Friday, June 01, 2007

Going About Seeing Things

Is it not cool walking around, then you found something along the way, you pause a bit, and have a long train of thoughts crashing into your mind?

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Going about seeing things,
How far, how fast,
Walking to think,
Walking to unthink,
With weather and seasons,
The senses regained.

Things like this, you can seldom find in Malaysia. The writings were on the ground pavement, and I was standing there under the sun (which is not hot now, since its nearing winter) and it made me think deep. Yes, deep indeed.


  1. where did u see this??


  2. What are you thinking now Robin? Mind to share provided if you feel free to do so.

  3. And yet if I was to write one of my poems in wet cement I'd probably get arrested! lol

  4. Sorry, last comment was mine.

  5. hey marcus,
    it is somewhere at subi, LOL, was thinking of asking my readers to guess where that is, but i figured that would be a turn off.

    hey daniel,
    ahahhaa, im seriously thinking about a lot of things, my life, my choices that I have made recently, my decision in coming back to perth, and of course, my career and future. Somewhere along the many thoughts i also have included romance and relationship issues, So yeah, plentiful in my mind now.

  6. hey dabido,
    Well, you can still write it on the wet cement, you just have to prevent yourself from being caught !!

    Hey wuching,
    no need to understand, just read enough liaw.

  7. i'm listening to Dream Days in Hotel Existence by Powderfinger now. one helluva Aussie band!

    just thought i mentioned that.