Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Dealing with things in my own ways

I think I have sounded more frustrated than I actually am in my previous entry, and somehow it did generate cartain false signals. Well, to be clear and concise this time, I am doing alright, feeling much better after blogging about some things off my chest (this is what happens when you do not have your buddies to talk about things like these over coffee) and now life has surely, and steadily returned to normal again. Ordinary boy living ordinary days.

Of course, there was a transition period, from the moment I felt like smaashing that certain people's skull and brain into micro-pieces, to the same old brand new ordinary me that has always been, well ordinary. The path to recovery if you may call it that way, and I shall describe how I deal with the stress and frustrations in my own unique ways. I am not suggesting this to anybody, but it sure worked out fine for me.

Here are some tips.

1) If you can't smash that someone's skull, smash something else. You can't keep it all in, it has to come out sometime sooner or later.

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2) What can I say, food is definitely the best therapy. Screw your diets.

You can eat more than you normally should.

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You can eat all the sweet stuff. Sugar is the miracle drug.

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You can even eat the things you do not even know what they are. You are just eating them for the sake of eating.

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3) Look at yourself more. When you see your own image in the mirror, TAGLAY. Yes, TAGLAY. Take A Good Look At Yourself.

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4) Go out with your good friends. Ditch the jerks.

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Good friends are supposed to make you feel good. They do not make you feel like a jerk. They like you for who you are, and you are comfortable being with them, because you are who you are when you are with them. They respect your opinion.

5) Take a deep look into the sky.

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Let the calmness and peace of the sky take over your thoughts and feelings. Let your mind be open like the sky. And tell yourself that there is so much more up there, or out there somewhere. Under the same sky, we are all small. We are all the same. No one is above anyone else. Remember that, if you can see the sky, so can anyone else.

There, after all the 5 golden steps, I am refreshed and renewed.

I am back to being, simply ROBIN.

If any of those steps work for anyone out there, please get back to me.


  1. When you feel like hitting something, you can always hit a punching bag at the local gym too! :-)


  2. ok please tell me u didnt do that to the glass...

    u forgot the 6th golden rule - if these people of the close minded species cant take the truth, just smile smile and smile. cos deep down u are just laughing at them.


  3. hey dabido,
    yeah, but smashing is more satisfying than punching.

    hey anonymous,
    ahahahaa, the glass eh?

    Nah, I don't laugh at them, I pity them. But hey, for what its worth, hopefully they will laugh at themselves one day when they realise how stupid they really were.

  4. love the last picture of the sky. beautiful.

  5. hey di,
    thanks !!! The sky was indeed beautiful....

  6. now why u go & put ur head thru the glass for?

  7. hey wuching,
    actually i just walked pass the glass and it broke by itself !