Monday, May 14, 2007

Water is getting hard to tread...

Was thinking of taking another week of break... or more, but when I look at the traffic hits (no intention to brag here) I felt extremely guilty, when I am not blogging knowing that people still come and visit my page.

What the heck....

Screw the break !! I love this blog, too much to abandon it like that.

A little camwhore to break the silence.

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I shall be back blogging soon. How soon?

Trust me, not that soon, but soon. You guys rock !!


  1. coz u so hansem & everyone lafu & liss u kau kau mah!

  2. hey wuching,
    thanks, but i wish they were true, ahahhaa..

    hey dienasty,
    soon, soon..

  3. you can divert some traffic to my blog if u duwan feel so guilty wat.hehe.... anyway, rock on! and don't forget us malaysians when you're already rich.

  4. hey fish,
    wah someone has a new blog.. oooooo

  5. What can I say? Even when peoiple are on Hiatus I visit their sites to make sure! :-)

  6. hey dabido,
    whoahh.. I am moved !! ahahahaa..