Friday, June 22, 2007

Sharp Teeth and Claws

It is very odd thinking that I have been in Perth for over three years now, and going around the city district is a very common thing for me, yet I have overlooked one significant spot: WA Museum. I may not be very much into history and art and all those stuff, but I sure would not pass the opportunity to discover cool tourist attractions. And so, there was an unexpected visit to the museum one fine winter afternoon with a friend who has just finished his exams.

WA Museum

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Yeap, you guys know the rules, no cameras are allowed, no photos should be taken inside the museum.

Yeap, you guys know me. Like I care about the rules.

The Interior

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Nevertheless, I only took a few shots, pictures that I think are worth my effort to produce silent/stealth photography. Eh, not easy you know !! Must figure out where the cam is, got people or not, and operating at maximum speed at the same time. So only if the shots are worth it, I would pull it off.

Ok lah, I admit, nothing much from the museum fascinated me much, probably that was the original reason why I have never visited this museum before, though its very reachable, anytime. I mean, there were things to see and explore and learn, but I am starting to think I am getting to old for those kind of things. If I were 10 years younger, probably the entire museum collection could amaze me a little more than what it did to me now.


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I wonder why would they make a replica of a dinasour, which did not even originate from Australia, but from Argentina.

Oh, I know the reason. To make kids go "wwwaaaaaaaaaahhhh" and "ooooooooouuuuuu !!"

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I really wish I am younger. At least if I were I would not be so cynical.

So boys and girls, go visit the musuem near you and find your favourite pet dinasours. They come with sound effects too, and the museum actually installed woofers sufficiently powered to rumble the low frequencies that could chill your spine when the dinasours squeek.


  1. have u watched night at the museum? reminds me of that!!

  2. Reminds me of the movie - Night at the Museum. If were still a kid, I'll like to see dinosaurs come alive. Hmm, the only thing that will come alive in Sarawak Museum will be the whale (skeleton). Haha.

  3. Where the hell is T-Rex?!?!?!? How can a dinosaur exhibition be complete if its without T-Rex?

  4. hey san,
    yeah !! I looovvee that movie....

    hey daniel,
    yeah, but its kinda odd though, I mean, I am sure there were dinasours walking around borneo previously in the jurassic era.... how come no bones or fossils on display? or no paentologist interested to dig around borneo?

    hey jasonmumbles,
    got.. got t-rex, but just bones... looks like any other t-rex bones everywhere, nothing special lar..
    so i didnt take any pictures lor..

  5. come to NY Museum of Natural History...real Night at the Museum. hee..hee!

  6. hey serene,
    one fine day I might just visit that museum, ahahahahhaa...
    probably until then a night in the museum would be a classic already..

  7. The scariest thin abotu that dinosaur, is it looks just like my ex-wife!!!! :-)

  8. hey anonymous,
    wow.... she must have pretty carnivosaurus !!