Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mushroom Soup for the Broken Soul

Its rather late at night, and my stomach was growling like mad. Should I go and make myself a hot fresh bowl of Indo Mee Goreng with Fried Eggs? Should I make myself a sandwich with bacon and cheese? Should I just tie my stomach up (direct translation from Malay Idiom: Ikat perut) and starve my way to sleep through the endless miserable cold lonely night?

I decided to make mushroom soup. In this blog entry, I shall share some tips on how to make mushroom soup.

The most important thing about mushroom soup, or rather, the cream of mushroom for those who like it superbly thick, would be the ingredients. The preparation and cooking methods are quite simple actually, more on the mixing everything together and wait for the soup to boil over time. If you have the wrong ingredients, or miss one of the important ones out, you will never get your soup right. Trust me, it is all about the ingredients.

The Important Ingredients

Obviously, for a mushroom soup, you will need.......



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No, not just ordinary mushrooms, but the sliced and buttered mushroom, readily available in cans everywhere in Australian supermarket selling at 1-2 bucks each can. I am not sure whether they have it in Malaysia or other places, but im sure you can find it somewhere out there if you look hard enough.


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Fresh Milk, or full cream milk only !!! Forget the useless low fat milk, or the hi-lo shit that are highly commercialized over the TV, they can never replace the real milk. You want the soup to be creamy and thick right? Then go for fresh milk or full cream milk. Do not even think of using condensed milk or evaporated milk.


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This is not really a compulsary ingredient, but I placed it here in the important ingredient section, because I think nothing can truly take the place of pork. A kolok mee without the pork lard and char siew would not be a kolok mee. Pork Bak Kua tastes a thousand times better than chicken bak kua.


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A little bit of butter, and have them melted by microwave.

The Optional Ingredients

Red Wine/Cooking Wine

Mixed Herbs

You will notice that I do not mention the exact amount/quantity of the ingredients necessary, because I do not even know which amount should be used. I just prepare everything via my instints. Just trust your guts, if you are not sure, be a minimalist and add the ingredients little by little until it seemed like it is enough.

The Methods

Pan fry the thinly sliced cooked bacon until it is slightly burnt golden brown.

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Mix together the melted butter, sliced bacon, mushroom and milk in a pot, and heat it up under medium fire.

Stir the soup, and wait for it to boil.

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Add a little bit of salt and pepper, if it is not enough, the person having the soup can always add more later.

To thicken the soup (and turn it magically into cream), you can add cornflour mixed with water, or thickening cream. I would suggest the use of cornflour, since it is a common house kitchen ingredient.

Optionally, add cooking wine/red wine as much as you like, if you are planning to get drunk and the mixed herbs.

And voila... the soup is ready for makan.

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The soup serves four.

So how does the soup taste like you ask me?

I tell you, it beats the crap out of any campbell soups, and a thousand times better than the horrible tasting soup they serve at Pizza Hut. Try it, and judge it yourself. The methods are simple, its more of the problem of getting the right ingredients.

The Final Product

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There you have it, mushroom soup for late night supper tonight. It is filling, and it warms your body up. Well, if you are scared of getting fat just for one innocent bowl of creamy soup, go and have a 10KM jog session the following day, that should get rid of any guilt consumed in that bowl of soup.

Another quality recipe brought to you by Now would you excuse me, I would like to go have another bowl before it gets cold.


  1. bring back to kch liaw! hehehe

  2. hey chun chow,
    just download the pictures can liaw. print them out, and imagine they are real. ahaahaa...

  3. hey the mushrooms are already buttered and u still add more butter! andyway cool pics once again especially of the milk cos it has woolworths written all over it! i miss woolworths! all those tim tams on offer hahaha!

    i wouldnt go thru so much trouble just to make a snack! cleaning up is the worse bit! just order broadway pizza or go to fast eddy's!


  4. hey marcus,
    ahahahaha... the butter sauce not enough lar, just added a little more butter.
    Yeah, cleaning up is the annoying bit, cooking is fun, just hate the cleaning up part. broadway pizza !! Shall have that for supper one of those hungry nights.

  5. it looks damn good! definitely better than campbell's. why not trying putting butter and bacon into campbell's soup? might be the same


  6. hey marcus,
    ahahahaa... that could work too I guess, never tried that before. But the fact that campbell is instant, so kinda wanting it to be ready as fast as possible !!

  7. after having tgi friday's mushroom soup which is quite like yours (overloaded with mushrooms), campbell was like, yuck.

    but bacon??? you're genius robin!

  8. hey chloe,
    yeaaahh... the bacon adds extra ooomph to the soup... but not too much, or else it will become the bacon soup rather than the mushrooom soup !!

  9. oh ur tempting me to go and cook mushroom soup....ahahah....looks very yummy tho :)

  10. hey kristine,
    I thought it didnt look as good as it is supposed to be, ahahahaa.. doesnt really look like mushroom soup though...
    but i can guarantee you it does taste like a good mushroom soup !!
    Btw, you having exams now right?

    All the best !! Maybe we can meet up after ur exams or something?

  11. haha...looks like this good mushroom soup i had at a restaurant in malaysia. yea, i'm having exams now. finished 1 freakign paper yesterday and left with one tomorrow, one on friday and one on monday.....sigh....we shall meet up after exams....ehehe....and i'm pretty sure i saw u on the bus again a while ago. lol

  12. hey kristine,
    all the best for your exams !!
    What what what?? U saw me on bus and didnt come to say hi??? eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkk