Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday Brunch

I noticed that I am waaaay behind in my updates on what is happening in my life for this blog lately... Oh well, I used to believe that events should be blogged immediately without much delay so that the entries made would be fresh and really keeping everyone up to date.

A blog entry is like a hot bowl of noodles, the longer you wait, the colder it gets, and the lesser attractive it shall become.

I guess sometimes certain things will have to wait and make way for other more relevant and prioritized items in blogging, and when you come to those things that have been set aside for some time, you start to realize that it is getting rather late !! Can't help it either way.

This brunch session, we had it on week ago, right after Church Service. Yes people, I do attend church, if that is what those of you "Christian Fanatics that believe we will die a terrible death if we do not attend church" are wondering about. Cut me some slack already. So yeah, you know how late this entry has been delayed.

In fact, it was such a long time ago, that I could not even recall what the name of the restaurant was !! The place was situated along one of the main streets of Subiaco, leading to the Train Station. Alright, I know that does not help, since there are heaps of restaurants and cafes all around Subiaco to begin with. The reason why we went there was because Jun had discount coupons which we could use to cut back 25% of the total price, and to have that kind of offer at all in Perth is kinda like a huge deal. I shall get the name and made a short note at the top of this entry soon.

The People Having Brunch....

Jae Ann

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Thanks so much for driving me to Church Jae Ann !! Isn't her smile just so so so sweet?


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Ryan bought the new Linkin Park album CD, Minutes to Midnight, which I have already had an earful since a week ago that I downloaded off from the leaked source even before the CD official release worldwide He said that, if you really like the music you are listening to, you would definitely buy their original albums to continuingly support their progress. I do agree.

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But too bad, I am not that much a big fan of Linkin Park myself, though I do find their new album standing out from their previous works. Is it just me, or is there some hint of Gospel influence in the new Linkin Park album? Take a listen to "What I've done" and the subsequent track "Hands Held High"....


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Thanks so much Jun for sharing those discount tickets with us !! Saved plenty of $$$$, 25% is a lot of money if you really count it out. Jun was also my project mate back in University days, we were involved in the currently on going project, Integrated Learning Center (ILC) of UWA. I shall not bore you guys with the details.

Adelina was there with us too, but she was so shy she did not want any of her pictures to be taken, so yeah, just imagine that she looks really nice and sweet. You guys can imagine right? Yeah, just imagine.

Alright... now the FOOD !!

I think this is.... Cappucino..

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Fish and Chips

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My super delicious.... Spaghetti Carbonara !!! whoo hooo...

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Another angle..

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Big Breakfast....

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The food was really good in this restaurant, though the portion would have been more generous I believe. Nevertheless for the original price even without discount, I think they seem rather reasonable and worth it.

My Sunday did not just end there, after Jun fetched me back, I prepared myself for another outing in the afternoon, this time with Cynthia and gang. This, I shall save for another entry. Yes Dabido, there will be bubble tea again !!


  1. Spaghetti Carbonara. Now I know what's been missing from my life the last few weeks.

  2. hey gette,
    I would like one more plate myself too !!
    But can you find a non-halal one in Kuching? without bacon, it tastes kinda different !!

  3. robin u have very ho mia in perth hor!

  4. hey wuching,
    once in a while, must try to be ho mia also mar...

  5. wow the big breakfast looks damn good. thats what im missing! those juicy tomatoes and warm crunchy toast with a sunny side up...sigh...

    as always great pics! warms that special corner in my heart dedicated to perth...


  6. Bubble Tea! Yay!

    How could you have a Halal Carbonara? I'm pretty sure the piggy in it is one of the main ingredients. It's like having a Laksa with no seafood.

    [All this coming from a vegetarian! I only know these things as I'm allergic to seafood and piggy. They're on my list of things to avoid in order to stay alive]. ;-)


  7. hey marcus,
    thanks !! You said you might be coming to perth soon after the cancelation of hong kong trip or something like that? come come !!

    hey dabido,
    my thoughts exactly !! Laksa is not a laksa without prawns !! Well, to cater for wider audience range, most italian restaurants in malaysia serve only halal food...
    sad fact indeed...

  8. "A blog entry is like a hot bowl of noodles.."
    Damn good one Robin. I'm gonna steal this line from you I swear hehe

  9. hey merv,
    ahahhaa right... go ahead !!

  10. Robin,
    You are good at capturing nice food. I need to learn some photography tips from you la.

  11. hey daniel,
    thanks !! But I am just a beginner, plus i dun have a good camera to begin with.
    I would be glad to share what I know and can do in food photos with you !! No worries mate.