Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Entire Perth is on Sale

It is the middle year, and I just do not understand why but Australians love to have sales everywhere at this odd time of the year. Maybe it is the taz refund period. Everywhere you walk, in the city, or shopping malls at sub-urbs, you can find plentiful of really, really irresistable offers. Ignorance is NOT a possibility !! Not even for the blind.

This means, Robin is on a shopping spree !! Sweet.

I went to Harbour Town today, with a dear friend, Jak Yew, the guy who miraculously prepared all those yummilicious sushis in the previous entry. Actually the main purpose of going there was just to have a walk around, and to buy one particular single item. Harvey Norman is having a huge sale, and since my old thumb drive is acting weird on me, a purchase for a new one was an urgent necessity.

And so, the first item in the shopping list, which was actually the only item at first, was an LG USB Portable Drive.

AUD 24.95 AUD 13

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Cheap cheap cheap !!

I am not so sure about the pricing back in Malaysia, and never bothered to ask around since I needed one NOW. The last time I checked the price, it was still around RM 50-60. Good bargain if you ask me, and you gotta admit the silverish design is darn awesome !! The built is a little bit on the fragile edge though, definitely not suitable for a clumsy user like Jasonmumbles who destroyed a RM100++ USB Mouse.

Since the Harvey Norman at City West is very near to Harbour Town, obviously the next stop was, Harbour Town Shopping Mall, which I have blogged many times before. I shall not post any redundant pictures in this entry, in case some of you have not read my previous entries of Harbour Town, please kindly *Click Here*

First stop was at FILA Factory Outlet. The store was having 50% discount on every single fooking item, no exclusions !! I am not exactly a big fan of Fila, but when you have bargains this good, how can I say no? Tell me how?

My eyes would constantly wander off to the cheapest goods section, especially the ones they stuff in clearance baskets. A Fila wallet made it back with me.

AUD 19.99 AUD 5

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I really dig anything black and red, probably something that has been stuck with me after purchasing my M:robe. Seriously, black and red is, darn sexy. I was reluctant to fork out even 5 bucks for this new wallet at first, but looking at the shiny black and red appearance, plus my current wallet is bagging a hole soon (already have small holes there and here) I think this wallet would also be another necessity. So yeah, why the hell not? Its only 5 bucks.

As I looked further, I found another rather attractive item worth considering. It is a sling bag. I currently have one sling bag, which I have been using since my uni days for years. It is old, but still in good condition. Nevertheless, this new bag that I have just found just screamed out at me to touch and feel it !!!

AUD 40 AUD 20

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I bought this bag for a reason, and it is also out of necessity. I could not utilize my old uni bag for all occasions, since it was very casual looking, definitely not appropriate for formal situations. And since this new bag has leatherish smooth feel on it, and entirely built in sleek black, with the logo being kept at a minimal size, I figure it fits the requirements that my old bag fails to meet. Another necessity, yes yes. So I made the purchase.

And then we also went to Betts Factory outlet. Jak Yew was having shoes on his mind all the time, so he has been hunting for a new pair since our arrival in Harbour Town.

Unexpectedly to me, I also found something that I really like.

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It is a ZU branded shoes, a brand that I would normally pass when I chanced upon them. Their pricings are normally over 3 digits, and I am just not the type of guys who would splurge on clothings and shoes. I buy, because it is necessary.

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But seriously, just look at the price. You guys have to SEE it to believe it.

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Yes, Discounted from AUD 120 to AUD 20.


I instantly tried it on, and booyyyyy.... not only it looked darn good on me, but it felt darn comfortable too.

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I thought a little further before spending on the shoes, but I have not bought any new shoes since.... more than a year ago. Could have been 2 years if I remember correctly. The sports shoes I am wearing for casual walking are getting worn out, can see the soles tearing up and cracking at the sides. My original walking shoes are extremely flat and thin at the bottom. Goodness... I can't imagine some girls who would keep dozens of shoes, and never wear them. I had only two (excluding sandals and slippers) and I wore them to the maximum.

Besides, you gotta admit, 120 bucks slashed to 20 bucks, again, how can I say no?

Now I have burnt a HUGE hole on my wallet.

But never mind, I have a new wallet to replace it, literally. And physically, it is fatter too.

Total damage, for those of you mathematically impaired, was AUD 58 to be exact, and approximately RM 150 in conversion.

Tell me people from Kuching, Malaysia, How much can you shop for only RM 150??

A China Brand 1GB Thumb Drive with Hello Kitty spelled "Halo Catty" RM50
A China Brand Wallet from Everrise (that has a fake Nike logo on it) RM20
A Sling Bag from India Street, after exchanging some foul languages with the salesperson..... RM20
A reasonable pair of shoes from your beloved shop BATA RM 60


This is another reason why I love Perth so much.

Shopping paradise for me.


  1. Sales are due to end of financial year.
    Next lot of ligitimate ales will be at end of the actual year. [December / January] The post Xmas sales when they try to clear the stuff they couldn't sell over Xmas. :-)

    Good hunting finding those shoes! :-)

  2. buy buy buy! semua sapu! oi! how come u still haven't been to my new blog?!

  3. hey dabido,
    yeah, end of financial year...
    oh boy... I have not spent christmas over in perth yet !!! This year will be the first time...kinda looking forward to it..

    hey wuching,
    i oledy go lar.. ahahaha i commented on ur old blog coz it still updates on the bloglinea mar...
    automatic one..

  4. Wow.. I see that you're having a fun time shopping! Wish I was there too!!! Hehe.. those things are really cheap!!! But Malaysia is having it's mega sale too!!! Woohoo!!!

  5. hey princess shin,
    ahaha shopping is always fun !!!
    Whoahh.. mega sale.. eh i wanna go also leh...

  6. Go chee cheong kai can la. But if aircondition place cannot get so cheap. Of course cheap la cos factory outlet ma.

  7. You have no idea what you've done! Because of your post, my friend I visited Harbourtown today ... the damage to his wallet (luckily not mine) is unmentionable. Haha.

  8. hey hijackqueen,
    at least factory outlet can get cheap, original stuff mar...
    chee chiong kai all china fake brand one leh...

    hey di,
    OMG... unmentionable?? goodness... and I thought mine was bad, ahahahahaa...
    I am guessing many damage came from nike.. coz of the 30-40% discount. but I bought so much stuff liaw, cannot simply spend like water on my part, ahahahaha...
    how come u didnt have an "unmentionable" spending?

  9. Robin,
    Is migrating over to Australia easy? Haha.

  10. hey daniel,
    unless you have studied in australia for over 2 years in uni, i think its rather a difficut process, but not impossible.
    U considering perth?

  11. Robin,
    Not thinking of migrating at the moment, but sometimes the situations in Msia really make me feel very sick. I heard that World Youth Day 2008 will be held in Sydney. Need at least RM3k to attend. I'll have to wait for the next event. :)

  12. shopping n sales! aiyah. we havent hung out enough. i'm sure we can be such good friends. =D

  13. hey chloe,
    the next time i go KL I promise I will find you !! Then we can go shopping !!! Hiak hiak hiak

  14. Clumsy user like Jasonmumbles.


    It was an accident! I was rushingand late for my assignment and I forgot to unplug it and stuff the notebook into my laptop bag.


  15. hey jason mumbles...
    aiyoooo dun me angry lar.. love to make fun of people sometimes marr.. ahahahhahaa....
    anyway... cabled mouse rocks !!