Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sunday Out for Spidey

As sad as this may sound, I have just watched Spiderman roughly a week ago, while most of the people I know have already watched it and complaining and trashing it like the movie should have gotten the worst movie award of the year or something. Seriously, it is really that odd having heard so many lousy comments on that innocent movie, after all, don't you think it has become a trend for many finale of trilogy-movies to be reviewed rather, harshly? Matrix, X-Men and of course LOTR. I think I stand alone on the LOTR 3 part, but never mind.

Robin, Cynthia, Alicia and Ryan

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Of all the expectations and hype building up over the year, I decided to join Cynthia and her gang for Spiderman 3 on that very same Sunday I went to have a heavy brunch with church friends. Do not get me wrong, I am not exactly a huge fan of Spiderman, I do read a little of the comics, watched the animated series there and here, and somehow, I do know the basic plot of the entire Spiderman world. This is me, not really a Spiderman fan, but just curious to see it myself what other people have seen. How bad can a movie be, right?

You know what? I thought the movie was rather good. No offense to those who think it sucked, but I honestly think the movie did not do any worse than the previous movies, but it did not do much better either. The tempo and style were faithfully maintained, and same formula was used throughout the movie. Stunning graphics, good actions, girl makes boy cry, girl likes another boy, boy becomes depressed, girl becomes evil, love seems miserable, good vs evils struggle, you name it, the usual superhero movie cliche themes. And after all that, the hero will always save the day. How unsweetly predictable.

Camwhoring, aaaaaaahhhhhhh

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I shall not move on to a full review, since I am not really a movie person. I like the fact that the movie stayed true to many of the features originated from the comics, such as the venom part of the story. Am I the only one who thinks the Venom is really cool and adorable? Hmmm... The black costume is sexy too. I was kind of looking forward to the part Peter and Mary got married, but much to my annoyance, it never came to be. Gaaaarrhh !!

Nevetheless, I did enjoy the movie. Ok, you can flame me later, but continue reading first.

And what was more? I had a great company with me. Kian, Cynthia and their friends, Alicia and Ryan whom I have met for the first time.

After the movie, we went to a Chinese Restaurant at Northbridge for dinner.

The Food

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And after filling out stomach sinfully, we headed for a refreshing cup of Bubble Tea each at Utopia. Aaaahhhhhh...... the next picture is for you Dabido !!

Bubble Tea..

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Slurrp !! Man, I think I will need another cup very soon.

No, that was just a drink. And next, we had desert.

Icey-Ice Peanuts

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Alright, I think I am not gonna eat out for the next month considering how much I have spent that night.

It was a long, long Sunday for me, started early at Church, and ended up with Spidey and after Spidey activities. Now this incidentally reminded me of another blog entry which I have done long long time ago.

Spider Black Widow

Please, take a look for those of you who have not seen it before. It is one of my favourites.


  1. ICEY ICE Peanut. Aiks they ain't too creative or sth. But the way it looked was so artistic. looked like shavings of a white looking tree bark in a way. the cam whoring pic was cute ;)

  2. hey samantha,
    I think there was nothing that special in that shaved ice, coz i did not order any toppings, It looked much much better with toppings..
    yeah, i kinda took the camwhoring picture without them noticing !! ahahahaa...
    im getting better at silent and stealth photography....
    hiak hiak hiak...

  3. well i thought the movie was ok-ish. i never expected that parker and osbourne would team up so that was interesting. as for venom, someone should call the cops. looks more like ripley's aliens. certainly not cool. and the entire part where parker starts showing off his dance moves was just pathetic. hello if i wanted to see some dancing, i'd watch dancing with the stars.

    i'm just hoping pirates 3 will live up to its hype. Fantastic 4 i'm definitely gonna pass cos the first one was really really bad.


  4. hey marcus,
    Ahahaha, I do have to asy the dance part was a little lame, but yeah...
    But the venom looks exactly like how they portray it in the comics, the director did not want to include it at first, well, venom is after all a huge part of spiderman universe.

    You know what is really dissapointing? They exclude King Pin, Spiderman's Archnemesis. And that is super not cool.

  5. I still think Spiderman was ok what. Style is still there like you said. The only disappointing part is Venom got defeated too easily. Yea, they stay true to the comic, but I wanna see more of venom! haha. Kingpin was included in DareDevil already so I guess that's why it's not in Spiderman.

  6. hey chun chow,
    yeah, I guess they do not really have enough time to properly develop the venom plot, but yeah, even in the animated series it was not that difficult to defeat the venom.
    Aiya, no king pin is like, no lex luthor in superman, and no joker in batman !!

  7. We're one of the few who actually thought that the movie's quite good. Hehe..

  8. hey aldrin,
    im glad you are one of the few !! everyone seems to think otherwise.. odd... maybe they are seeing something that I am not seeing...