Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Cat Looking to The Sky

Just a cat, just an ordinary cat... but he was looking to the sky..

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OK, more like looking to the ceiling, but whatever...

And one day, I woke up to the sound of a cat running around and meowing outside my room door.

My housemate's friend's friend is having the house inspected, so the cat has to be temporarily relocated to my place at the time being. The cat will be staying with us for more than a week or so, and boy, was I excited, because this is the first time ever having the opportunity to keep a pet in the house !! All my life, I have never had any pets, not even a fish, since my family are not exactly pet-friendly kind of people. But I love animals, I sure do. I would definitely tell you I am more of a cat person than a dog person. Though I do love dogs. Cats are just, so much more adorable and attractive in many ways.

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The cat has a name, it is something like Me-Yo. As long as the cat is in my place, I shall call it HAMISH. Yes, Hamish.

You know I find it amazing how I can just do nothing but just stare and observe every movement of Hamish. Cats are so innocent, their thoughts are so care-free and worry-less. I seriously envy their lives. House cats are well fed, and taken care of. Some people treat their cats like gold. Man, how I would give to have that kind of life, with nothing on my shoulders and just eat and sleep and play whole day long.

Hamish is curious, like any other cats. Exploring the house, on the spot he has found some of his favourite spots.

Under the table....

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Just by the door, looking out into the world....

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On the lazy sofa...

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On my working desk...

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On my soft cushioned chair next to my bed...

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When Hamish sleeps, he looks so peaceful. Life is supposed to be simple, and meaningful. Peace is something we should strive for, rather than all those earthly unworthy treasures that greedy humans are so obsessed with.

In the process of falling asleep..

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Come to think of it, I can't help it but to relate to the kind of lives the cats live back in Kuching/Malaysia generally. Cats or pets in general are treated very differently. Of course, I am just generalizing, there are kind and generous people like Ann who treasures and pampers her cat, but popularly speaking, things are rather different back there, compared to the luxuries the cats own here in Perth.

Here are the few differences I could come out with.

1) Cats are slaves in Kuching.

Cats in Perth are kept as pets. They do not have to do anything, they just have to live to please the owner. They do nothing but sleep, eat and play.

However, cats in Kuching are treated like slaves. They given minimal food so that they would feel the hunger and be expected to work and hunt for their own food. They are required to catch house rats/mice, or even cockroaches.

2) Cats in Kuching eat fish bones.

Cats in Perth are served with proper cat food, full with vitamins and minerals to nourish their health. Those food are usually very costly.

Cats in Kuching are served with fishbones, and leftover overnight dinner dishes mixed with stale rice.

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3) Cats in Perth get all the benefits of a Perth citizen.

If any cat in Perth gets sick, people will actually bring them to the veterinarian for check ups. Full medical attention is provided. Hygiene of the cat is highly taken care of.

If the cat in Kuching dies of any medical causes, the owner will just chuck the dead body in the river and find a new cat to carry on the slavery for the household.

4) Cats in Kuching are always ignored.

Cats are treated really well, and pampered, to the extend of being a part of the family in Perth. They are cared for, and constant companion and human touch are available throughout the day.

In Kuching, no one cares about cats, they are left alone at home, whole day, and sometimes the owner would forget to feed the cats their meals but they wont feel guilty about it, because there are plenty of rats/mice and cockroaches or lizards to feed upon.

5) In contrast to all the above statements, Kuching, is unmistakenly the city of cats.

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You know, considering all the facts I have described, if I happen to bring Hamish back to Kuching with me, I think somehow Hamish would jump into Sarawak River rather than spending the rest of his life in misery.

After all, cats have nine lives.


  1. oh my so cute! i have to agree. pets in perth are looked upon as a member of the household. i miss going to mat bay and seeing all those dogs with their owners running around without leashes. so well behaved! i myself love animals and would like to own a dog as a pet. but with my busy schedule and ignoring the dog in the process is cruelty in itself. cats are lower maintenance =). they clean themselves and don't require constant attention!


  2. Of course, Kuching [Cash register city KaCHING!] is known as Cat City, but the word Kuching really means PORT. [But Cat City is somehow more romantic].

    Darn cats! Ours pees in front of the bathroom and throws up all over my stuff! Stuuupid furry things!!! lol


  3. I spoke too soon ... stoopid cat just started SHARPENING IT'S CLAWS ON MY GUITAR!!!!!

    Grrrr! bad cat!

  4. hey marcus,
    Yeah, love seeing all kind of dogs walking around mat bay with their owners.. really a beautiful sight to behold !! I guess people back in malaysia or singapore just lock the dogs and cats inside the house. Sad case indeed.
    Ignoring the pet itself is a kind of cruelty, i must agree !! ahahaaha, they need attention..

    hey dabido,
    actually in Malay the word kucing (without the "h") means cat, hence, the city of cats !! ahahaha... hamish is potty trained, so no worries on the peeing anywhere part...

    hey anonymous,
    errmmm... poor guitar... should have hid it away from the cat !! ahahaha

  5. robin!

    my cat is fat la. she eats 5 times a day starting at 5am, ending at 10pm. but we don't feed her those special cat food thingies lah. it's fish with rice. she doesn't like those special cat food and i think it's because she has less teeth now, the cat food are too hard. :p she's as old as my sis in human years - 16!

  6. hey wuching,
    careful, the cat bites..

    hey silveraven,
    whoah... 16 years is looooong !!! and what what what??? 5 times a day??? whoah... thats like... me.. ehheheheee....
    aiyaaarrr... since the cat lives for so long liaw... let it eat as much as it wants lar...

  7. I love cats and dogs too, but I'm more a dog person.

    One thing I've noticed about the cats in Perth, they are HUGE! There's this cat I know which lives near Curtin, he/she visits all the houses in the neighbourhood and cajoles owners to feed it by purring and rubbing its fur along our legs ( I know coz I've been conned a couple of times)Very manipulative but so clever don't you think?

  8. waduh.

    damn comel.

    i was oohing and aahing in front of the pc.


  9. Eh... then I guess Zoe lives the lifestyle of a Perth cat. I ticked all of your list off wei!! Wahh... *lol* So damn proud. :D

    Btw, Hamish is soooooooooo cute!! *hugs Robin because he's a fellow cat lover* Such a beautiful ginger tabby!

    And I agree with all you've said... cats are so much more fascinating to look at!

  10. hey di,
    I know I know, the cats here are so huge, I think almost everything here is bigger... just name it.. birds... even insects !! Look at the spiders... gosh...
    Ooohhh.. too bad we dun get those cats roaming around the neighbourhood, or I assure u i will make the cat my own, muahahahahahahahahahhaa......
    after the cat sees how loving I am, im sure the cat wont leave anymore.

    hey aaron,
    cute kan kan?? its so adorable I can look at it for hours and do nothing !!!

    hey luxferi,
    kudos for ann for laking care of the cat porperly, unlike other kuchingnites !!!!
    *hugs* luxferi back for she is also a cat lover !!

  11. Wow! So adorable! Looks like my aunt's (who lives in Perth too) cat. Her cat sleeps in bed with her. No cat in Kuching sleeps in bed with a hot water bottle during winter!

    (Okay, so maybe we don't have winter...)

  12. Robin - That anonymous one about the guitar was mine as well. That's why I said I spoke too soon! lol


  13. hey sam,
    ahahha no cat will sleep on my bed, ahahahhaa.... not ready to share it with anyone or anything yet... ahahahahahhaha....

    hey dabido,
    ahahahhaa yeah, ok !!!

  14. errr.... Robin ah.. Correction: the cat is here not because my friend's friend's house will be inspected.. it's my friend's friend going back to M'sia for holiday. so it will be here for 2 month.. :P

    One comment on this cat: this cat has been treated like a spoilt prince... so have to teach it properly.. :P hehehe..

  15. ermm right...
    but u dun have to tell it to everyone here !!!