
    whoah.. who is your friend? Do I know him in person?
    I guess it was that easy to recognise me eh? ahahahhaa...
    no worries, next time say hi lar.. sometimes its nice to meet fresh faces !!!